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  1. Looking for a backup arm. Masters or similar. Would consider well-used G 70. Want to buy by end of year. Email me at uptom@verizon.net
  2. You could be the best thing to happen in 2020, losing John was one of the worst. I'll contact soon.
  3. I have power cables made by Terry and Wolf (all of course do excellent work) but I found that a Lectrosonic power cable is a simple ( and inexpensive) emergency backup for a Decimator if it still has the original power connector. Many sound guys have these cables stuffed away and never used. It has a Hirose connector and the Lectros use the same slide in power connector that comes on the Decimator. I know it's used on the older 190 and 195 Lectros, not sure about their newer models. After I confirmed it worked, the audio guy gave me the cable saying he had plenty and rarely used them. Bought another on Ebay for $25. I'll eventually get mine refitted with better connector, but for now I have a good backup.
  4. I tried various channels but no noticeable improvement. Thanks for confirming my suspicians. I have a much greater respect for all those productions I see in NYC's streets.
  5. I just have the basic Modulus 3000 with handheld recievers ( no shark fins). It works fine in center city Philadelphia ( hometown) and other cities' skyscraper canyons. But I had two jobs in NYC where on one shoot along 5th Ave it was useable only within 5 feet range and it was totally useless on the open flight deck of the Intrepid ( aircraft carrier museum). I can understand if I was in the hanger below deck with all the metal bouncing signal around, but I was on the open deck and the monitor looked like I was in a galactic ion storm. Could have cabled to the monitors, but luckily both clients trusted that I was getting what they needed. I know a shark fin antenna would have helped, but how much so? And is there just so much signal interference in NYC only? Tom Upton
  6. I recieved an email from Blackmagic that they have finally introduced a software upgrade to one of their units to now do HD SDI to Standard Def. It seems bigger than the Decimator and has other stuff that we don't need such as audio jacks, but it it at least worth looking at. Blackmagic does have a good reputation ( at least what I've heard from some editors/techs.) They want $495 which is higher than the Decimator. If I get a demo model, I'll give a report. In the meantime you can check it out at http://www.blackmagic-design.com
  7. I may be one of the cheap ones as well, but I've found surprisingly sturdy clear cases at Target. They come filled with Umberto brand shampoo which I just give to my wife and daughter. They are roughly 7"x7" and 1.5" deep with a clear front, zippered side and a clear slot on the back that's perfect for an index card with info. Again, surpisingly durable.
  8. I admit it falls short of the wheel and I'll never hear from those Nobel guys, but I have heard from two interested operators already. ( Which is actually two more than I expected.) Anyway, I can beat any shipping costs from Tailand! Tom
  9. I'll try to have some by this weekend. ( and inspite of what it says about me I have been a member since the early 90's.) Tom
  10. HI everyone. I've been a reader for years but rarely post. I have a Masters Series Elite and have been bothered recently with clients using tiny HD and miniDV cameras like the 100A. I never liked de-tuning the arm so I was always experimenting with gaffing AB batteries or even sand/shot bags to get the weight into a usable range. ( remember when we used the wire-thin BNC cables to save an ounce?) Anyway, I've worked out a simple system and was wondering if anyone would be interested should it go into production. Or offer any feedback. Basiclly it's stackable weights threaded in a standard Sony quickrelease pattern. The top plate has an aluminum platform with recessed quarter-twenty screw to mount the camera. By stacking the weights I can get a comfortable working weight for different cameras like the XL-2, GYHD200, 100A etc. The plates are steel so they are compact but I have also considered making then longer and thinner to aid dynamic balance. I have different length counter sunk screws to match any combination and it stays tight ( no sloppiness) and doesn't raise camera too high. I'll get a few pictures if anyone's interested. Tom Upton Uptom@comcast.net
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