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  1. Hi everbody, for sale is my trusty backup Preston FIZ Kit includes: 1x HU1 with Omnishot 1x MDR1 1x Microforce 2x Redrock Motos (I know, I know. They work well in a pinch) 1x ptap power cable 1x arri runstop 1x alexa mini runstop 1x sony runstop 3x motor cables 4x focus rings 1x Jerry Hill plate 2x ominshot batteries 1x charger with US plug and Euro adapter 1x Pelican 1550 1000€ + shipping Located in Berlin, Germany
  2. I'm selling a 12" ARRI base plate with integrated dovetail for PRO / XCS with locking mechanism. Pretty nifty for a slim built. About six months old and used once. It's somewhat useless on my Ultimate, as I don't have a Donkey Box and prefer my adjustable dovetail. $355 / 300€ (375€ new) Located in Berlin, Germany Buyer pays shipping email: henry -ät- gelhart.co
  3. I use Wilson tennis racquet tape.
  4. Maybe it's too early in the morning for me to figure out how to post pictures, but if you're interested, shoot me a text and I'll send over some pictures. Thanks Henry
  5. Hi fellow ops! I'm selling my Gpi Pro vest in great condition. Hand crafted in the magic PRO shop by Jack and Chad. Great for operators 5'9'' / 160lbs and up. Comes with the new Pro tool holder and some spare screws. The right side strap was replaced last year. I'll be at NAB this weekend, so I could potentially drop it off in Vegas. $3999 buyer pays shipping, US Only. henrygelhart@aol.com (239) 298-4679
  6. I'll be in town with my wife... is a +1 welcome? Thanks!! Looking forward seeing you all
  7. Hi Mike, This forum is definitely a useful resource when it comes to that; we do however have a use-your-real-name policy here. On a different note, it's probably going to be a bit hard to find a standalone pro arm here, but every once in awhile you can find some pretty nice stuff around here, THIS package for instance would be ready to shoot pretty much. Hope that helps!
  8. Hey Chris, is the pro gen 3 monitor just the CRT part, or the whole monitor? Thanks! Henry
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