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  1. Arri Trinity Rig has sold. PLC wheels still available 5K Thanks
  2. Selling Full 12/24 Volt Trinity Package. The Equipment is located in Australia. Willing to ship anywhere in the world at buyers expense. Trinity has been fully service by Arri Australia and is ready to go. 45K USD K2.0010282 TRINITY 12/24 Volt from Factory K2.0010287 TRINITY Joystick Monitor Mount K2.0010569 Gimbal Handel Extender for 1.8in Gimbal x 2 K2.0010288 TRINITY Battery Mount, V-Lok x 4 (1 locking damaged) additional v-lok Anton Bauer plate plus flat plate for mounting (links etc.) K2.0010319 Docking Bracket, 1.8in K2.0010290 TRINITY PWR, Lemo 1B 4pin to 1B 4pin x 2 K2.0010470 Trinity PWR, Lemo 1B 4 pin to 4pin XLR x 2 K2.0024100 TRINITY PWR, Lemo 1S 3pin to 1S 3pin (only for TRINITY upgraded to 24V) x 2 K2.0014805 TRINITY Joystick Main cable (single BNC-SMB cable) x 2 TRINITY Joystick Main cable BNC ONLY K2.0014804 TRINITY power cable for Joystick Main cable – spare SMC cable for the TRINITY Main cable (K2.0014805), POWER ONLY. K2.0014803 Joystick Pwr. cable for Transvideo Starlite and SmallHD 503, 2pin Lemo Transvideo Starlite monitor and SmallHD 503 monitor in package Joystick to Transvideo Starlite 5 pin cable K2.0010296 TRINITY Ext. Power Cable, D-Tab to 1S 3pin K2.0014264 TRINITY and Artemis Post Extension 3B, 10pin length 8.5in, diameter 1.8in x 2 K2.0010466 Artemis Rain Cover Lower Sled K2.0010299 QL Camera Plate MAXIMA / TRINITY K2.0035956 SSB-1, Stabilizer System Bracket for TRINITY, MAXIMA, SAM plates – mounted to the TRINITY Head x 1 Donut Weight for Trinity - 800gram with inserts.(1.8/1.5") Custom dual loomed BNC cables x 2 Accessories K2.0010434 Hex Key 4mm/5.32in K2.0040046 CSS Post Tool for Artemis and TRINITY 3D printed TRINITY Centering Tool HEADLOK and Roll Lock Bracket for TRINITY TRINITY-Bumpers, 3D printed K2.0016274 Case Artemis Gen. 1, Rig, Pelican 1615 Air, with foam inlay TRINITY Head will be shipped in a SKB 3i-2317-14BE case Additional: Arri Trinity MSP-1 K2.0015385 PLC Wheels -3 wheel package for DP/operator control (Comes in the PLC travel Case) Any additional cables or related accessories not listed will also be included.
  3. Selling unused 1.5 Arri Monitor K2.0010321 Thinking around the $1600 USD mark Based in Australia, buyer pays shipping IMG_2621.HEIC IMG_2620.HEIC
  4. Selling these PLC wheels as no longer required. 3-Axis Veracity Control Wheel Wireless Kit - Pan, Tilt & Roll with Jeti wireless module, base plate, case & cables) Item Qty x Description 1 x Pan Veracity Control Wheel with Slice 1 x Tilt Veracity Control Wheel 1 x Veracity Base Plate 1 x Digital Motor Cable (connector cable for Pan/Tilt module) 1 x P-TAP Power Cable 1 x Programming Serial Cable 1 x PLC Jeti Radio Module 1 x Pelican Storm Case with Veracity Foam Insert 1 x Roll Veracity Control Wheel 1 x Digital Motor Cable (connector cable for Roll module) $6250USD Buyer pays shipping IMG_2598.HEIC IMG_2600.heic
  5. G-Zoom never used. 1900 USD Dual pods with focus and additional motor/wheel for zooming. Suited to an M1 gimbal handle size. Comes in a 1120 pelican case and is all in as new condition. Buyer pays shipping.
  6. looking to buy a used Gravity One (FLOWCINE) if anyone has one on the shelf not being used. please contact me at damienking@icloud.com many thanks Damien
  7. Looking for a used Arrihead 1 in good/excellent working order. Please get in touch if you're selling. Thanks Damien damienking@icloud.com
  8. Selling an unused Klassen pro rigid socket block. Buyer pays shipping. 750USD Thanks
  9. Selling a Walter Klassen back mounted Vest. Minimal use as my preferred vest is the Pro. I have used this vest sparingly and no longer require it. I'm a Goofy operator so its set up for someone 5'11, medium size build. Two sets of covers, Camo and black. Flex Vest - $3800 USD Am also selling a GPI Pro rigid socket adaptor. Rigid Socket block adaptor $800USD NEW (never used) $4500USD everything included. Buyer pays for shipping and duty. Equipment based in Australia IMG_2737.HEIC IMG_2736.HEIC
  10. Selling M2 V-Lock 12/24 base. Have upgraded M2 to M1 bottom stage only months after acquiring sled. Due to Covid its hardly had any use. Shipping pays for transport and duty. Based in Australia. Price $3750.00 USD IMG_2735.HEIC
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