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  1. Good morning. Does anyone have a manual with the pin out to the old j-7 zoom controller with focus option? It would be a great help. Cheers!
  2. A brand new Preston Hand Unit 3 brand new in the factory box. Never used on set. Comes with everything that Preston sends you. Unit comes with: A-E pre-printed focus marking rings Blank white focus marking ring 2x FM-50 Batteries FM-50 Battery JJ Charger Depending on where you are in the world, this is close to $1,000 off for Californians. Feel free to ask any questions. Located in Los Angeles, CA. Price: $7,199 USD
  3. The Hand Unit and MDR were just serviced at Preston. HU3 has a brand new Focus Knob and completely checked out. Everything is up to date G4 Blue Dot. This is a great deal for anyone especially those who don’t need a micro force. Hand Unit 3 Just returned from Preston. New focus knob Rubber grip and blank MDR2 G4 Blue Dot +M 2x DM2 motors 6x HU3 Rings. Ai-Ei and a blank 2x Preston Motor brackets long 2x Preston motor brackets short 2x Motor cable right to straight angle 12v Dtap to MDR2 Power cable Y Arri On/Off and power to MDR. (the only cable you really need in LA since most of the rental houses have intergraded this set up on their cameras, so I’m told) MDR2-Arri 12v On/Off cable 4520 Panavision cable 4522 Red Digital cable 4543 MDR2 to 15mm rods mounting bracket. Don’t know who it’s made by but works well. 2x chargers that come from Preston 2x batteries. 1 large 1 small Canvas Bag to hold cables Brand New Palican 1450 case with foam. Perfect size for this kit Feel free to contact me with any questions. If you're in the LA area, feel free to come check it out. If you're not local, I can send a video or set up a face time. $12,799 OBO. (Pictures had to be low rez to fit on the forum.)
  4. This cart has a couple nifty mods that allow it to pack up better then the stock version. Filmtools currently sells their version of this cart for $1,825 plus tax. This also comes with an extra baby pin and stand hanger. I'm located in the Los Angeles area. Feel free to come check it out. $1,200 obo.
  5. Hello, I’m looking for a Preston microforce to HU cable. If you are looking to sell a microforce with the cable, let me know as well.
  6. There's also that "clunk" that happens with the Pro gimbal when you transition from high to low mode and visa versa. It could be enough to cause vibration and would make sense that it happens when you're horizontal with the rig because that would be the transition point. The Pro gimbal was not designed to be used with the AR although it has been done.
  7. I know this is a total long shot. I’m hoping that maybe someone with an older version of the Mk-v AR has done an upgrade or has a Preston AR controller box they no longer need. It was a small box that would allow a Preston Microforce to manually roll the AR cage. Thanks.
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