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  1. Hi, I am Selling my Heden Carat Remote Focus Kit. I purchased this system around 3 years ago and it has been a solid, reliable kit ever since. I had the M26VE motor serviced 2 years ago by Heden Engineering and had a new Servo motor and bearings replaced. The Motor is very powerful, quiet, fast and runs like new. The Heden Carat has a huge range of over 500m line of sight. Which is great for Drone and Gimbal work. The MDR receiver is very small and light and is perfect for being discreet on the camera body. I haven’t used this kit in a long time as it is sitting around as my back up, and I no longer require it. So, grab yourself a well-cared for bargain! For more detailed info check out their website http://heden.se/lens-control-systems/hedn-carat-kit-with-m26ve-256/ Included in the Heden Carat kit; 1x Heden Handset 1x Heden MDR 1x Heden M26VE High Torque Motor 10x Marking Disks 6x Motor Gears – 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.8, 0.8 Wide, 0.8 XXL 4x ipowerus 9v Lithium Batterys 1x ipowerus 9v Smart Charger with Power cable and 12v car cable 2x Motor Cables 1x R/S Power and Run Start Y Cable (Arri etc) 2x R/S Run Start Cables (Arri etc) 2x D-Tap Power Cables 1x Sony Run Start Hiroshi 4 pin Cable (Sony F55, Venice etc) 1x Red Epic Run Start Cable 1x USB Cable (updates) 1x Hardcase 1x Lanyard 2x Spare Aerials 1x 15mm – 19mm Bushing This Kit new with with all the accessories is worth over $7,000 USD But I willing to sell this kit for $4500 USD Kit is located in New Zealand I can also do international shipping at buyers expense. Contact me at davidsteelcamera@gmail.com
  2. Hi Everyone, Im doing a price drop to $17,000 USD. This is a good deal and would like to sell this kit asap. Im open to offers as well. Thanks David Steel
  3. Haha yeah I would like to know too! thats one expensive mounting bracket!
  4. Hi Everyone! I am selling my Preston FIZ3 3 channel remote focus kit. I have owned this for the past couple of years. And it has always been used only by myself, It has never been dry hired. It has worked flawlessly through that time and I have never had an issue with this reliable kit. I purchased this as a Preston FIZ II Kit, but upgraded it to the FIZ3 handset and also sent the MDR back to PCS to get the Blue dot upgrade and also to be serviced. (I can provide the receipt if needed) The Handset is 1 1/2 years old and also the Heden M21VE-L motor is only 2 years old as well. All the other equipment is a bit older but still works perfectly, as I have always taken great care of this kit. Im Looking for $18,000USD but I am also open to reasonable offers. In the Kit for sale Handset 1x FI+Z 3 Handset (#2803) 5x Premarked Disks (A,B,C,D,E in Imperial) 6x Blank Disks Microforce Digital 2 1x Microforce Digital 2 (serial #D25274) 1x Handset to MF Bracket Motors 1x Preston DM1 (#1791) 1x Preston DM2 (#2483) 1x Heden M21VE-L (#M21VE-3849) 5x Heden Gears 0.4,0.5,0.6,0.8,0.8 wide 7x Preston Gears 1x0.4 2x0.5 2x0.6 2x0.8 Misc screws for gears etc MDR 1x MDR-2 G4 Bluedot with 4pin serial port (#1192) 1x MDR-2 Cheese plate (Kar Wai Ng) Cables 4x Motor Cables (3x R/A to R/A 1x R/A to Straight) 1x Cinetape Interface Cable 2x Microforce to Handset Cables 1x D-Tap Power 2x R/S 3pin Power cables 3x R/S 3pin Camera Run Cables 1x Moviecam Camera Run Cable 1x Panavision Camera Run Cable 1x Serial to USB cable Brackets 2x 19mm Hill Brackets 2x 15mm Hill Brackets 2x 5/8' Hill Brackets 4x Hill D-clamp Bracket slider 4x Hill/Preston motor Rosetts 2x 15mm/19mm Colett 3x 5/8"/19mm Colett 2x 15mm/19mm Preston Dogbones Batteries 5x Sony NP-50 Batteries 1x Watson Two Bay Charger 1x Single Bay Charger Case 1x Nanuk 945 Black Hardcase Fstop 1x PLC fstop wireless WIFI 1x D-tap Power Cable 1x Panavision Power Cable Im also throwing in the F-stop wireless iris as well as I have not used it and it came with the original kit. I believe you can download the 'wireless iris' app and control a motor through your phone. This Kit also comes with 9x Kathmandu clear packing cells to keep the kit tidy. This kit is located in New Zealand. I don't mind shipping it to anywhere in the world. Purchaser pays for shipping. Payment through Paypal is best. I also have higher res photo files if needed, I can email them to you. If you have any questions or would like to get hold of me please contact me through email at davidsteelcamera@gmail.com Many thanks, David Steel
  5. I have a M21VE-L and it is awesome! It is faster than the preston motors i have worked with and plenty of tourqe for all situations. I recently was using the motor with arri masterprimes and a big alura 45-250mm and it was incredibly fast going from infinty to mins. Also only weighs 170gms and is pretty much the same size in thickness to the M21VE but about 1cm longer. I would recommend this motor!
  6. Hi Brendan, Its awesome to see how keen you are. So ill share my experience about industry with you as sometimes waiting and learning is not such a bad thing either. I loved steadicam since i first tried a rig on 8years ago. But instead of leaving film school and jumping straight into the operating world i became a trainee and worked thro the ranks working on everything from small music clips to huge budget feature films. Currently i am a first AC but also do whatever steadicam work i can do on the side ( including practicing lots ). The best thing about being an AC is that i have had the opertunity to work along side the best steadicam operators in the country. You get to learn off them and pick their brains about the differnt situations we get ourselves in everyday. And quite often they will spend some time with you after the shoot day and give you some training. So what i am trying to say here is that you can also follow your dream, but also keep in mind that you may want to learn first as there is a huge amount to learn. There is nothing wrong with passion but also be humble. Dave.
  7. I always go for the 'poor mans' low mode to save time and having to rebalance etc, normally done in 1-2 mins. Sometime i have to just tidy a few loose cables that can dangle down which can slow the process. I find the longest time spent is waiting for the video split guy to catch on to whats happening and flipping his monitors! ;)
  8. I have recently worked with the Movi on a commercial and there were numerous problems that we came across! the package we had on the movi was a Epic, 24mm ziess standard and a single channel preston. first, was that we spent until 11pm camera testing the day before the shoot working out how to balance the rig and also how to supply power to the camera and preston etc. that was very boring..... how we finally got the rig to be balanced and within the weight limit was a mission in it self, we had to fully strip down the epic including losing the battery handle, we had to power the camera and preston from a li-po battery attached to the handle of the rig as well as have the MDR attached to the other side of the handle. oh and also the one motor cable was too thick and not flexible enough so that interfered with the balance. we also had cooke s4 minis that we wanted to use but they were too heavy (made the rig too front heavy so we had to go with the zeiss standard as it is the lightest). Cool that a rig cant handle even the light weight lenses we also could not use the LMB15 matt box for the same reason :( so we had to tape filters to the lens, which is awesome outdoors on sunny / cloudy days. oh and forget a live feed to the director! :o the handset operator had a mini wevi linked to his monitor but that kept dropping picture during every take. Awesome...... now i have finished the rant about the technical side, how about that operating side? hmmmm as you hold a movi your arms tence from holding the weight in front of you so every foot step gets transferred into the rig and can be clearly seen. Also i do like my video games but operating a camera off a remote control car handset is very difficult and sloppy. All in all great rig......its fully going to replace steadicam......... :blink:
  9. What about those hot summer days being stuck in the darkroom while the rest of the crew get to be in the nice breeze, and your in the black hole, loading all of those mags your hands are getting sweaty and then pffffffftttttt! You let a fart go. You think its kinda funny until you relize you cant escape until that mag is done. Then you start panicing, trying to load faster but it doesnt help and you cant seem to get the film into the take up side...... Still makes my hairs on the back of my neck stick up when this memory comes back.
  10. Thanks Victor, that is a god idea. Just got to get your name out the as much a possible!
  11. Thanks Janice Its great to hear that. It is difficult to break in but i will keep on with it and if you keep knocking on doors then one will eventualy open. I thought while reading your post of making business cards. And different ideas of getting on peoples lists are already coming to me. Thanks Dave
  12. Thanks Janice. Yes it does seem quite simple when you put it that way, I have been proactive lately with phoning production houses and DP's and producers and also shooting a clip next week so hopefully something comes of it. I do like your tough love style and sometimes a kick in the ass is what it takes to get moving! Dave
  13. Thanks Martin, ill keep an eye out for any workshops!
  14. Poor guy, hope his rig is ok too and not damaged so he can still work.
  15. Hi Lawrence, i know this is a late reply. but thought id tell you how i did similar shots on the latest evil dead movie. it was of the evil force flying through the woods, and i had a epic with either a 12mm or 14mm prime on a light weight steadicam rig in low mode. it was very light and i could sprint through the woods for hundreds of meters. and the footage had a really nice balance of a handheld feel but still had the smoothness of a stabilizer. Though it is probably to late now but thought i'd share. Dave
  16. That sounded like a great pitch for a short film! but i can see how you can be attached to a rig, the rig that i first practiced on is being sold and i wish i had the funds to buy it. but it will be sad to see it go as there is alot of passion and effort that you put into you first rig.
  17. Those car mount shots are a classic example of 'lets just get the shot'.
  18. Thanks Martin, i'm in auckland yeah i knew they happened in aussie every now and then but its good to hear they happen over in nz to. Yes ive trained quite a few times with Dana Little, he has taught me quite alot about walking lines, turns, tilts, all sorts really so when i go practice with the big rigs i have got alot i can work on. Though i was wondering is it still worth me investing in doing a class if i have access to big rigs and im training with it every week?
  19. Thanks Robert and Ron, yeah i would love to go to one of your workshops but only trouble is i live on the other side of the world in New Zealand. but i will keep an eye out for any workshops that are closer to my location.
  20. Hi Guys, I was wondering how do you break into full time steadicam? as in who do you call and talk to? is it production house's? DOP's? Producers etc? May be a random question but i have been a camera assistant for close to 6 years and am now starting to concentrate on my passion as i do not want to get stuck assisting for another 10 years as i see alot of. i have my own smaller rig and have been practicing for quite a while with the master and ultra steadicam rig from a local operator /owner who owns a few rigs, and has recently let me have the opportunity to go out and use them for jobs. so hence the question at the top of the page. I have a small amount of experience but not enough to make a showreel, only good stuff i have operated was the 'evil force' steadicam shots on the new evil dead film of myself, a lightweight rig and a epic going for a sprint through the woods. Thanks Dave
  21. hahaha that is awesome! not often do you see good commercials.
  22. Hey Guys thanks for the comments! i only did the steadicam work on this,and it was directed and edited by someone else! all though i wasnt a big fan of the swaying dutchies myself and i tryed to express that to the Director but he wanted it!.. also the head room issue! to be honest is one of my flaw's i have always had trouble with that but i'll keep practicing and have it under control one day! Thanks guys! ;)
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