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  1. Brad Hruboska


    still looking?, upgrading a gimbal soon, might have one coming avail. PM me privately.
  2. Brad Hruboska

    arm hanger for Scout cart

    Am i crazy or did I see a nifty arm hanger for mounting directly to a inovativ cart ? I swore it was a 16X 9 product but i cant find it again. I want to free up the table space and the stinger on the Hill dock is not in the right position to clear the tray.
  3. Brad Hruboska

    Teredek bolt 2000 gen 1

    Mike, I'm also using a Gen 1 Bolt 2000, and it does work well, Funny enough it will pass PSF on the sidekick , but will ghost on the old receiver. Just yesterday we had an issue with the transmitter, which has suddenly stopped passing signal on the BNC ,SDI pass through circuit. Unit is still transmitting as per normal, but I'm wondering how much af a nightmare it is to get that fixed. if i want to keep the sidekick , what are my options for compatabilty, ? i understand the 3000 and sidekick are not compatible, but the newer gen 2, 2000 is? AN d yes pairing the sidekick to the gen one is possible, but it is challenging.
  4. Brad Hruboska

    UK: Tilting low mode bracket

    and thats not how you use it. its a SR 1/2 bracket and the block you have threaded onto the rosette screw goes on the handle dovetail on the top of the camera.
  5. Brad Hruboska

    working conditions in Cuba ?

    i had a fixer locally to get all the gear in and out.
  6. Brad Hruboska

    Walter Klassen Vest $3500

    if you knew what i paid for the first version ( with all the bells and whistles) you would have a meltdown. to its credit, its has been the best asset to my operating ever, i never went back......
  7. Brad Hruboska

    red epic run/stop for mdr 1

    Lawrence. they do sort of exist. Phil Cramer of Panavision toronto, built one for me but had to build a mini 3V circuit into the lemo. I know others who had burnouts but it always worked for me. there is the danger if the MDR is on unregulated power of zapping the Red, but i always run camera battery separate from the sled.
  8. Brad Hruboska

    Bolt PRO

    sale pending.......
  9. Brad Hruboska


    of course, the year i can't go...... Booooo.....
  10. Brad Hruboska

    Preston HU1 MDR1 microwave

  11. Brad Hruboska

    Preston HU1 MDR1 microwave

    sale pending.
  12. Offering for sale: (3) Canatrans II Transmitters Multiple cables available AC adapters available. These were excellent analog transmitters, and still enjoy use for short range broadcasting for hand held monitors and are a must for film jobs using SD STSC or PAL video taps. (2) units are PAL/NTSC switchable and are offered at 500.00 USD each with (2) 4 pin XLR and (2)3 pin Fischer 24 V cables each. (1) unit is NTSC only and is offered at 425.00 USD with (2) 4 pin XLR cables and (2) 3 pin Fischer 24 V cables I also have three (3)AC power adapters available 100-250V, wired for US style plug, available for 50.00 each. ( these were 150.00 new) They are wired to a 4 pin XLR 12v cable. also have a variety of specialty cables audio ( rca) yes this unit will do dedicated audio as well 4 pin Fischer to 4 pin Fischer ( arricam,/435/535 video tap single wire) panavision 12v lemo panavision 24v lemo
  13. Brad Hruboska

    Bolt PRO

    selling Original Bolt PRO this unit is multicast enabled. Works well it is the original receiver with a fan. This is a good choice for a short range broadcast for a focus puller or a hand held directors monitor. Asking 900.00 USD P tap power cable for transmitter and ac adapter for receiver.
  14. Brad Hruboska

    Bolt PRO

    Selling Original Bolt PRO this unit is multicast enabled. Works well HDSDI only . Works with 3G. it is the original receiver with a fan. This is a good choice for a short range broadcast for a focus puller or a hand held directors monitor. Asking 900.00 USD. Buyer pays shipping Located in Toronto Canada P tap power cable for transmitter and ac adapter for receiver.
  15. Selling my personal Preston handset HU1 and MDR1. I have upgraded to the HU3 and MDR 2 and looking to consolidate my gear a bit. This has been a fantastic unit that has been a great workhorse tool for me. In 18 years I have only replaced two fuses and changed the iris slider this past Christmas,which got a bit loose. The main knob works like new. New slider has zero hours on it. The unit comes with a omnishot battery adapter and i will include two large Sony M size batteries with the purchase. The original charger and batteries are included which will likely need a rebuilt as they have not seen a charge in 5 years since I switched to the omnishot adapter. This unit does work on 12 and 24 V, there is no external 24v adapter needed as in the UHF versions. included will be: (1) P tap /safetap 12v power cable (1)Sony VTR run stop cable (1)Sony f5/55 run stop cable (1)Red One Run Stop cable (1)Epic Run Stop cable BNC (1)Epic run stop cable lemo (1) arri 3 pin run stop (alexa/amira) (2) motor cables (24") (1)jerry hill Uni clamp (15mm,5/8",19mm) (1)jerry hill 15mm clamp (1) FI &Z hand unit 1 (1) FI&Z transmitter module (microwave) (1) MDR 1 (1) omnishot sony M battery adapter (2) M style omnishot M batteries (1) lightweight no name charger (1) SONY lightweight charger (1) spare transmitter antenna (2) DM-1 digital motors (6) lens marker rings with studs (3) lens marker rings without studs (3) preston Nimh batteries for recelling (1) preston battery Nimh charger (1) spirilox bound manual (8) pico fuses for MDR driver board (1) Nanuk hard case Asking 5000.00 USD for the lot. will consider breaking up motors and MDR separately if kit does not get serious offers. This unit actually outperforms my current Preston for range. FAQ it cannot be upgraded to G4 there is no serial port for cinetape This would be a great unit for a newer op who needs a reliable focus unit that can be offered to production at a reasonable price, and gives you an upgrade path to HU-3 by re-using the motors and having the cables remade.