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  1. Bryan Amazing work... Check it out ..just for some ideas. (ex. Gimbal Wrap Grip) https://www.flickr.com/photos/jamielincs/sets/72157645642636192/
  2. Hi Jack Check it out. Monitor yoke and Gimbal Wrap mods by from Jamie Rhodes-Simpson, a steadicamforum member.
  3. Hello Has anyone the files (3D print) for this design ?? The original link, I can't download them. https://www.tinkercad.com/things/huwV8L15sn1 Thanks
  4. Hola Andrés ATENCION, NO usar WD-40. En varios de los manuales de Steadicam (Tiffen), esta la recomendacion de no usar WD-40. Un producto que muchos usamos para el brazo es AFC-50 mira este post.
  5. Hi Robert The direct response of Chris F, the Exovest` designer. He is always ready to share the knowledge. All the best
  6. Hi Kyle, Welcome to this wonderful world (and to the business, apply other adjectives). I think, almost everyone, when we decided to do the "JUMP", there are doubts, questions .. In my case, I have taken some workshops, (including bronze), and each one is a great experience. Also your "business plan" is important, you take the workshop, And AFTER, -do you will buy your own rig? -range of cameras do you want to "fly"? -budget ?? it's just some things to analyze (many more things). There are several incredible women operators, but in NY area, maybe you can contact KATERINA KALLERGIS, ( http://steadikat.com ) She is operator, also Steadicam instructor. Sure she can share experience and great information My 2 cents All the best
  7. Hi Chris Maybe too late. You can check here, someone operator with Zephyr http://www.steadicam-ops.com/database/soaListName.php?recordID=New%20York My 2 cents
  8. Hi Michael. I agree with Lisa....the Historic Workshop ... with Garret Brown... But, other option is the affiliated Workshop.. Maine Media Workshop I think so is close to Toronto. https://www.mainemedia.edu/workshops/filmmaking/steadicam-workshop I can say. The Steadicam Workshop is an Amazing experience. Fly safe
  9. Hi Guys. Again, share some info about a new product: Steadimate mount
  10. Hi Guys New product (accesory) by Steadicam...??? STEADIMATE after 2:12 m Who knows more about this new product ??
  11. Hi Nils Thanks for your info about this new model.
  12. Hi, I hope that some colleague present at IBC, who can share pictures and information about this product. New Artemis MINI or TRINITY, I dont know the model name. But, it i new option, new tool.
  13. Hi Mikhail iUnfortunately Victor Lazaro sold the Zephyr. You can contact Kyle Fasanella in NYC area. http://www.smoothcamera.com/ or Peter Abraham, Look for it by user in this forum. My 2 cents.
  14. No problem. I did not know you had sold the Zephyr. Sound good, that means you're growing to big leagues. congratulations.
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