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  1. CUE75s sold Quad Charger sold 3rd Battery Mount sold Accepting offers for remaining batteries and Arri bag. Thank you.
  2. Transvideo Starlite and Pelican 1650 sold.
  3. I'm wanting to off-load some gear I never use and some spare parts. All gear is located in Los Angles but I'm willing to ship as long as buyer pays for shipping/handling. Happy to provide an invoice for records. Here is the beginning list. There are still a few more odds and ends that I'll add within a week. Transvideo Starlite: $900 -this is the generation 1 version. I've heard you can upgrade it to be able to control Arri cameras. -lightly used, some scuffs around connection points -comes with case, BNC, power cable, cleaning sleeve Pelican 1650: $200 -never used, I purchased this in case a warranty replacement didn't arrive before a travel job. Forgot to return it before return date. New this is $245 Arri Unit Bag Medium II: $320 -Like the Pelican above, bought this as a backup plan for packing for a travel job. Never used it. Only taken out of cardboard shipping box to take photos. Tiffen 3rd Battery Mount, Slim version, V-Mount: $720 -used on my M1 sled, some visible use but overall in great shape IDX Batteries and Quad Charger: $2000 for everything -this package is used. I tried to only use these on short gigs but I've had the EHL9s, 7s, and charger since June '16. Then Cue75s were purchased in '17. All the batteries still fully charge and behave great. I had them evaluated last late summer by IDX and all received a good rating. -Endura 7s x2 total $90 each -Endura Cue75 x2 total $100 each -Endura EHL9s x8 total $150 each -IDX VL-4S Quad Charger $700 More to come. Happy to answer questions or get additional photos. Thank you.
  4. I own the Volt and I've used the Wave 1 on a couple jobs. They both do as advertised. As mentioned already, you do add a lot of weight with the Wave and you'll either have to lengthen the post or add more weight low to counterbalance. I also noticed that the Wave seems to introduce a very small back and forth movement when attempting lockoffs. I'll admit that this could be because I'm not as familiar with the gear as someone who may own one and they may have a work around for this. Finally, you can't force a dutch shot without either disengaging the Wave or going beyond its correction angle. Beyond that, it was very easy to set up and it never failed on horizon on the shots I preformed with it. With the Volt, you have a little more control on how much assistance you want. It is capable of assisting in both roll and tilt. They is a "sticky" mode that lets you set an angle and it will hold there. It is much lighter and you are able to keep your rig shorter. It will allow you to overcome its corrections to go dutch if so desired. It is not going to be as foolproof as the Wave so you do still need to have solid operating skills. Some of the negatives: the Volt is kind of large and cumbersome around the gimbal. You also have to retrain yourself when docking; if the device is left on after docking the gimbal handle will spin wildly looking for level. Also, if you forget to turn it back on, then you end up operating with a neutrally balanced sled.
  5. I've updated to the 8" CineMonitorHD X-SBL and will no longer need my 6" X-SBL. The monitor is in great working condition with very minimal wear-n-tear. I'll make sure firmware is up-to-date before delivery of monitor. I'm happy to provide specific photos of monitor upon request. Kit includes Monitor, Monitor Protective Cover, BNC, Case. For an extra $100, I will also sell the monitor bracket made for Tiffen sleds. Asking $4250. Local pick up if in LA or buyer pays for shipping. Thank you.
  6. Open to either a Rock Steadi Tasty pole or one of Matthews Steady Rest
  7. HU3 and Single Channel HU are sold. Everything else is still available for purchase. Thank you.
  8. Well maintained kit. Rarely used and firmware up to date. Would prefer to sell as kit but if there is enough interest I may become willing to break up package. Located in Los Angeles. Buyer pays for shipping. Asking for $30,000 obo Preston MDR3 MDR3 Jerry Hill Mount Preston HU3 w/ handle Preston Single Channel HU Preston Microforce 3 Digital Motor DM-1x Digital Motor DM-2 x2 32 pitch gear x3 32 pitch wide gear x2 48 pitch gear 64 pitch gear Jerry Hill Uni Clamp x3 Preston Motor Mount x2 HU to Microforce Bracket HU3 to Microforce cable 19mm to 5/8mm Step Down Brushing x3 19mm to 15mm Step Down Brushing x3 Marking Rings for HU3 A-E x2 full sets Blank Marking Rings for HU3 Marking Rings for Single Channel HU x3 Iris Marking Strips x3 90º to Straight Motor CineCoil Cable x3 90º to Straight Motor Cable 18” x3 90º to 90º Motor Cable 6” x2 90º to 90º Motor Cable 12” 90º to 90º Motor Cable 18” x4 3 Pin Arri R/S to 2 pin Lemo 18” x2 Arri Mini to R/S + power adaptor cable R/S Arri/Sony 65 3 pin Fischer R/S Sony F5/F55 4 pin hirose R/S Red 4 pin lemo MF3 Arri 24v Y Cable x2 P-Tap Power Cable x2 USB data cable Lens Control Rain Cover Sony Battery x6 Sony Battery Charger x2 Jason Case Pelican Some items not pictured but I can provide any pics or additional info if needed. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.
  9. Sorry for the delay. I'm on a TV Pilot right now and so I haven't been online as much. Also, I'm sorry if I miscommunicated; I don't work for Tiffen. I will forward your concerns to the US rep out here in LA and see if he can help get the ball rolling for you in overseas. I'm sorry for the trouble you're having and I do hope it gets resolved quickly. All the best.
  10. Are you hoping to make a purchase or seeking customer service? I can attempt to help connect you with the proper person.
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