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  1. i have a question about yoursled. i have same one. wher did u get that handle screw for the post? i wanna get one. what size is the screw?


  2. JUST SO EVERYONE IS CRYSTAL CLEAR (and I’m mainly directing this at the newbies) THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE SLED. THERE IS NO TOPSTAGE, GIMBAL, OR ANYTHING ELSE. WHAT IS PICTURED IS WHATS FOR SALE. If anyone is picking up what I’m putting dow… kudos!
  3. This has been my beloved setup from the very beginning of my steadicam career. This entire setup has been HD upgraded courtesy of David Hable at Cramped Attic. Full HD centerpost cable with 2 x HD-sdi lines. This is a flimsy hd cable run down the post, this is the actual HD centerpost cable that pro, xcs, and Dave Hable make. The top stage was recently serviced and redone. Great starter kit for anyone looking to build a sled (at over half the price of new gear). Located in Los Angeles. price: $7,000usd
  4. Hey guys. Looking for a 1.5" fixed post for a pro.
  5. Did you find one? I’m selling my Mkv gen 2 1.5 gimbal
  6. This was one of the first few GEN2's to hit the states. It's been well loved and lubed. Serviced last year by Robert Luna. Asking $3,000.00.
  7. Selling my beloved and trusted for many many years 3A arm. It was serviced by Luna 5 months ago, only used it a few times since. It comes with a modular 51 arm bag, 6' post, bearing collar, and is a pro style male socket. I've also covered the allen sockets with wing nuts, to adjust on the fly without the need of an allen wrench. $4000. Please feel free to text me at 310-882-8662 IMG_8710.heic IMG_7015.heic IMG_0131.heic IMG_2721.heic
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