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  1. I'm working on a replacement device that functions the same (hopefully even better?) with the same versatility.
  2. I ordered one of these for my son for his day-to-day movements between his mom's house, my house, and wherever else. They work really well, and thought maybe the community would be interested. https://www.jiobit.com/ Battery life seems to go for a day or two, and uses GPS and cellular connection to update the app with location. No need for Bluetooth connectivity like the Tiles. It's entirely wireless, really cool so far.
  3. Sorry, I should have updated; this is SOLD.
  4. Hey Michael, not sure if I'm having issues, but I don't see the pictures attached to your post.
  5. For anyone curious, I've already contacted Paul, contacted Richard at Anton Bauer, and I've arranged for all my batteries to get swapped for new Titon batteries. Really great to have such a solid ally in this ever changing battery market. Some of the knock off batteries I've bought recently still work, but the company seems to have disappeared. Thanks again Paul! Look forward to seeing you at CineGear!
  6. Amazing! You've got my business, I'll be in touch about trading up my 8 Dionic HC's!
  7. Sounds like a pretty killer deal, thanks for this Paul. May I ask, what if the batteries are in need of recell so badly that they're not currently functional? "Rejuve"
  8. Price drop: $7,000. Hit me up here, or email: will AT wbd3 DOT com
  9. Never used on set, just played with it at home for a while. Still in pristine condition, and I'm selling it with 2 additional batteries (4 batteries total). I can take pictures if people need, but it's really the exact same contents as the DJI Ronin 2 Pro kit. Basically the same kit as here: https://store.dji.com/product/ronin-2-professional-combo?vid=31191 Comes with the case and all the gak you see. Asking $7,500, entertaining other offers. Located in LA, would prefer in person transaction but I can also ship domestically.
  10. Offering for sale an Angenieux Optimo DP Rouge 16-42 T2.8 as well as a 30-80 T2.8 for sale. I bought the 16-42 a little over a year ago from Mike Marriage, has served me well and rented a little on the side as well. Now ready to sell it and let it find a new home. The other lens came from Europe as well, but they're both here in Los Angeles, CA. Can discuss shipping and all that, can also give proof the lenses are in good shape, they live at SIM International right now. PM me here, or email: will AT wbd3 DOT com
  11. Anyone have a spare GPI PRO Monitor arm, the current style that GPI ships with the 2 telescoping rods? Thinking of selling? Hit me up. Thank you!
  12. Contact the label, or have an attorney contact the music label. Inform them that you'll be sending a cease and decist letter to the label (a formal one) over non-payment of work for footage you shot. You're the primary copyright holder until paid, and until then, they're distributing content which does not belong to them. Inform them you'll be filing a copyright takedown notice to the platforms steaming the music video (YouTube, Facebook, VEVO, etc) and will be seeking to recover revenue made by the video's syndication, or they can pay you the fee you invoices the bankrupt production company. They'll pay you, and then they'll sue the bankrupt production company. But you'll be paid. Screw them.
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