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  1. Hello, I’m looking for a Preston microforce to HU cable. If you are looking to sell a microforce with the cable, let me know as well.
  2. Who made those gyro base plates?
  3. Andre Trudel

    Preston HU3 for sale

  4. Andre Trudel

    Zephyr kit, located in Los Angeles

    I have one for sale.
  5. Andre Trudel

    Alien Revolution vibration

    There's also that "clunk" that happens with the Pro gimbal when you transition from high to low mode and visa versa. It could be enough to cause vibration and would make sense that it happens when you're horizontal with the rig because that would be the transition point. The Pro gimbal was not designed to be used with the AR although it has been done.
  6. I know this is a total long shot. I’m hoping that maybe someone with an older version of the Mk-v AR has done an upgrade or has a Preston AR controller box they no longer need. It was a small box that would allow a Preston Microforce to manually roll the AR cage. Thanks.
  7. Hi community. I own an original Mk-v AR. I have all the external boxes with sensors, computer, etc. I’m looking for a way to manually roll the cage essentially overriding the AR. There are 2 ports on the computer labeled gimbal and command. Is there a remote I can plug in to the AR to accomplish this? I remember many years ago seeing a zoom control style remote doing this. Even earlier than that, I remember seeing a Preston motor controlling the cage. I can’t find any information on this now. Thanks.
  8. Looking for a Walter Klassen iBaird Low Mode Bracket for PRO Vest. Thanks
  9. Andre Trudel

    Teradek Bolt Pro

  10. Andre Trudel

    Teradek Bolt Pro

    Teradek Bolt Pro 1x Bolt Pro TX-SDI 1x Bolt Pro RX-SDI 1x DTap to Lemo power cable 1x Lemo AC power adapter (Multiple connections for Foreign countries.) 1x HD-SDI Coiled bnc cable Teradek TX carry pouch Multiple mounting hardware (See picture) I bought this a while ago and have never used it. I’m upgrading and no longer need it. As you can see from the pictures, it’s in extremely good condition. Located in LA. $1000
  11. Andre Trudel

    MK-V Nexus 2″ 4 stage post

    You are correct; it is an internal issue with the v3. There's a bunch of information on the forum about it as Joel mentioned. At the time, Mk-v did an "update" called v3.5 that fixed the problem. I am still on a v3.5 and haven’t had any HDSDI issues. Have him contact Mk-v.
  12. Andre Trudel

    2" XCS docking bracket and stand $150

    $150. I'll take it