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  1. Brad Hruboska

    (3) Cinetapes for sale

    Second unit has sold. One left in this batch.
  2. Brad Hruboska

    PRO gimbal for sale

    had a buyer but deal fell through. Still available.
  3. Brad Hruboska

    (3) Cinetapes for sale

  4. Brad Hruboska

    (3) Cinetapes for sale

    Bump. One has sold, one deal didn't complete ,so still two full kits available. One was recently serviced by Cinematography electronics , paperwork on hand , just in fall of 2018. in a box since October.
  5. Brad Hruboska

    betz tilt plate for sale

    removing from sale due to lack of interest. Thanks.
  6. Brad Hruboska

    PRO gimbal for sale

    Bump.price reduced to 3000.00. A great starter gimbal or backup.
  7. Brad Hruboska

    Kenyon K-6 gyro kit

    SOLD Thank you, the Gyro kit has SOLD!!! thank you all who expressed interest.!
  8. Brad Hruboska

    Betz Wave 1 for sale

    pulling this from sale for now. I haven't seen a offer that tempted a sale... Thanks for the interest none the less.
  9. Selling my secondary K-6 Gyro kit with two gyros. This was conceived of as a rental kit adaptable to any Steadicam post or convertible to the original mounting bars with the Tommy bolts in both 1/4 20 and 3/8 16 bolts to allow direct mounting for hand held work in aircraft as well as Steadicam. The post mounts are native 2" (XCS),and have insets for 1.58" and 1.5" posts (Tiffen and Pro). It will fit practically any sled, and inserts are easily machined from Delrin. This was achieved with Pro GPI mount spuds ( now discontinued) and XCS post clamps. ( included) The Inverter is built for 14.4 v batteries so it will run fin on a cigarette adapter or modern Swit and AB style batteries. 2,500.00 USD complete.
  10. Brad Hruboska

    Betz Wave 1 for sale

    latest software updated as well.
  11. Offering for sale a lightly used Betz Wave 1, Works well, but now upgraded to Volt Gimbal. 6500,00 USD comes with (2) pro HD (not cinelive) power cables and one p tap power cable. comes with custom cut foam pelican case.
  12. Offering an original Pro 1.5" post gimbal, this is the style that requires an Allen key to lock and unlock, it would easily upgrade to a VZ style gimbal. I have gone in another direction with my gimbal build and no longer need this . This is an XCS ergo handle for normal operating on the left side of the body. Offering with 2" grip . 3,500.00 USD. Located in Toronto. Shown here mounted on a scrap1.5" post
  13. Betz tilt plae with Pro adapter mount for sale. works well has the usual signs of wear. Small cut away in top plate for a experimental build. does not impede function in any way. asking 600.00 USD
  14. I have for sale (3) Cinetape kits. All come with extension horns, and the Arri Matte box mounting comb, and pelican 1400 cases. Two kits have (2) each of cables, 24v arri RS, P tap 12v, and sensor cables and custom cut foam insert.asking 3500 USD One kit has only one of each. 24v, 12v p tap, and sensor, pick and pluck foam insert asking 3200 USD. this was my personal one for my steadicam builds. it was just completely serviced by Cinematography Electronics this year. All have been tested and are accurate to the inch , all functions and displays are working. These units were on consignment with Sim Digital, but with the recent Panavision merger announcement i felt it was time to sell them off. PM me or email me at steadi@sympatico.ca Brad.
  15. Brad Hruboska


    still looking?, upgrading a gimbal soon, might have one coming avail. PM me privately.