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  1. Sounds like a pretty killer deal, thanks for this Paul. May I ask, what if the batteries are in need of recell so badly that they're not currently functional? "Rejuve"
  2. Price drop: $7,000. Hit me up here, or email: will AT wbd3 DOT com
  3. Never used on set, just played with it at home for a while. Still in pristine condition, and I'm selling it with 2 additional batteries (4 batteries total). I can take pictures if people need, but it's really the exact same contents as the DJI Ronin 2 Pro kit. Basically the same kit as here: https://store.dji.com/product/ronin-2-professional-combo?vid=31191 Comes with the case and all the gak you see. Asking $7,500, entertaining other offers. Located in LA, would prefer in person transaction but I can also ship domestically.
  4. Offering for sale an Angenieux Optimo DP Rouge 16-42 T2.8 as well as a 30-80 T2.8 for sale. I bought the 16-42 a little over a year ago from Mike Marriage, has served me well and rented a little on the side as well. Now ready to sell it and let it find a new home. The other lens came from Europe as well, but they're both here in Los Angeles, CA. Can discuss shipping and all that, can also give proof the lenses are in good shape, they live at SIM International right now. PM me here, or email: will AT wbd3 DOT com
  5. Anyone have a spare GPI PRO Monitor arm, the current style that GPI ships with the 2 telescoping rods? Thinking of selling? Hit me up. Thank you!
  6. Contact the label, or have an attorney contact the music label. Inform them that you'll be sending a cease and decist letter to the label (a formal one) over non-payment of work for footage you shot. You're the primary copyright holder until paid, and until then, they're distributing content which does not belong to them. Inform them you'll be filing a copyright takedown notice to the platforms steaming the music video (YouTube, Facebook, VEVO, etc) and will be seeking to recover revenue made by the video's syndication, or they can pay you the fee you invoices the bankrupt production company. They'll pay you, and then they'll sue the bankrupt production company. But you'll be paid. Screw them.
  7. For working in live TV, I have a 7 inch and 10 inch IPS monitor that I can put on the camera just above the lens.Your prompter op will probably come with only the equipment to send you a CVBS signal with the prompter lines OR send an SD-SDI signal. I did a job with Kristen Bell a few months ago, and was told about wearing a prompter in advance, and would be a long walk and talk. I used a wireless HD transmitter/receiver (IDX CW-3) and wore the RX while handing the TX to the prompter op. On my rig, I also wore a Decimator 2 to convert the SD-SDI signal to CVBS, and sent that signal into my prompter. Boom, wireless teleprompter. I had to do a similar thing a few years ago for a special show for FOX. Prompter ops generally don't have the equipment to send HD-SDI signals, just SD-SDI and CVBS. The prompter folks I had on the FOX gig were very nice, but not very technically knowledgeable about the signal coming from their system, and insisted they were sending an HD signal. After a couple frustrations, we got it working, but I basically had to get it running without their assistance, and you'll probably be in the same position. If you're trying to make it wireless, you'll either need a standard def transmitter for CVBS signals (CanaTrans, Modulus, Boxx Meridian) or a digital transmitter that handles HD or SD over SDI (Teradek, IDX Camwaves, Boxx Meridian, etc). If you don't have a wireless system to rent to your production, they can grab one from the rental house specifically for prompter signal.
  8. Offering my MK-V Omega "AR2" for sale (it's the current generation AR where the whole device is contained in the platform). I thought I would have time to integrate it into my work, but it turns out I don't. Includes the power cables and device along with Pelican case. No camera weight limit, works great when I've used it, I'm sure it'll make someone else very happy. Doesn't include the motorized monitor arm, but you can contact MK-V about purchasing one from them (I think it's about ~$4,600).
  9. I just got one of these, I'll take it onto pickups for a feature this Friday and report back. Morning exterior Santa Monica beach, so that should be a good test, even with the marine layer.
  10. Sachtler Tilting Telescoping Monitor arm for sale. Bought in 2011 New for $805. Asking $650. Pics available on request.
  11. I have 2x 7ft long fiber jumpers with my live kit, and I had one get yanked a few weeks ago when my vest had a sudden gust of gravity. The repair was slightly delayed, probably an oversight on my part since I didn't send them my tracking number or indication of when it would arrive, followed by a mammoth winter storm. Anyway, Zak jumped right on the case, got my cable repaired and fixed up, and shipping it back to me today! Very happy buyer, will probably buy another fiber adapter from them again soon (backups for my backups). 2 years, coming up on 360+ shows taped at Warner Bros, and the cables have held up fantastically well! http://www.te.com/usa-en/products/families/phoenix-optix.html salesri@phoenixoptix.com
  12. I believe, in this post, Eric (kinda) explained how springs in series behave according to Hooke's Law. http://www.steadicamforum.com/index.php?showtopic=11978 Paraphrased from there: assuming no friction counteracting the pure math and physics, then 2 or 4 springs acting in series will always perform the same way, no matter if the spring canister with greater lift capacity is "turned" more or if the lighter spring is "turned" more.
  13. I would be curious about this outcome as well! When starting my day, I tend to evaluate my build as "heavy" or "light" for my 4 blue canisters. If heavy, I then crank my "more difficult to access" canisters to compressed (increase lift strength), and decompress them by 2-3 half turns (just so the compression bones aren't pressed against their maximum, just in case). I then pick up the rig and tune the "easy to access" canisters to the ride position that I like. Every 6 months, I swap the canister positions so they take turns in the difficult spots. However, I've been curious if having 1 canister in each section always "very compressed" or "backed off" had some impact.
  14. If Ron Baldwin shows up in a convertible with a bottle of bourbon and tells you he's taking you to a place called Jumbo's, just get in and don't ask questions.
  15. For only $5,699, I'll come over and tape a spirit bubble to your monitor screen, just below the image.
  16. Hi Wolfgang! Happy New Year! I'm still very happy with my CW-3. I feel like it's actually quite the steal, and they've dropped the price on the CW-3 since I posted this review a year ago. I believe it still has an issue with PsF signals, and still does not support multicast. However, despite those issues, I'm still quite happy with my CW-3. As a simple 1:1 transmitter that handles the range, offers external antennas, and locks to the transmitter quite swiftly, I'm happy with the price and the unit itself.
  17. I'm using Lite right now throughout the year, and digitally submitting receipts via upload throughout the year. I started out with the trial of the regular account, and the magic envelopes are pretty fantastic. However, I've definitely got less than 50 receipts per month, so I just went back to the Lite plan. The online service or functionality doesn't change, it's just if they give you the envelopes vs I could mail in with my own envelope.
  18. Just wanted to give a heads up to anyone who tracks receipts or expenses throughout the year, or have a big envelope full of receipts end of year that they sort out with their accountant. I started using this service, Shoeboxed.com, to upload scans of my receipts or mail them in an envelope full of receipts every month. They scan the receipts, try to categorize them, and give an online interface to let you re-categorize them, export as an Excel spreadsheet, etc. My accountant has me tracking my receipts during the year, so this gave me a simple way to scan all the receipts, have an online archive, quickly export end of year and get them into an expense report to hand over to him. I've had the service for a year now, and been pretty happy with it as an easy way to catalog receipts and make tax time easy. If you want to sign up, you can use my referral link here: http://ssqt.co/mzbMnZd Or, if you don't want to use the referral, just go to the site itself and sign up. Worked out well for me, perhaps you guys could use it too? http://www.shoeboxed.com
  19. If the sled is set to 12v power line, then the AUX power and AUX ground lines are not shared with any connection. I built a tally system for my PRO 2 sled and PRO 2 UJB/LJB. I took an old Proformer battery, wired it up to use the PTAP on the C/M battery position. When connected to the AUX battery position, it would send the signal up the centerpost to the AUX port, came out one pin to the photosensor, the return power (if light was present) came down the AUX ground line and back into the box. From there, I had two RCA style plugs with cables: 1 that connected to the connector on the Cinetronic Gen 2 tally input, and another that simply went to a bright RED LED that I velcroed to my monitor. I recently got a CineLive sled and I'm using a Media Blackout tally system, but I still have the old tally system around for my PRO 2 setup in case I have two live gigs back to back.
  20. I have not tested it in any environments aside from indoors yet. Those were all ventilated, comfortable spaces with no extreme heat whatsoever. I myself am curious to see how it works daytime exterior on a HOT day, because it gets quite hot when the brightness is way up. Further, I don't think it does any kind of active cooling, it just has copper heatsinks and space for heat to dissipate.
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