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  1. Ladies and Gents, I have a bunch of small pouches filled with various sizes of these things called BOA-LOK. Given there sizes I think they have something to due with the rods and focus motors but everyone I have shown them to has never seen them before or can figure out how there used. I was hoping that one of you could help me shed some light on this. Thanks in advance! -Nick
  2. Thanks Job I really appreciate it but I actually do have that manual. You are right, it only has instructions on operation no trouble shooting, technical information or scimatics. I was hoping maybe someone had a repair manual so I could maybe have someone that knows electronics well, look at it and have some sort of guild. I am having trouble with the self calibrate (it doesn't seem to want to scale the entire lens) and then there is some kind of"uncalibrating" happening after I manually calibrate. Every time you turn the focus knob and go back the marks never seem to line up. I have read about that happening but haven't read about a reason or a solution. Well after about another year I should be able to upgrade. Hopefully it will last me that long. So Job, if you find your self in NEW YORK in 2010 give me a call and we'll head over to the Palisades Cliffs on the other side of the Hudson River, with a couple double barrel shotguns and do a little BENZ skeet shooting. -Thanks for you help Job
  3. Gents, Thanks for the info. I will give a call out to Terry and Mitch and Girvin(sp?) over at ABLE CA. I have heard that Girvin is the man to talk to but he has been on vacation and will not be back until next week. I had found this out when I had researched the product before my post. You know on the INTERNETS, Erwin (directly or indirectly), it sure is a wonderful tool for research. Just to clear up what might not have been in my original post..... The BENZ was INCLUDED with a full package I had purchased. I did NOT buy it from Ben Fisher and the reason for my post was because all the research I had done only came up with horror stories of people dealing with Mr. Fisher and no technical information on his product. If Mr. Fisher did still offer service he would not see a dime of my money. Not only because I would be afraid I would never see anything again he had touched but because he does not deserve a penny (or a farthing) from anyone one working in an industry he has taken such advantage of. I do wish the package had included a BFD instead, but unfortunately it did not. I have worked with an operator for some years now who is a huge fan of the BFD. The system gets endless hours of use 5 days a week, going on about 6 years now and rarely has any problems. And when it does it is SCAREY how fast Jim repairs and returns it. Sometimes, I swear it seams it goes out in the morning and comes back that afternoon! When this package starts making me some money, for sure, Jim will have my business. Thanks again for the info, Nick
  4. Ladies and Gents, I recently acquired a BENZ focus system along with a rig package I purchased. I was wondering if there is anyone out there that uses this as there primary focus system. All searches only come up with people talking about why this guy was an ........... I just wanted to know if anyone uses one or might have a repair manual or something. Any insight will be helpful. Thanks, Nick Deeg
  5. Hello everyone, I need to ship a full steadi package, which I am purchasing used, halfway across the country. Does anyone have any insight on insurance or anything else I should look out for. Thanks in advance. -Nick
  6. Hey, I was hoping someone out there had a Klassen Universal vest they were looking to sell. You can post a reply or contact me directly at 917.721.0941 or nickdeeg@gmail.com. Thanks! -Nick
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