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  1. Gently used Preston HU2 with Omnishot battery adapter.


    Handset 2 with G3 internals

    Transmitter 2

    Omnishot battery adapter (no batteries)

    one antenna 

    Unused grip

    20 rings

    This handset works perfectly. It’s been owned by me and only used by me for the last ten years. It spent most of its time in the case as I’m mostly a knob guy, but Covid forced me to upgrade everything. So here’s all the parts I no longer need. It was serviced by Preston right before they stopped working on these. It’s seen little use since then. $700 OBO







  2. I understand your point, but Id hardly call needing to set up parameters on the Cinetape a must. Ive never been able to do so with my basic Cinetape. Id say the most important thing about pulling focus with the assistance of a Cinetape (as with the original Panatape) is to have the experience to know when to trust the number being given.


    If a focus puller needs the exact number displayed to him at all times, then that person should concentrate more on developing his skills. The Cinetape is only another helpful tool and should not be a crutch. Ive always viewed it as just a helpful bonus, not as a necessity. When youre shooting, you should be able to tell at a glance if the number being shown is your actors face, or the foreground actors shoulder, or the microphone, just above the actors head. These are all possibilities with the Cinetape. You just have to know which number is the right one.


    Thanks for your help. I know its a good price, I just cant justify the expense given how I use my Cinetape.

  3. Another member has just made me painfully aware of something. All this time my pricing has been incorrectly reflecting Canadian dollar prices. And with the current conversion versus when I purchased this all new, I'm taking a huge hit just on the current currency rates. Anyway, not your problem. So, at current U.S. prices there is over $5000 worth of stuff here, including all of the extras. I think that $4000 is a fair price for this entire package.


    That being said I am open to all offers, now that I am aware of my mistake. This kit is in great shape and my currency conversion loss will be your incredible gain.


    Thanks for reading.

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