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  1. Pretty straight forward, the original analog workhorses. Use them as your primary, backup, or backup for the backup. $2400 - Priced to sell, starting with NYC local buyers only to avoid packing, shipping, etc. The gear is located near Bryant Park. Bartech Package Includes: (1) Receiver (1) Transmitter (1) M-One Motor All size gears including (2x) .8/332P size Brackets for 15mm rod mounting A bunch of cables - Some PRO, some Tiffen/Steadicam, several motor cables, some that I don't even know what they are for Various other bits and pieces Cool blue accessory pouch. Modulus Package Includes: (1) Transmitter (2) Wireless TVs/Monitors Tons of cables for power and signal - please don't make me list them:) Let me know if you have any questions, and I'll update listing accordingly. Thanks, James
  2. Bret, looks like you've got one of your own. Does that mean you want to buy as a backup? haha.
  3. Hey Peter, I know you're located in Norway, but I noticed your WTB post. I just posted my Archer 2 for sale. Check it out! http://www.steadicamforum.com/index.php?showtopic=20612
  4. This is a complete system including sled, arm, and vest. It’s almost identical to the current package sold by Tiffen/Steadicam ($24,990.00). http://www.tiffen.com/videoarcher.html I’d still say (after 5 years of owning this system) that it offers the best capabilities for the price. You’ll be able to fly just about everything you’ll encounter for the better part of your career (Red, Alexa, some 35mm setups too), and it all fits in one case for getting around easily and flying as well. This system has seen plenty of use, but I have always taken EXTREMELY good care of it. I’ve made some upgrades along the way (noted below), and I’m throwing in some extras too! Here’s the breakdown: Sled - Archer2 Multiple dedicated HD lines through extendable post, lots of battery/monitor configurations, V-Mount SD Tifffen Monitor - Nothing fancy but works great for SD, fairly bright, frame line generator. Upgraded to allow the gimbal to be removed for cleaning or replacement if desired. Arm - G-40 with X upgrade. Effectively the same as the new G50X arms, just no “ride” control. I maxed out this arm at about 53lbs (33lbs of camera weight), and it still performed beautifully. Smoother than most brand new G50X arms I’ve tried. Vest - Standard LX Vest Added backstraps, which add quite a bit of rigidity to the vest. Modified front spar to allow for lower socket block placement, and for easy goofy/standard switching. This can be switched back to stock if needed. Swapped out crappy plastic wing nuts with stainless steel screws in socket block. Cables Steadicam monitor cable - power and signal in one cable. Lemo to 4-pin XLR, to power cameras off the top stage. Batteries (4) 150 Whr Li-ion - 2 of these power the SD monitor for 2 days! (1) 2-Position Fast Charger (1) Portable Slower Charger Extras Marshall Monitor - LCD70 w/v-mount and 3GSDI Of course, all the standard accessories in photos are included. Complete package for $21,500.
  5. Hey Frederic (and anyone else who's looking). I just put my M10 up for sale in case you're still looking. Used, but in very good shape. Check it out here: http://www.steadicamforum.com/index.php?showtopic=20570
  6. I am selling my trusted M10 package. I was an early buyer/owner, and have been shooting with this system since October of last year. I've taken excellent care of it, and it works just like new. It's the same M10 package that you can buy new for $14,995, with the following minor additions/differences: Pelican/Storm Case 2875 with Lid Organizer - Pick and pluck foam, fits very nicely, compact, and really secure. 5D mkii or mkiii A/V cable wired neatly onto the rig - No hanging cables or resistance for running an SD line. Extra sliding camera baseplate. Extra pan knuckle assembly, should the original wear out at some point Extra battery charging banana plug cable. 90-day warranty directly from Freefly - Original warranty doesn't transfer. You get a fresh one under your name. Updated to latest firmware. Upgradeable to M15, once available from Freefly. Asking $11,500.00. Local NYC buyer preferred, but can ship anywhere if arranged/paid by buyer.
  7. Brett, Very cool! Thanks for posting! Do you happen to know the dimensions of that Termodyne case, or the model#? Also, did you try getting the arm to fit in the case flat and diagonally, sort of in it's own protected layer above the sled, but below the vest? That's always how I imagined it would fit, but the way you have it looks sweet too.
  8. You know, that bracket to hang a Bartech receiver from 15mm or 18mm rods. I already have the backbone bracket to hold two receivers together, but just don't have the bracket to attach it to rods. Anyone have an extra to sell? Just let me know how much you want for it. thanks, James
  9. Hey guys, I can't believe I'm just reading about this now. I was at NAB and completely missed the opportunity to see this in person. I have a couple questions, and figured I'd annoy you guys first, before Jack:) 1. Any chance PRO figured out a way to get the sled, arm, vest all in one case, kind of like the Archer2? I know it's a long shot, but for traveling, this would be great for me. 2. Is the extendable post an optional upgrade on the $34,200.00 package? Or do any changes to the package throw you back into a la carte pricing? 3. Will PRO be at Cinegear NY? Would love to see it/fly it there. 4. Anyone interested in my Archer2 package? I give good price, haha, especially if you're NYC local.
  10. Fun/nostalgic read, comparing the introduction of Steadicam and the MoVI. Plus a great pic of Garrett and Kubrick. http://nofilmschool.com/2013/04/stanley-kubrick-movi/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+nofilmschool+%28NoFilmSchool%29
  11. Awesome! Go see it. Bizarre film! Great Steadicam!
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