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  1. Ants Martin Vahur

    URGENT! Screw Arri Alexa 4:3

    By reading the title I expected something completely different. Did you try asking from Arri?
  2. Ants Martin Vahur

    The New Cinetronic Gen 3

    Cinetronic is a scam product. Gen2 was advertised as a 1500 nit monitor with having an actual outdated 1000 nit panel inside. That was probably the reason why most of them burned out.
  3. Ants Martin Vahur

    6" or 8" Transvideo Cinemonitor X-SBL Evolution?

    Hi, Chris! I have had the 8" version since October 2015. I know, that majority of the Transvideo owners prefer the 6" version, but I'm very happy with my 8" monitor. It was bound to vibrations with the Churchill bracket (as on the picture), but lately I got the solid Transvideo mount and it works very well. 8" is also "only" 1500 nits, as opposed to the 2000 nit 6" monitor. It's sufficient for me, as it has also the "full bright" mode, which kicks all the settings to max, while still showing very decent image only with moderate blue cast (not good for lighting the scene or judging the colors). All the best! Ants Martin
  4. Ants Martin Vahur

    Pins on rainbow

    From the image in the catalog of the rear panel, I see, that: 1 GND 2 Reserved 3 Reserved 4 10-36V Counting counter clock wise from the top pin. I hope this helps. Ants Martin
  5. Ants Martin Vahur

    Pins on rainbow

    Hi! You'll find everything from this catalog, that you can download from here: http://www.transvideo.eu/catalog-pricelist All the best! Ants Martin
  6. Ants Martin Vahur

    Agent commissions

    Thanks, Janice and Alec! So, you don't have to pay a cut to an agent from meal penalties nor vacation nor hazard pay? Do you pay from overtime? AntsMartin
  7. Ants Martin Vahur

    Agent commissions

    Since I've never had one- how does this agent thing work? Does he invoice the production and then he pays to you, minus his cut, or he just makes deals and contracts and you invoice the production directly or how does it go?
  8. Ants Martin Vahur

    Transvideo CineMonitor HD X-SBL

    That's a very good piece of information. Thanks, Marianne!
  9. Ants Martin Vahur

    Transvideo CineMonitor HD X-SBL

    Is it possible to somehow boost a 1500 nit monitor to a 2000 nit? Is it electronically-technically possible, or is it necessary to change the whole panel? Some re-sellers are selling the Transvideo 8'' monitor also as a 2000 nit monitor, even though Transvideo sells only 1500 nit 8'' monitors. Could it be possible, that they somehow cranked up the nits? Best! Ants Martin
  10. Ants Martin Vahur

    Tiffen Arms to Pro Socket Blocks

    Hi! Am I fine other way around? I just got my new PRO arm and it works seemingly fine with the Master vest. I also ordered the exo-vest. Should I be worried about the tiny play or you, guys, think it's fine? All the best! Ants Martin
  11. Ants Martin Vahur

    Steadicam Stand

    Hi! I used American stand with 4'' wheels for 7 years. I was really happy with it, the weight was perfect, I almost never used any sandbags on the stand, for balancing I just asked someone to hold their foot on the opposite leg of a stand. The downsides were, that the riser lock on the stand got old and didn't hold very well anymore. And the hard wheels work only for smooth concrete. Few weeks ago I purchased a new American stand with 6'' pneumatic wheels. The wheels are great for outdoors. The quality is not very good though and I'm afraid that the breaks won't last more than year or two. Otherwise I'm really happy with it. It has very good wide base and weight. For narrow indoors I can remove the wheels and have smaller base. I've seen some operators using C-stands, but I'm a bit afraid that they are not very safe, especially outdoors. I always feel that they're gonna fall over. My humble opinion Ants Martin
  12. Ants Martin Vahur

    Busted Arm, 3A to Master "adapter"

    Hi! Good to hear, that you found a solution. I had very similar situation few weeks ago. My Master arm started making clunky noise and the only replacement arm nearby was lllA. I quickly ordered an adaptor post from Betz. It's a 3/4 (Master) to 5/8 (lllA) arm post adaptor. Managed to use the lllA arm with great comfort with my Master sled. That adaptor should also work with PRO arm. I wouldn't recommend using different size posts for larger gimbal hole with any other method. Gaffer tape, or similar, won't do the job. You need something really solid, because there is a lot of torque. A special arm post adaptor would be your perfect solution. Ants Martin
  13. Ants Martin Vahur

    Used systems complete?

    Hi! I bought a used Steadicam Master Series kit in 2008. It included everything from the whole rig system plus hard mount, cables, cases and even a Magliner. I paid €35K I'm very happy with that purchase then, I have upgraded it quite a bit meanwhile but am planning to change the whole kit now. (wow.. 7 years..) But I think I was lucky with the purchase and it has served me better than well. But I had operated before that for many years so I knew very well what I needed and wanted. I hope you find your rig! AntsMartin
  14. Ants Martin Vahur

    Transvideo CineMonitor HD X-SBL

    I'm interested in the same thing. Is the difference in nits (2000 for 6'' and 1500 for 8'') a relevant difference? Interesting thing is that 8'' monitor's casing is only less than one inch wider, than 6'' monitor's, but image is a whole 2'' bigger across. 6'' has a lot of empty casing space around image area. AntsMartin
  15. Ants Martin Vahur

    Tiffen Steadicam M1 modular

    Interesting, that they offer 8'' 2000 nits monitor, when on the Transvideo homepage the 8'' monitor is 1500 nits (6'' is 2000nits).