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  1. Anyone with an older gyro that would cost a lot to rebuild, here's your chance to save money now, and perhaps in the future!!!! From now until September 3, 2018, we are having a rebuild/upgrade sale. Find out more information here --- https://www.ken-lab.com/kenyon-gyro-repair-info.html. Remember, this is a very limited time offer, so please contact us or me directly --- randy@kenyongyro.com
  2. Just to let everyone know, there are 2 locations in Great Britain that make mounts for most, if not all styles of Steadicam for mounting gyros. Optical Support is one, and MK-V is the other. If anyone has other questions about Kenyon gyros, you can email me direct at randy@kenyongyro.com
  3. You should check out Kenyon Laboratories.... http://www.ken-lab.com/. They make the best 2 axis gyros and have 50+ years in the business. Many steadicam operators swear by them...
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