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  1. Selling my backup hard mount. Yes it's not much to look at but it works. One of the plastic wing nut caps broke off but shouldn't be hard to replace. Comes with tie down nut. Buyer pays shipping. Ships from Toronto. Price $400 USD.
  2. Preston DM5 Motor and Jerry Hill PAM bracket for sale. This DM5 motor was purchased directly from Preston in 2018 and is no longer needed in my kit. It is in virtually brand new condition, never consigned and used very sparingly as an occasional zoom motor. It is cosmetically in excellent condition and of course functions perfectly. It comes with a rosette and full Jerry hill universal PAM clamp, allowing it to clamp to any size rod. Replace your aging DM2's with this great motor! Asking $2,500 USD plus shipping. Ships from Toronto, Ontario.
  3. Teradek Bolt 600 Transmitter & Receiver, plus Sidekick I for sale. COMES WITH: - Bolt 600 Transmitter with two long antennas, D-Tap power cable and coiled BNC. - Sidekick Gen I Receiver compatible with Bolt 600 - Bolt 600 Receiver with 5 Antennas, XLR power cable and coiled BNC. - Gold Mount Bolt 600 Receiver cradle, allows you to power the receiver from a gold mount battery. - Carrying Case This kit has very low usage. Originally purchased from the DVShop in Toronto in 2016 and barely used since, as most productions here have taken to the
  4. Selling this Ward's Sniper Mk III in excellent condition. It is the full kit from Jon Ward that comes with a 17 and 5 degree Xylon, as well as the pan/tilt bracket to motorize the L/R aiming. The display box has been firmware upgraded to adjust the offset wirelessly. Comes in a custom Storm case with foam cutouts, and manual. Tons of cables (Arri 24V, 12V, PTap, Panavision power, MDR Interface cables) Custom braided 3-Pin power/MDR interface thin combo cable with 90-degree connectors included as well. Since switching to a Light Ranger and now LR2W, I have no need for this in my ki
  5. FOR SALE: Mint condition XCS Ergo handle purchased in 2017. Used on one short job and switched to a straight handle. This is for normal (non-goofy) operators. Non-slip skin is in new condition, no hand oils or stripping. Comes with 5/32 allow screw. Handle in pristine condition, as if new. Buyer pays shipping. ASKING $950 USD.
  6. Is anybody out there interested in a gimbal handle trade? I have a brand new Ergo handle (non-goofy) for my XCS gimbal and am interested in doing a trade for a standard handle. Looking for something in brand new or near brand new condition, as mine was purchased, tested once or twice, and not really used beyond that. It is essentially brand new. Message me if you're interested!
  7. Hello everyone. I'm helping a fellow 1st AC sell his beloved Preston kit. This kit would make a perfect steadicam starter kit. This kit has been regularly maintained and serviced, and has been owned by one owner only, and never consigned to a rental house or subrented. It is very well looked after and has no issues. Motors run quiet. Seller recently upgraded MDR and motors, hence the reason for selling. FOR SALE: MDR2 (M+ and Blue Dot Upgraded*) - Serial#1842 - $2,200.00 USD * When upgraded, blue dot sticker was not applied but unit is in fact blue dot upgraded. DM1x Motor - Seria
  8. I second this. Have done two features now with this system and the ability to change channels easily, and the durability of the signal through studio walls, on location, in concrete basements, is unreal. I wouldn't do another show without these. Even dealing with signal loss is noticeably better, it is a more gradual degradation as you lose signal as opposed to just a complete dropout. I hope someone buys this, it is a fantastic price too!
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