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  1. Hi, Yes the updated (and ever updating!) version is charted up as a scrollable & sortable database, available here: https://www.johnfrysteadicam.co.uk/the-steadicam-database/ I’m always looking for info to fill in the blank spaces or correct anything wrong, so do let me know if you have anything to add!
  2. FOR SALE UK: Upgraded Steadicam Flyer LE HD system with Zephyr Vest & Atomos Shogun Flame! In original square case with: - power & video cables, - custom monitor mount with rails, - custom lower junction box with HDSDI & XLR4 power outputs, - dual rotating v-lock battery plates which can be set to supply 12v or 24v power to camera, - custom docking bracket extension for dynamic balance spinning, and hanging the vest - big Allen key for gimbal adjustment - original SD monitor modified for XLR power & BNC Video - as new Steadicam Zephyr vest, a big improvement over the original Flyer one! Looking for around £4000 including the Atomos Shogun Flame high bright HD & 4K monitor/recorder. I will sell without the Shogun Flame for £3200. This Steadicam®️ will fly everything from DSLRs to broadcast cameras, FS7s, URSA Minis & even Alexa Minis. The Flyer LE has been well used but is in great, fully functional condition. The arm’s has a few knocks over the years but nothing more than would be expected of a tool like this. I’ve shot everything from indie feature films to Red Dwarf, outside broadcasts to Bear Grylls with this & love it, but it’s time to upgrade. The kit is in Salisbury, Wiltshire (Novochok land...) so if you can get here you're welcome to check everything out. No cameras, batteries or other accessories included bar those listed above, just thought you might like to see the rig in action with a variety of cameras & accessories, autocues, wireless transmitters, etc. Price needs UK VAT added, sorry.
  3. Hi all, I'm looking for a 1.5" docking bracket for an Archer sled preferably in the UK or Europe. If you have a spare hanging around do drop me a line: john@fryfilm.com Many thanks! John
  4. Hi Norbert, Lemac should have or be able to get one in for you easily, even if they aren't listed specifically. http://www.lemac.com.au/Products/supportstabilisation/Steadicam.aspx
  5. I had a BVB07 to test end of last summer, and frankly it saved the day! Simply could not have seen my usual monitor in the direct, midday sunlight, even with it's hood, so it was just great luck I had it for that particular shoot. We were so impressed we made a quick video about the monitor: Happy flying everyone!
  6. Looks like we have two new Steadicam models on offer now from Tiffen: the Aero 15 & Aero 30. The Aero 15 comes with a 'lightweight' arm & vest, and the 30 appears to come with a Zephyr arm & vest. Not sure what the sled differences are yet but will get in touch with Robin at Tiffen UK & see if I can take a closer look. Anyone had a play with an Aero yet? First impressions? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Ah, fantastic! Thank you, that's the sort of response I was hoping for. Some of the models I can find no info on anywhere so put in whatever 'post' measurements I came across until I was corrected - some of these being the gimbal arm post sizes, not centre post, as you point out. I hoped by putting these in as so obviously wrong it would spur people to correct me, et voila! I could even add an arm post column if you think that might be useful?
  8. Hi all, Recently I was compiling some of the below shots for a production company client to show off what we could do within a particular budget that basically covered just the Flyer LE & FS700 with only Sony lenses. Thought I'd add a few more & make better reel out of it! Will have to get round to making one for my big rig & bigger cameras... Comments & questions welcome:
  9. Hi Janice, Actually there's already a column for that - Post dia. x sections. Diameters of those I have first, followed by number of sections. I'm missing a few though - know what diameter the Archers & Clippers are? I'll break that column into two for the final version. Any details not quite right?
  10. Hi all, I'm trying to compile a comprehensive list of Steadicam centre posts. Just for interests sake really, but could be useful for those trying to upgrade, repair or replace their posts, gimbals or upper/lower boxes. Here's the rough list I have so far - but what's wrong, incomplete or missing?
  11. While I'm on! Beautiful precision made low mode bracket for sale. Don't know the manufacturer, but functions perfectly & suited for a wide range of rigs and cameras. Approximate dimensions: Height: 21cm Base width: 13cm Base depth: 12.5 cm The top adjustable mounting plate swivels 360 degrees, and can be locked at any rotation. Looking for around £250 + VAT It's a great, simple, solid thing that works a treat!
  12. Here's the transmitter rail mounted behind the camera (with a cheap Ebay rail block): The receiver actually functions as a nice standalone HDMI monitor too, so you get a decent director proof production monitor AND a wireless system in one. I've never had any problems with it, which is why I'm so loathed to let it go, but it's just not getting used enough. Certain odd video signals it occasionally gets cross with, but just changing camera output fixes that.
  13. Hi all! This almost latency free HD transmitter/receiver/monitor system has sadly had very little use because focus pullers & DITs often seem to have their own wireless kits these days! Here's a VIDEO of the kit in action on STEADICAM: http://youtu.be/kwQr-hfGRNg It's a really nice picture on the in built monitor & can feed out HDMI simultaneously to another. V-lock batteries or external power to the transmitter and recorder/monitor. Transmitter takes HD-SDI or HDMI, so really useful for the full range of cameras. It comes in a nice little metal case, with Teletest directors case and metal mounting bracket. New it cost over £3000, so I'd be happy with around £2000 +VAT. The kit is currently in Salisbury, Wiltshire (20 miles from Teletest's base if you wanted it checked out before you go!) Any questions please ask. Thanks for looking!
  14. Hi there, Could you pop up a photo of the Bartech please? Thanks
  15. Hi all, Does anyone have or know of a spare 1.5" post please? I'd like to replace the original post on my EFP but it's not worth buying a new post for, so hoped one of you helpful chaps & chappesses might have one around somewhere! If one of you know of or have a post that might suit do drop me a PM or email john@fryfilm.com Thank you all!
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