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  1. For Sale: Transvideo Virtual Horizon 3 (VH3) external Bluetooth level and XCS 2" Gyro clamp. The VH3 is an external Bluetooth level that communicates exclusively with a compatible Transvideo CineMonitor. It features real-time shock compensation and acceleration compensation, whatever that means. It has worked extremely well with my Transvideo CineMonitor HD8 X-SBL, which I recently sold. I found this external level mounted on the post to be far more accurate and require less frequent calibrations compared to using the Virtual Horizon 2 internal level built into the CineMonitor. Interested Buyers: Please make sure your Transvideo monitor has the appropriate Software version (v7.xx and higher) and compatible Bluetooth module installed. Compatibility with your monitor is your responsibility! This module only works with Transvideo CineMonitors! Prices: Virtual Horizon 3 & Charging Cable ONLY: $600 USD XCS 2" Gyro Clamp: $200 USD Shipping to USA: $40 USD Shipping to Canada: $15 USD Buyer pays shipping, Canadian buyers pay applicable GST/HST.
  2. For sale: XCS LT Sliding Camera Plate, anodized grey, like new condition. Rubber coating intact as new. This plate will not fit into a Betz Wave! It will fit most top stages except Betz. Price: $450 USD Shipping to USA: $45 Shipping to Canada: $15 Buyer pays shipping, Canadian buyers pay GST/HST if invoice required.
  3. The Monitor and VH3 are pending. The 2" Clamp will be re-listed in a new listing as it is available for purchase.
  4. Gently used Transvideo CineMonitor HD X-SBL 8" Monitor with Red Knob for sale. Monitor is in good condition with a few minor cosmetic scratches. Currently has protective felt around the chassis. There is one small 1/4" scratch on the screen (see photos), but does not interfere with the image. Monitor comes with Cam-Jam yoke already mounted, ready to attach to a Quattro rod-mount. The Cam-Jam yoke is mounted with adjustable friction mounts on either side of the monitor. Also available is a Transvideo Virtual Horizon 3 bluetooth external level. This is currently mounted onto a 2" XCS Post Clamp and comes with charging cable to Vid/Pwr 4-pin on most bottom stages. The Virtual Horizon 3 communicates via Bluetooth to the CineMonitor its level and gyro information, and can be mounted anywhere. A much more accurate system than the Horizon2 built into the CineMonitor, with shock compensation. Includes original Pelican shipping case, protective dust cover, as well as 8-Pin Monitor Power cable and BNC. Pricing: Transvideo CineMonitorHD X-SBL 8" w/CamJam Yoke: $3,000 USD Transvideo Virtual Horizon 3 w/ 2" Clamp: $1000 USD Canadian buyers pay applicable GST/HST. Located in Toronto, ON.
  5. Selling my backup hard mount. Yes it's not much to look at but it works. One of the plastic wing nut caps broke off but shouldn't be hard to replace. Comes with tie down nut. Buyer pays shipping. Ships from Toronto. Price $400 USD.
  6. Preston DM5 Motor and Jerry Hill PAM bracket for sale. This DM5 motor was purchased directly from Preston in 2018 and is no longer needed in my kit. It is in virtually brand new condition, never consigned and used very sparingly as an occasional zoom motor. It is cosmetically in excellent condition and of course functions perfectly. It comes with a rosette and full Jerry hill universal PAM clamp, allowing it to clamp to any size rod. Replace your aging DM2's with this great motor! Asking $2,500 USD plus shipping. Ships from Toronto, Ontario.
  7. Teradek Bolt 600 Transmitter & Receiver, plus Sidekick I for sale. COMES WITH: - Bolt 600 Transmitter with two long antennas, D-Tap power cable and coiled BNC. - Sidekick Gen I Receiver compatible with Bolt 600 - Bolt 600 Receiver with 5 Antennas, XLR power cable and coiled BNC. - Gold Mount Bolt 600 Receiver cradle, allows you to power the receiver from a gold mount battery. - Carrying Case This kit has very low usage. Originally purchased from the DVShop in Toronto in 2016 and barely used since, as most productions here have taken to the Boxx Atom system. Great starter kit! Asking $1,500 USD. Ships from Toronto, Ontario.
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