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  1. For Sale: Preston FIZ HU-3 G4 system. $15,000. SALE PENDING. Includes: HU-3 G4 Comfort handle Microforce V+F HU-3 to MF bracket MDR-2 G4 with Microwave transceiver MDR-2 mounting bracket DM-1x motor with integrated mount (2) DM-1 motors (4) Motor mounting arms (5) Focus rings (6) Bushings NP-71 battery (3) NP-50 batteries Sony dual charger (6) Motor cables (2) P-tap power cables (2) Arri power cables Arri on/off cable FIZ to MF cable - short FIZ to MF cable - long MDR power from Pro Sled Cinetape interface cable Panavision on/off cable Panavision power cable Custom case Email: neal@gulfcamera.com
  2. For sale: Arrihead Mk2 in very good condition. $29,000 This head is in great condition. Just serviced and ready to work. Contact: neal@gulfcamera.com
  3. nealnorton

    Arri Amira

    Sequels are often pretty boring. . . I was not so eagerly waiting for "Alexa 2 - Triumph of the VFX Guy" You know - a long self indulgent production that is more about math than pictures. The younger audience would love it. Ha! Was I ever looking the wrong direction. So we have the Alexa XT camera that makes shooting features or commercials with Arriraw a joy. Anamorphic lenses on a great 4:3 camera a big plus. Big price / Big quality. Then produce an Alexa quality camera for the very large ProRes / TV / 16X9 market that is just plain well engineered. Brilliant. And 200FPS. And quality sound. And internal filters. And multiple lens mounts. And those fantastic sliding base and top handles. Here I was waiting for Arri to cave in to the clamor for 4K and SURPRISE! instead they build another great camera that looks to be fun to use. Bravo!
  4. nealnorton


    I did a little review of the new HP-1007HD You can find it here: http://www.gulfcamera.com/?p=765 Neal Norton
  5. nealnorton

    Double arm

    Thought I'd add a picture of the 2 alexa rig. Neal
  6. nealnorton

    Double arm

    I used the Freestyle with 2 Alexas on a movie this year. With a pro arm and sled, the 4 black cans were wound up to max. Had to be very gentle with the freestyle to keep the cameras from coming out of calibration. All up with sled arm and vest is 100lbs. We used Ultraprimes instead of Masterprimess and one camera was powered from a cable that ran along with the 4 bnc cables over my shoulder. The biggest negative for me beside the weight was the big mirror box and constant flare issues. Neal Norton
  7. nealnorton

    Changes at GPI PRO

    I am very grateful for all the support and brilliant products the 3 of you have provided for all these years. You never let me down. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. And Jack, you'll be hearing from me soon! Neal Norton
  8. nealnorton

    Pilot Dynamic Balance

    Well, I know I'm being a masochist but I am going to respectfully disagree here with Eric. Take a look at Jerry Holways' wonderfully put together "Dynamic Balance Primer" and you will quickly notice that the "Mickey/Eric" method fails to take into account the forces of inertia on the uneven monitor and battery configuration. As Jerry points out, if the monitor and battery block were of equal weight and equal distance from the post then with the camera placed in static balance the whole rig will be also in dynamic balance. In many cases, this is not what we are dealing with. Just to make sure I would not look dumber than normal I built a "mickey" and followed the directions. I am using a GPI Pro sled with Gen 3 battery hanger and an XCS monitor arm with a Nebtek monitor and Dionic 90's. The lower unit was very stable on the "Mickey" as per instructions. I then mounted a camera and found a static balance with a 3 sec drop. The rig exhibited a pronounced wobble when spun at any speed. Not horrific but not good either. So, I then followed the Jerry Holway empirical method of putting the camera on the top stage 3/4" behind the measured CG of the camera on the center line of the post. I then adjusted the battery block only to find static balance. Very close - nice flat spin. If I knew I were looking to do a whip pan I might spend a little more time tuning but not too bad. Regards, Neal
  9. nealnorton

    Pro Parts

  10. nealnorton

    Pro Parts

    For Sale: Pro SD Sled parts. J box and bottom end for SD Pro sled. In very good condition. All works fine. No Jumper blocks. $500 Neal Norton neal@24FPS.biz
  11. nealnorton

    MKV Power cables

  12. For Sale: Transvideo Cine 3A SB Works great $500 Neal Norton neal@24fps.biz
  13. I was cleaning out the closet. 1 MKV 3 pin lemo to Panavision power cable 1 MKV 3 pin lemo to Arri 2 pin lemo power cable $100 for both plus shipping Neal Norton neal@24FPS.biz
  14. nealnorton

    CVolution or the ARRI WRS

    I have not used the Cvolution. I have done a film where the Arri system was used. Compared to the Preston the Arri wireless was clumsy and prone to failure. I don't think many assistants who are used to working with a Preston would accept the Arri WRC for long. Neal