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  1. Anyone making a bracket that can hold 15mm rods from the PRO dovetail MDR bracket mounting holes? I'm looking to more securely mount the volt control box off my PRO DB3, there is too much play between the PRO dovetail and the Tiffen dovetail. My other option is to drill a couple more holes in the PRO dovetail to tighten the play and adjust the level. Anyone else have a solution for this? Thanks, Reid
  2. I'm interested in renting a Wave1 in Los Angeles for the last week in August with a prep at Keslow on August 25th. please email me: eyetrigger@mac.com Thanks! Reid
  3. I may need an extra .50 pitch gear for a Preston motor. I'll be at Paramount Saturday Sep 12. Anyone that lives in Los Angeles please message me. Thanks, Reid
  4. Juan, I am looking to upgrade to the cine/live soon so I will be looking to sell my Pro gen II post (bayonet style), upper and lower sd electronics and battery hanger.
  5. Andre, I should have my MDR3 coming a a couple weeks. Which means I will need to buy new cables. I have 2 Pro to Preston pwr. cables for the MDR2 as well as the Pro D-box 3 mounting bracket. Reid
  6. Looking to borrow/rent a Pro to F35 power cable for a couple days next week. 3/29, 3/30
  7. IDX CW-5 HD wireless transmitter and receiver available for Rent in the LA area. AB mounts and V-lock adaptor plate. Call or Email me for rates. (323) 632- 6399 eyetrigger@mac.com Thanks, Reid
  8. That's what is so cool about this site. Steve, I think I have video footage of you doing a crane step off in Man about Town. Congratulations! Cool espisode.
  9. Hey Jon, How's it going? I bought a cable from you a while back. I'm in Rio right now working on a feature. This is my second one since October. I love it down here! I've been coming to Brazil every year for the last 5. Shoot me a message if you want to know about customs stuff and obtaining a work visa. A tourist visa is good for 5 years but you can only spend 90 days at a time and only 180 days per year, unless of course you marry a Brasilera. The features I have worked on require a work visa which means getting a letter from ANCINE through the production company that you have a signed contract with. I'm not sure about sponsoring a company but maybe I can ask someone in the production office about that. I'm here until the end of August. Gente boa! As praias, a cultura, as gatinhas...I could go on and on. It's breathtaking. Tchau, Reid
  10. Charles, I may have what your looking for. I just upgraded to the center post II and kept my old post to build a running rig too. However I just sold my donkey box II because I needed money so that project has been put on the back burner. Reid P.S. Anyone looking to buy a 1996 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500cc?
  11. READY TO SELL. Preston Handset 2 for sale. Includes: (1) Preston FI&Z transmitter 2, Serial no. 2331 (2) Preston batteries (1) Preston fast charger with A/C power cable (1) Preston custom left hand grip (2) Custom "Hill" posts (12) Preston marking discs. Offer: $5,000 UDS or best offer until June 15, 2009 Contact: Joe Sanchez joeysanchez@mac.com 310-729-8048 ------------------- Reid Russell 323-632-6399 eyetrigger@mac.com -----------------------------
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