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  1. Tom nailed it. I don't need the multi-window view in SmallHD, but the ability to crop and choose your framelines, mask them, change any number of options, etc, always keeps SmallHD in my kit. Also, I'm a fairly "disposable" type (everything goes bad, why fight it), so I'd rather go with an ultrabright, well programmed, well designed monitor and grab a couple at an affordable price than spend 2x or even 3x on another monitor. Nothing against other manufacturers, I've owned monitors by many of them. However, SmallHD really has the price point to feature point that just keeps them as my go-to. FYI: as of writing this, SmallHD is selling some B-stock monitors, and they have the 703U monitor for $1499. If I had any idea when I was working next, I'd grab a couple in a heartbeat.
  2. I haven't looked at the Cine7 for a Steadicam monitor yet. Looks brighter than a lot of options (and not as bright as others, both more expensive and cheaper). For a pure Steadicam monitor, it's probably feature overkill, but if you want a Steadicam monitor that you can set up to pull off the sled and use as an operator's monitor, it's probably perfect.
  3. I remember when the Fitbit was all the rage, and now everyone has integrated step trackers on their various smart devices (phones, smart watches, etc). I also recall that the step count and calorie counts are, for the most part, completely overstated by the respective devices. I had thought about creating a device that worked with my docking fork to run a timer whenever my sled wasn't docked, so I had a rough idea of how much time I'd spent wearing the rig each day. Ultimately, both step tracking and time-in-the-rig tracking became less interesting because, as David implies above, it doesn't change the shot, it doesn't contribute anything significant, and it doesn't serve as grounds to increase my invoice.
  4. I don't recall the exact context, but I recalled hearing a story about Ted Churchill that I try to carry in my professional life wherever and whenever possible. I'm probably horribly misquoting the exact words, but it was something like this, when asked how he was such a successful Steadicam operator: "I may not have been the best, but production was never waiting on me." I tried to apply that, along with a heaping helping of humor on every show to which I have the good fortune to contribute.
  5. I gotta go back to all those men's restrooms and change the number on the wall? Uggggh. I'm supposed to be quarantined.
  6. I'm not certain since I don't own that sled, but I think it's 12v unregulated (so 11v-16v). If that monitor wants 5v, you will want to get some sort of voltage transducer on the cable or before the monitor.
  7. Purchased from Lawrence Karman a few months ago, looking to release it to the next owner. Asking $5,000 obo
  8. Purchased for a project but never used, it's like new. Selling for the new price, accepting other offers.
  9. I'm working on a replacement device that functions the same (hopefully even better?) with the same versatility.
  10. I ordered one of these for my son for his day-to-day movements between his mom's house, my house, and wherever else. They work really well, and thought maybe the community would be interested. https://www.jiobit.com/ Battery life seems to go for a day or two, and uses GPS and cellular connection to update the app with location. No need for Bluetooth connectivity like the Tiles. It's entirely wireless, really cool so far.
  11. Hey Michael, not sure if I'm having issues, but I don't see the pictures attached to your post.
  12. For anyone curious, I've already contacted Paul, contacted Richard at Anton Bauer, and I've arranged for all my batteries to get swapped for new Titon batteries. Really great to have such a solid ally in this ever changing battery market. Some of the knock off batteries I've bought recently still work, but the company seems to have disappeared. Thanks again Paul! Look forward to seeing you at CineGear!
  13. Amazing! You've got my business, I'll be in touch about trading up my 8 Dionic HC's!
  14. Sounds like a pretty killer deal, thanks for this Paul. May I ask, what if the batteries are in need of recell so badly that they're not currently functional? "Rejuve"
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