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  1. Did you find one? I’m selling my Mkv gen 2 1.5 gimbal
  2. This was one of the first few GEN2's to hit the states. It's been well loved and lubed. Serviced last year by Robert Luna. Asking $3,000.00.
  3. Selling my beloved and trusted for many many years 3A arm. It was serviced by Luna 5 months ago, only used it a few times since. It comes with a modular 51 arm bag, 6' post, bearing collar, and is a pro style male socket. I've also covered the allen sockets with wing nuts, to adjust on the fly without the need of an allen wrench. $4000. Please feel free to text me at 310-882-8662 IMG_8710.heic IMG_7015.heic IMG_0131.heic IMG_2721.heic
  4. Parting ways with my DBII to make room for a new top stage. Pictures are below. Still works great and comes with the MDR arm. Price is 1700 OBO. Call with any questions 310-882-8662
  5. Hey guys. So in response to the no clip on matte box problem, here's the main issue (I was at the said rental house when the first incident happened). The problem is that the weight of the matte box with filters on the front end of the lens warps the focus forks causing the focus of the lens to go out of whack. Each set of new forks runs about $300. Zeiss itself has said this about the lens and they strongly discourage the use of any sort of weight being put on the front of the superspeeds. This is not the case on the ultras or the masters as they are newer lenses and their internal forks were designed a bit stronger. Trust me i've seen first hand the damage the weight does to the forks and it's clearly visible. So there is more to the story than meets the eye, and Birns does indeed have the LMB-5 as well as their own clamp ons. If you guys want to know more I can put you into contact with the Lens Tech Stacy over at birns and he can show and explain to you the problem in depth. Again it isn't because they are trying to be difficult or lack of stock, rather it's to prolong the life of the lens and not have to repair them every week a set of superspeeds comes back. And Zeiss themselves have reported that the lenses can damage from to much weight on the front of them.
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