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  1. Do you have the drawings for them still?
  2. Henry Haystead at Portcullis Insurance. He knows steadicam, is very competitve and responds quickly.
  3. MK-V do great work, and did a fantastic job upgrading my Master. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Tiffen sell them for 9995, so 9K?
  5. Yes! That's the one! Thank you so much for this! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Hello! Does anyone have a manual for the above? I've already reached out to Chrosziel but thought I might try here as well.
  7. Yes you read that right. I'm returning to steadicam after a long time away and forced to do so on a very limited budget for now. The Master I'm returning with still has it's CRT, and yes I know switching it out needs a new monitor arm since the CRT weighs approximately 4.7 tons. In the short term I'm considering a super cheap LCD and attaching a battery plate to the back of it so I can get the weight to a reasonable level until I can look at better options. Which monitors are currently considered decent options in the super low budget bracket, and are there any obvious things I should look out for? Thanks in advance x
  8. Not even a sneaky teaser pic? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. After 5 long rigless years, I've found a fantastic deal on a broadcast master system. As I don't have much experience with this sled and arm, I was wondering if anyone could suggest what I should be watching out for when checking out the kit.
  10. Hi, Quick question, what did you get for the sled and arm?
  11. Am working with a mirror system, which isn't that bad but am still tethered. We tried under slung and over slung monitors but these are long reads to camera and production don't like the eyeline being off. So does anyone know if any of the wireless ccu control systems send composite back to carry the autocue video back to the camera? Or am I stuck with an extra composite video sender with a battery powered receiver and if so what would you guys reccomend.
  12. Hi Chris, The data may exist but it's useless without context. And that context is individual preference, experience, technique, camera package, terrain, type of shot etc. In other words whilst it may seem like reducing this to a data set seems useful, it will ultimately provide no benefit. It's not like I can prep a days shooting knowing that none of the shots I'm supposed to be doing will require me to be close to bottoming out. That's because whilst our job is to repeat every shot perfectly, the practical experience of shooting (especially with actors) is that those will always have slight variations that an operators skill and experience deals with. Additionally when it comes to lower costing arms, there can be a terrific variation from arm to arm from the same manufacturer. These are not items that are manufactured by robots in an automated way. They are required to be assembled by hand. The original Flyer arm had an upper limit that was a minimum, meaning that some arms could lift more. That meant there was a variation in a number of components that would make "force curve" data meaningless as different arms might bottom out with different camera packages at the upper limits. There is clearly more consistency with top of the range arms, but in the area where you are trying to inform it's often a moving target.
  13. Hi Sam, I'm based in London and have a Decimator 2 available.
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