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  1. Steadicam 3A Gimbal for sale. Asking $500
  2. selling my MKV Lightweight weight base system. asking $1000 see picsIMG_8422.HEIC IMG_8423.HEIC IMG_8424.HEIC IMG_8425.HEIC IMG_8426.HEIC
  3. Selling Preston FIZ2 Kit As seen in Picture, also would include 2 Batteries with charger. $2500
  4. Hi Chris 

    I have several 1'1/2'' posts for sale they are brand new .2 stage post only .(Please ignore the 2nd lock off on the post as it is doing nothing .)I also have a single post 1 1/2"as well if interested .

    As to the mounting points at each end I can provide you with standard  Pro, EFP ends or without ends what ever works for you .

    Lets talk .

    Louis Puli 

    Post Steadyrig Posts  .png


    EFP Post Ends .png

  5. any luck, I'm looking for a 1.5" as well. trying to get in touch with Mkv they sell one. Chris
  6. building a running rig looking for a 2 or 3 stage 1.5" post. let me know, if your selling.... thank you Chris
  7. did you sell this, wow going way back.. chris
  8. did you ever sell this, still around, by chance...... Chris
  9. Hey Paul I would contact Robert Luna. He will get you sorted. rluna56@earthlink.net Chris
  10. Preston Digital Cinema FIZ-2 Package. Excellent working condition. Compatible for Mdr-2 Upgrade. includes.... 1x Preston Hand unit 2 1x Preston Transmitter 2 1x Mdr 1 (Updated)setting memory 1x V+F Zoom Control 2x Preston DM1 motors 2x Motor cables 1x V+F to HU2 Cable 2x P-tap Power cable 1x 24v 3pin Power cable 10x focus rings 1x Arri Run/stop 1x Red run stop 1x assorted camera cables 2x Jerry hill brackets 1x universal mounting bracket 1x Mdr mounting brackets 1x Steadicam mounting bracket 1x Omni Shot Battery adapter asking $4000us
  11. Hey Mike I sent you a message. Hope all is well. Merry Christmas!
  12. Received. Works great with my new single channel Fiz. Thanks Chris!
  13. Selling my Preston FIZ-2 Kit great starter kit for steadicam and the like..... 1x Preston FI+Z II Hand Unit 1x Preston FI+Z Transmitter II 1x Preston MDR-1 (updated) 1x Preston DM1 Motor 1x MDR1 Bracket 1x MDR1 mounting rod 1x Jerry hill pam motor bracket 2x Preston RX antenna's 2x Preston TX antenna's 12x Preston marking rings 1x Preston 24v 3pin power to Preston cable 1x Preston P-Tap power to Preston cable 1x Right to right motor cable 1x Strait to strait motor cable 1x Preston Arri run/stop 1x Preston Red run/stop 1x Preston Battery Fast Charger 3x Preston Batteries 1x Cable bag 1x Focus ring bag 1x Pelican case $4000us also have a Microforce V+F Zoom controller for sale $700us...
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