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  1. Hi Morgan thanks for your feedback do you mean you have to lower the carbon arm because the camera goes higher that the normal set up? i don’t understand
  2. Hello Does anybody use the xarm with the Walter klassen? thanks Emiliano
  3. Hello Does anybody use the xarm with the Walter klassen? any issue?
  4. Artemis arm 23kg play load rods almost news changed 6 months ago 6000usd plus shipping the arm is in italy
  5. I didnt use the Alexa LF yet, but I just did 3 days of commercial with Alexa sxt and I couldnt power it from the the 12 volt hi cap connector( my sled is artemis cine had pro Arri) because with Preston, cinetape and teradek, there was to many ampere. I solved the problem whit 24 volt out put from the sled.
  6. Hi I have a sacthler gimbal 1.5 it's 7 years old and I never had problem I'd like to do a mantainance, clean and lubricate, but I don't know how I can do it. Any suggestions you can give me Would be appreciated Thanks Emiliano
  7. yes is possible change the sensitive and i think ill mount the monitor up side down in the case ill cover the level with hood. i m going to take it whit the transvideo yoke, do u know how it works for it? any sugguest thanks emi
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