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  1. Selling Array 5-input MIMO panel antenna. This image is a stock image. I have a couple to sell, all in working order and good condition but used. Will include cables and spud for extra $50. Please email randystone@me.com or PM me.
  2. Selling Teradek Bolt Sidekick, $700 OBO Works with both Teradek 2000 and Tomahawk 2 plus some earlier bolt generations. Here's a link for compatibility. https://support.teradek.com/hc/en-us/articles/216948248-Bolt-Compatibility-for-1st-4th-Generations-and-Shorter-Longer-Range-Units randystone@me.com
  3. Selling a Paralinx Tomahawk 2 1:2 Kit for $5500. Includes everything in photo. Also selling Sidekick separately for $700. Randystone@me.com
  4. Looking to rent a Tango head for a few weeks. Thanks. randystone@me.com
  5. Does anybody know who makes screen protectors for the SmallHD 702 bright? The manufacturer has discontinued them but I thought there was a guy in town who made them? Thanks. randystone@me.com
  6. Looking for an LP4 Quad Charger. Thank you. Randystone@me.com
  7. WTB Anton Bauer TM4 charger working or not or an LP4 charger working. Please email. Thank you. Randystone@me.com
  8. I need a charger for parts. Can I pick it up from you this week?
  9. I wonder if you know where I could find B stock gold mount quad chargers?

    1. pauldudeck


      Please contact Hannah Vollenweider at hannah.vollenweider@vitecgroup.com and she can check and see what we have lying around... :)

    2. pauldudeck


      ps: sorry for the late reply....

  10. Anyone have any Heden M26 or M21 motors they’d like to sell? randystone@me.com
  11. Anyone have a Preston Radio Microfoce they’d like to sell? randystone@me.com
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