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  1. Sorry to repost: Looking for a EFP dovetail, needed for immediate replacement. Please reply to: pjsteadi@hotmail.com
  2. Please reply to: pjsteadi@hotmail.com Thank you!
  3. Thanks Anthony, good to hear from you! Im sure you're still thriving in LA, see you this summer i bet... Thanks E, it was more than fun. I got lucky a few times too. BTW-Erik used the P-1 before me on the MNF KC game, it looked awesome... and the sony makes good rich colors... He also is all things XGames.
  4. I may regret posting but here we go... its an unusual setup but its interesting... John Perry I think I saw a photo of that rig on his facebook. I'm pretty sure he's there. But we'll find out soon enough. [waves to John] I do not have facebook, may of been a CP tech or someone in FOX. some info: Sony HDC P1 Box body style camera - RF Backstory(as I know it): AVS built the P1 with the Link system sometime last year... I first saw it on the 2nd game of the MNF doubleheader in KC September 2010 (although i thin it was used even before that on another ESPN show, maybe hand held or on sticks) ... MNF however, uses Thompson cameras. Half way through the 2010 season, we started using the Sony P1. At the same time Jeff Zachery and NBC were trying it(also by AVS) out as well. AVS also built one for DWTS on ABC. Fox wants me to steadi the game, i suggest the P1. FOX asks CP creates a similar version to the AVS... that's what we used in the Super Bowl. AVS created the "stacked" look, trying to keep the weight as close to center as possible. A custom bracket about 3-4" high is screwed to the dovetail, the camera is bolted to the top of the bracket. (the bracket provides clearance for the handle/ zoom control and zoom cable...however, on NBC, i think Jeff took the bracket out of the mix and directly mounted the camera to the dovetail) -CP is considering a redesign with moving the link system to the back of the camera via custom bracket like previous RF setups. -The bracket is useful, but its just a matter of setup and a little trial and error to find what works long term. The vibration in the shot is when Im on a full speed sprint. The rig arm snaps up and down pretty violently when I run as fast as I possibly can. In football, the window of time for celebration shots is pretty small, so the first goal is to get there before they turn away and walk/run up the sidelines to the bench. So, I keep a firm grip on the post and sprint hard and keep the right hand off for balance and speed... as i slow down the hand goes back on the handle... at absolute top speed (maybe its just me) you just cant keep your right hand on to absorb the bounce and snap from the arm. So, its a weight/arm issue not a mount/camera issue. Because i noticed it in the regular season (P-1 is a much lighter setup that what we've used in the past on MNF) Ive switched arms from a Luna 20-70lb to the EFP Blue spring arm... Ive tried both and the EFP seems to have less "snap". Moving forward, I think the way to go is a G50 (ride adjustment might help with the) or the latest version from Pro... always open to suggestions on this... Lots of good tech info here about the game: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1313207 read above All correct Michael, I never zoom. Its intentional, i let the lens and my feet make the moves... MNF director likes to show off that we have a RF steadi so its head to toe and make a steadicam move... i like the look so thats how i do the games. Tore is a good dude. Tore did Halftime. Jon Mantak did FOX Red Carpet. John Perry Fox Studio. James Lytle did NFL Net coverage(with the AVS P-1). Thanks Richie! It was my first SB, pretty cool. All the guys in Blue NFL vests were NFL Films guys, not sure which one tho. Pretty sure he was shooting eng video for Films. I hope hes ok. Yes, that's me in the sky cam shot with the Yellow and Pink tape on the RF antenna next to Arron Rogers - getting my ass handed to me by the mob scene... hung in there for a while to get some of it then I just got swallowed up and couldn't move... dangerous but fun. The walk with Staubach & Players was fun too. It was great meeting all the different operators from all over... everyone was super nice and supportive. thanks for all the feedback, maybe ill update my profile... members can email me through the site. -Phil Jacques
  5. Hi, I did the HD PPV show WM25. Its a lot of fun. Good people to work for.
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