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  1. Contact klassen directly. Their customer service presale and post is outstanding. I didn't take a klassen in the end out of personal pref. I highly recommend talking to Walter and his team.
  2. Thanks for that guys. I was just looking around for this, I've just changed my Ultra 1 24v batt plate to 2x12v Vlok so I will be getting these.
  3. I currently have a demo flex vest but I can not find a comfortable fit. I have made a scribble to help explain. I am used to operating my U2 vest so this is completely alien. At the moment it feels like (when loaded) it hangs on to the top front curve of my hip bone area. When the vest is closed, there is no more space left on the ratchets to close further. It has a slight bias to angling the top towards in instead of out. I have worn the vest for a few hours tops but I have been told that it is not uncommon to tighten up as the day continues because of foam warming. I have all supplied foa
  4. Interested in your tvideo 6". Drop me an email please. Steadijohnson@gmail.com
  5. Hey Matt, I'm interested in your monitor. Drop me an email as ur details aren't on here. Steadijohnson@gmail.com
  6. Forgot to say, pads are in good condition too. You can see on pics link. :)
  7. I am selling my Steadicam Vest. It's part of my Ultra Cine kit but I think it's a master vest. £1600.00 GBP All is in good condition. A thumb screw plastic cover is missing from one of the arm trim bolts. UK - https://microplastics.co.uk/category.aspx?fam=9&sec=%E1%A6%9D%EE%9D%99%EA%B8%91%E8%AB%88%CD%AA%E5%B7%A7%E6%A8%9C%EB%9E%A8 USA - http://www.fastenercomponents.com/products/wing-head-knobs-p-249.html?zenid=ea03d2178a5266a13f8dc6c81b1ff854 I have looked around and instead of paying Tiffen $16.00/unitI found the places places online to choose your colors or shapes for less. A
  8. Hey guys, I like the sound of this. What will this improve?
  9. Holy Crap mate. Wishing you the very best and speedy recovery from the UK Russ. Terrible news but by the sound of your post you are a very head strong bloke so you have the upper hand already for a good recovery. Thank you for sharing your story, it has given me deep food for thought.
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