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  1. Selling my Hocus Products Axis 1 Single Channel wireless follow focus, this unit is in great condition and has barely been used. With a changing market I no longer need to own my own single channel so better it get used else where. Kit includes. Axis 1 Hand Unit w/ Antenna & 6x Marking disc's total. Axis 1 MDR w/ Antenna Reflex Universal Motor w/ 0.8 gear, 15 & 19mm standard rod mounts along with 15 & 19mm extended rod mounts. 2x 8pin Lemo motor cables 2x D-Tap to 2pin Lemo power cables 1x USB upgrade cable 1x Arri Runstop 1x Red Runstop 1x Sony F55/Panasonic Varicam Runstop 1x Lanc Runstop (black magic etc) 2pin goose neck LED marker light. Everything is in perfect working order ready to work. I will ship world wide for Free. $4000 USD for the kit - Payment via paypal - you cover the fees. Feel free to ask any questions.
  2. I would consider removing some of the accessories in this kit like the mounting brackets and run cables to lower the cost for a basic package. Pick and choose what you're after and we can work out a price.
  3. Price drop $3000 with free shipping world wide.
  4. More Photos. No solid marking rings only the flexi's. However I see Cam-Tec are currently trailing a 3d printed ring that they are giving away for free at the moment... http://shop.strato.de/epages/61417979.sf/en_US/?ObjectPath=/Shops/61417979/Products/%22BarTech%20Test%20Focus%20Ring%22
  5. Analog Bartech Remote Focus Kit for sale Contains BFD Hand Unit – S/N T1.0423 BFD Receiver Unit – S/N T1.0423 Heden M28VP – S/N 20249 Lots of Accessories Lanyard Receiver Cage Receiver 15/19mm Rod Mount TX & RX Antenna Marking Strips 2x sets of Brackets for screwing 2x Transmitters together. 0.4x2, 0.5, 0.6, 0.8x2 Focus Gears for Motor 19 to 15mm reducer 19 to 5/8th reducer 19 to 12mm reducer (I think) Cables Alexa Power Cable (brand new) 4pin XLR to 2pin Lemo Power 2pin Lemo to 2pin Lemo Loop through power (from RX to RX) 2x Motor Cables Long Data cable – 3 Pin lemo to 3 Pin lemo (Hard wiring TX to RX – jib work) Alexa Run Cable 2x Arri BL/435 Run Panavision Run $3200 USD ONO including free shipping world wide. This needs to sell, so get in touch if interested Payment via paypal, buyer pays fees.
  6. Transvideo Cine3a SuperBright Monitor for sale. This has been my backup monitor, never used, my main monitor (same model has never failed). Its in mint condition. Comes with original Pelican Case, 12volt Power Supply. Hirose cable. Sun Hood (never used) LCD Cloth and Mounting bracket which just requires a spigot. $450 USD including world wide shipping. Paypal only, buyer covers fees.
  7. Good condition 2 channel simultaneous AB Charger. Works great. I just no longer need it. Free shipping world wide $300 USD - paypal only.
  8. Ive had ground loop issues with my Pro1 when running 24v, blowing up my decimator. Although stupidly I was powering the converter off the AUX port. Got a new 12v only cable made and now power off cam power. Joe
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