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  1. Except digifox remote focus and swit video wireless, all equipment is sold. Thanks to everyone who interested.. Digifox remote focus with btm motor : 2500 $ Swit video wireless 700 mt :2000 $
  2. I am selling my steadicam due to a change in my career plan to work as a DOP now. - Betz Rig Hd 4 stage Sled with VOLT can flies with all cameras -Gpi Pro Arm - 4 Blue & 4 Black Canisters (13lb - 72lb) -Gpi Pro front mounted Vest -Transvideo Cine Hd6 x-SBL Evolution Monitor (2000 nit) -Digifox Remote Focus with BTM motor -Swit video wireless 700 mt. -Betz tilt plate -D Bracket for low mode operation , 6" and 10" arm post -Sunbounce windkiller -Arri Alexa power cable 24v. -Omega lite head with dutch roll -Hard mount -4 Battery V mount (2 idx endura, 2 swit) and Swit battery charger -Steadicam American Stand This complate set price 55k USD . Located in Istanbul https://vimeo.com/user27756060 IMG_9398.TRIM.MOV IMG_9398.TRIM.MOV
  3. Betz Tools Wave 1 for sale. It is in good condition and no scratches.. Set includes Betz tools wave1, short dovetail plate, power cable from betz rig to wave and original case.. 5500 Euros for sale.. Buyer pays shipping and money transfer fees.
  4. Matias , the arm located at Istanbul, Turkey.. And i don't think it is too much.. Because it is still under warranty.. Two years ago i paid for the arm 18.800 $ ..
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