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  1. Action!Tiffen Steadicam Pilot Sony PMW F5 CineAlta Zeiss Compact Prime CP2 Distagon 28/T2.1
  2. Hi David, I have bought a Storm Case iM2950. But Vest and Steadistand in another bag :( .
  3. Hi Fabian, the reel is well edited, I like it. Great Steadicam work!! Bravo! Amedeo
  4. I have received your e-mail. It's a great article. Thanks so much Alan! Amedeo
  5. Hi everyone, I would love a copy as well. Thanks! Amedeo e-mail info[at]ciakframe.com
  6. I have watched the video and I agree with you Amando. Nice Steadicam shots and operator's skill... and......nice rig! I am very proud to own it. :-) Amedeo
  7. Hi Amando, it's a Steadicam Pilot. :-) Amedeo
  8. Hi Leonard, here is my set up with Steadicam Pilot and EX1. The access to the Manfrotto quick release tiedown lever is not very easy but there's enough space to make the "last" turn to lock the plate. Amedeo
  9. Hi Kim, with Steadicam Merlin you have to achieve a set up with a drop time around 1 sec. If your Steadicam shots have accelerations and decelerations (for ex. start and stop walking) or changes of direction, it’s more difficult to shoot and compensate with a very bottom heavy configuration. Amedeo
  10. Congatulations Charles! All the Steadicam Operators and Directors that will have the possibility to work with you as DP will be very lucky! I think there are few DP that can really enhance the Art of Steadicam. All the best for your career as DP and thanks so much for sharing your Steadicam knowledge. Amedeo
  11. Hi Salman, I have used the Steadicam Merlin handheld and then I have upgraded to The Steadicam Pilot. This experience with the Merlin helped me although using a “full” steadicam rig is very different. The Pilot is an awesome rig with a great arm. The Pilot is designed and built to allow a perfect balancing (both statically and dynamically) and this is a great feature for a Steadicam rig. Amedeo
  12. Great video Charles! Amedeo
  13. Hi Luiz, I made this shot with the Steadicam Pilot. http://www.ciakframe.com/steadicam_shot_01.htm If all the parts of the sled are tight the problem could be something in the arm. Amedeo
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