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  1. That thing is a classic. I have one gifted to me from a DP.
  2. You willing to sell those PLC Wheels?
  3. https://www.arri.com/en/camera-systems/camera-stabilizer-systems/trinity/accessories-for-trinity#product-K2.0031236 This will fit around the PRO post. It's pricey and weighs almost 2lbs.
  4. Hey Chris, The pdf version of the Exovest manual isn't loading on your website is there a way you can post it here or email it to me? Thanks! Tim timfabrizio@mac.com
  5. How many cycles to think are on them? When did you purchase them?
  6. Looks like to me the edit is right off the top when she gets out of the pool. Looks like low mode then changes to regular mode. This shot is nice because it tells the story without being a gratuitous Steadicam shot. Exactly what you want it in a Steadicam shot.
  7. This exact thing has happened to me in the past. Even after resetting time and time again the same problem would happen. I emailed Tim and he was able to see my password and let me know of a space that I had inadvertently put in my password and that fixed it. Could be something funky like that. Either way only the Admin can help you. Good luck! And by the way I LOVE my x-mount and Mitchell adapter and can't wait to see the completed vest!
  8. You still have to train DPs and dolly grips (shall remain nameless) to lift the mouthpiece when yelling, chewing and drinking.
  9. I love how there are some posts on this forum that are getting a second life due to everyone being at home and checking Steadicamforum much more often. I concur with what Ron says, the inverter is pretty light and can go anywhere. I use dual lock Velcro on top of my AB in the top position of my PRO Cinelive battery hanger. If things are pretty bumpy I'll add a couple of bongos. I tend to rock the Gyro on the post as well via the clamps. Gyros plus Wave gets it extra sweet.
  10. There are a multitude of reasons for back pain when it comes to Steadicam. Vest set up, balance of the rig, adjusting your socket block screws properly, where your vest sits on your body, how you stand and move. What kind of vest do you have? Also, do you have an exercise program to strengthen your back and legs? Stretching, yoga, physical therapy and massage are all things that can alleviate back pain. I switched to the Exovest and have almost zero back fatigue. Feel free to PM me with any more questions.
  11. Hey Eli, If I'm not mistaken this will work with the Trinity, right?
  12. A lot of people use WP Dolle. They have good rates and great coverage. Don't rely on renter's insurance.
  13. What jumper blocks are you using? I've had success with using the one with C/A on top, empty on bottom and M on the front and had no power issues.
  14. Hey Craig, Are these still available?
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