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  1. Complete kit including sdi cable thru post and shipping hardcase and seperate vest bag! Awesome condition, almost like new! Buttersmooth arm including raincovers. Can handle approx 9KG. Compact vest but fits me (approx 190 lbs) perfect! Quality rig made and build in the great USA! 4000 dollars askingprice or nice offer considered. Rig is located in the Netherlands but Shipping worldwide at buyers expense available. (pictures of setup, camera's and atomos monitor not included.
  2. Erik Brul

    Steadicam SK2 for sale

    Get this beauty for 1250,- euro ..
  3. Erik Brul

    Steadicam SK2 for sale

    Get this beauty for 1350,- euro !!
  4. Hi all, Up for sale, the Steadicam SK2 in good condition: - vest almost like new - arm some working scuffs and scratches but overall nice condition - sled, a little pimped, the greenscreen is gone and replaced with a Archer monitor with frame generator. Sadly enough the screen is not ok, the LCD (which is the standard lcd panel from a Flyer) needs to be replaced. - Cinetronic monitor bracket. Whats more included: - 2 sled brackets - 1 compact c-stand from Steadicam - the sled is AB mount, i will include a PAG battery plate which converts AB to 2 V-mount batteries. - 1 xlr 4 to 2 lemo power cable - 1 coax bnc thin cable This kits delivers .. it has a fixed post which makes it also ideal for running shots. It is a single action arm but this never bothered me for creating the needed shots. I flown max 9kg on it .. the gimbal which is exactly the same as the provid can handle some more. The price is in EUR, 1750,- or any reasonable offer. Will ship global, shipping costs are for the buyer.
  5. Erik Brul

    Steadicam Provid for sale

    Bump .. now 3000,- euro !
  6. Erik Brul

    Steadicam Provid for sale

    BUMP: For sale: Steadicam Provid kit - in very nice condition, technical in absolute good condition, cosmetical in good condition.(some wear on the arm, Sled +Vest superb) - upgraded with Archer LCD monitor 700 nits - fitted with EFP monitor mount, original mount present - frame generator. - including brand new arm covers - 12V cable included - allen wrench included - orignal shipping case included, foam is in fair condition. Flown several setups, a normal Alexa setup was not problem. System is rated for 26 lbs. Asking price is in Euro 3300,- !!! ... but offers welcome,
  7. Erik Brul

    Steadicam Provid for sale

    Bump 3300,- euro or offer. Great kit in very nice cosmetic / technical working condition!
  8. Erik Brul

    Steadicam Provid for sale

    Looking for 3500 euro or offer.
  9. For sale: Steadicam Provid kit - in nice condition, technical in good condition, cosmetical also in good condition. - upgraded with Archer LCD monitor 700 nits - fitted with EFP monitor mount, original mount present - frame generator. - including brand new arm covers - 12V cable included - allen wrench included - orignal shipping case included, foam is in fair condition. Flown several setups, a normal Alexa setup was not problem. System is rated for 26 lbs. Offers welcome
  10. Erik Brul

    Zephyr & A30 Arm with Alexa

    Hi Paul, First, welcome on this great board of steady knowledge. Let's see if we can assist you in getting better shots! Second, are you left or right handed? (i mean, do you write with right or left hand?) I'm right handed, so in my case i operate almost always regular (sled on the left side of the body). Right hand controls the handle, the left hand controls the gimbal. It was almost directly second nature to gentle touch the gimbal with my left hand. 1) I know that the gimbal hand should touch the post very slightly, so I do. (like i did on the Glidecam) But what about the other hand? Should it touch the gimbal handle also just slightly or is it better to hold it more stronger, to avoid transferring steps to the sled? Well, you are right.. your operating hand which moves the sled in all dimensions needs only a gentle touch/light grip. How bigger the rig aka how heavier the load, it is 'normal' to have a bit more tighter grip on the gimbal. How lighter and smaller the rig, a really soft touch is enough. If you learn to manage it on a smaller rig, you find it easier in the future to operate a bigger rig. A normal grip on the handle is fine, this hand will guide the sled horizontal from left to the right (vice versa) and also for pushing the arm down and 'pulling' the arm up. A really tight grip is not needed. 2) All the basic sled stabilization should be done by my body. So if I walked down a line (missionary), touching the gimbal+handle with my hands is not necessary - is that right? The hands are just for directing and lifting the sled, but only if needed? Not really, always have both your hands on the Sled at all times to operate the system in any direction you want. With no hands can be a 'trick' to see if you really setup your arm/vest connection right. It is possible if all is tuned fine to even walk arround your own sled. If you stand still, with a good posture the rig should float in space besides of at front of you. But be carefull at all times! EDIT: when running use your operating hand on the gimbal and stretsch your gimbal hand/arm a bit horizontal like your are a bird to keep balance at speed. Ofcourse the help from a assistent would be even more save !!! 3) The Zephyr operation manual tells me to setup the arms about 5-10° up horizontal. But what about the weight with e.g. Alexa? Would it be better if I set the arm down for less stiffness with the heavy Alexa? What is the best arm setup for slow following/walking shots? Besides tuning your arm knobs for the weight, it is also a way to achieve a certain 'eye' level of your lens. I like my arm a little bit below horizontal for slow walking and running. But most of the time this is a personal preference. 4) The Zephyr operation manual tells me to set the side crews on the arm socket differently on the top and bottom. If I just turned the bottom screw all the way in and leave the upper screw a bit out, is the arm&sled&cam still secure? What about the rollers, how should they be set for using an Alexa/16lbs? All in or out? (Maybe there is an experienced operator, who can tell me this in german, the operation manual is really written dizzily in this point...) The settings are 100% important to achieve and remain a good posture, it has also a lot to do with your body size aka big or no big stomach for example :) Just play arround with the 4 settings without putting the sled on. Adjust them so that your arm is floating 'free' at front of you in stead of moving from you when you let it go or the other way .. (in your face!) so be carefull when trying this! and: 5) If somebody knows: Is there a hot swap available with the Alexa by using the small dove tail (V-Mount)? If yes, how to plug?? What is the 1/2 switch for? As far as i know, the Zephyr is 12V only, the switch is for use 1 or 2 batts at the same time. Both plug in below at the back side of the sled. Besides that, a battery straight below the post is also nice to achieve a good balance. Be carefull, i have no idea how good the cabling is inside the sled for powering a Alexa. Can you show some pictures of your setup and maybe some video of your issue's? Cheers, Erik
  11. Erik Brul

    Aero 30 + PMW-500 first test shot

    Hi Matt, First welcome to this forum, second .. congrats with your rig. The Aero seems a very nice rig with a great range of camera capabilities. The Aero comes with a monitor with HDMI input right? So what is the problem connecting the camera to the monitor? The only thing imo is that the cable will run outside the post. About this PMW-500 setup. Did you made a picture of the setup? It seems bottom heavy then also a fast droptime which can cause a so called pendulum effect. Besides that, I can imagine you use a 'tight grip on the gimbal. I think the basic instructions how to balance a setup is in the manual, and may i suggest you take a workshop in the near future? Cheers, Erik
  12. Erik Brul

    Monitor bracket for 1.5 inch post

    Not longer looking .. :)