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  1. Hi Josh, I had the same problem, it happened to me too with low temperatures: "when I turn on the volt and start the pan the system starts to fluctuate, only after several ignition attempts does the system start well" they have replaced the main board in the gimbal unit and encoder sensor in Burbank. Marco
  2. The fact that you can't update the firmware without sending it to Tiffen is a problem. Marco
  3. Instead I am having big problems with the Volt (Clipper324). It began to make the defect progressively from mid-October, after about a year of use, during the making of a film. When I turn on the volt the system starts to float (almost like when it is not well aligned). Initially by turning the system off and on again it started up again well but then gradually started to do it more often until it became unusable. I tried them all to no avail: changed the pan encoder sensor, changed the volt control box, powered directly by a battery etc.). When the sled is aligned it remains stationary but if I start panning after about 60-70 ° it starts to float. it seems that the problem occurs with the lowering of the temperature. the gimbal is perfectly mechanically aligned by Tiffen UK. I haven't solved the problem yet. The second thing is the bounce on the tilt when setting a position with the gimbal button both in "normal mode" and in "friction mode", as Larry McConkey also described very well in the video he made a few days ago.
  4. Hi William, yes is 12v unregulated, l'll put a transducer on the cable. Thanks!
  5. Hi all, I should connect the tally of Clipper3 on the Tvlogic F-7h mk2 monitor, does anyone know what voltage comes out of the TALLY SENSE pin of the 8 pin lemo connector in the bottom stage of Clipper/Shadow/Ultra2? TvLogic wants a 5v (+/- 2 V) input tally signal Thanks everyone!
  6. Hi Marco is the Matrix Sled, arm and vest still for sale?

    1. Marco Dardari

      Marco Dardari

      Hi Damian, no it was sold, thanks for your interest


  7. Hi Lisa, Tiffen tells me it could be the pan encoder sensor, but I haven't managed to get one yet. Marco
  8. Hi, for a few day I have a problem with Volt on my Clipper324: I turn on the control box as I have always done by aligning the gimbal for the correct reading of the encoder pan position but when I turn on the motors the gimbal begins to float like when you don't make a correct registration. After several attempts I can start the system correctly. This happens to me more and more frequently. For a couple of days it has happened to me even when the system starts correctly between a motor pause and another. Depends on what? From the encoder cable? From the gimbal cable? Or does it depend on something else?
  9. Posting on behalf of a colleague He is selling his SmartSystem steadicam system in good working condition Set includes: - Matrix Sled - X1 Arm - 8 springs - Case - Vest lite - Docking bracket The system will be completely overhauled by SmartSystem labs at the time of sale Make an offer, buyer pays for shipping thanks Marco
  10. I do not agree. I tried the monitor but I was not satisfied. First, the quality of the construction is not good, especially the keys. According to the monitor has a problem of refreshing the panel, every 2/3 seconds loses some frames, also has a big problem of jittering on the color. Marco
  11. Grazie Mirko! Si conosco Carmine, ottima assistenza. Stai usando il tvlogic sulla steadi? Com'è la qualità/dinamica dell'immagine? Marco
  12. Has anyone tried the new Tv-Logic F-7H with 3600 nit of brightness? thanks Marco
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