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  1. I had serious vibration issues in a running shot flying an Amira on my Artemis Cine sled/ arm/ vest. It has never happended before. Everything was well tight in the sled. Today I checked it all over again to look for loose parts. I noticed some vibration on the batteries bracket when extended. I pulled it closer to the post, remove on battery off of it but i am not really sure it was the cause. After resetting 1.000 things it went away and also by that time I got the AC telling me that the lens was a bit loose (master prime 50). So i ended up not knowing the real cause. I had no long plate. I posted the pics of the setup as it was. Any thoughts on this?
  2. Hi there, I'm gonna go to New York tomorrow and I want to buy a docking stage for my Artemis EFP. Anyone can help me with this? Thanks! Ed
  3. This AJA model outputs to 3 composite bnc connectors. I cannot plug it into my rig because it uses one bnc composite only as input
  4. The weight issue is solved. It's quite heavy with all accessories. I just couldn't get my AJA to work. http://www.aja.com/en/products/mini-converters/d10cea/#overview Anyone knows where to buy the DECIMATOR 2 in NYC?? I have a friend flying from there Tuesday.
  5. Hi there, Nedd some help here: I will fly a Sony F55 this week using my Artemis EFP, I have two concerns: 1. The weight of the camera (maybe is just too lightweighted for the Artemis arm) 2. The video output from the camera (i'm using a Transvideo CineMonitor II. Both sled and monitor work on SD Video.) I was thinking of using this AJA to work around this: http://www.aja.com/en/products/mini-converters/hd10cea/#overview Any suggestions?? Thanks!
  6. Hi, Anyone knows where to buy a Teradek Bolt TX RX and other gear in LA?? Thanks! Edmond
  7. Thank you guys! I solved it by using an extra AAton battery supplying the Transvideo sender and the rig for the Bartech. I already bought my P-Tap cable! Thank you all once again! ...and Alan Rencher I really liked your solution! Where did you buy this from? Or was it self made?
  8. Hi there, I will be working tomorrow with a Panasonic Af-100 with Bartech Follow focus and a video-link wireless system. I have a steadicam Flyer, (first model). How can I supply power to both things at the time? Thank you!
  9. Do you think Graphite grease a good solution too? Thanks Jerry! I'm your fan!
  10. Hi everyone! What kind of product should I use on my Steadicam Flyer to grease its springs? Thanks
  11. The batteries are 14V. And the power gets to it because the green power light it's on.
  12. Any chance it was caused by an overpower from the 88w Swit Battery?
  13. I've tried it with the exit from the cable tv and It's still all black. Although I can see the forms of the images behind all the black screen. It's like the lights were off. Any clues?
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