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  1. New Price Update: Sled package with monitor: $14000 Sled package w/o monitor: $13000. located in Brooklyn, NY. Welcome to inspect/test if interested.
  2. update: sled package still available. superpost is sold. *steadicam stand (in picture) is not part of the package.
  3. updated price: sled package - $15000 superpost - $2000 (update: sale pending) thank you.
  4. I'm selling a XCS Ultimate 1 sled with 2x HD lines. I've mainly used this sled as a backup. It shows typical use and functions great. The package comes with a SmallHD DP7 High Bright monitor and superpost. The gimbal and lower electronics was serviced by Greg Bubb in June 2019. Asking for $18,500 + shipping. Located in NYC. Please email at Yoshisteadiop@gmail.com Thank you. XCS Ultimate1 sled - 2 HD Lines + 1 SD Line - XCS Camera platform - XCS 2” carbon fiber post - 2x XCS docking rings - 2x XCS dovetail plates (1 standard, 1 s
  5. hi I have a brand new one that I don’t use. Available if you are interested. Email is yoshisteadiop@gmail.com (I don’t check this site much)
  6. hi Sameer, I have a full Bolt 2000 package for sale. 1:2 w/1 Array Antenna. plus a bunch of cables + gold mount sandwich plates. my email is Yoshisteadiop@gmail.com if you want to get in touch.
  7. please email yoshisteadiop@gmail.com thank you.
  8. for sale: KS-6x6 gyro kit with 14v inverter. recently serviced and in great condition. bought in 2014, rarely used. serial #: 1403CX74CE kit includes gold mount plate + carrying case new = $4720 plus gold mount plate asking: $3000 + shipping email: yoshisteadiop@gmail.com more info on the kit: http://www.ken-lab.com/stabilizer-guide.html
  9. Preston FIZ (hu3/mdr/1-dm1x,2-dm2/dmf/cables+brackets) package - used but great working condition - will include inventory list soon w serial numbers. - this package has been on consignment at Abelcine - available for inspection at Abelcine in nyc. - sleekest custom preston case - typical wear and tear - preston hu3 is missing a protective cover for the light but i'm sure that's a easy cheap piece to get from preston. contact: Yoshisteadiop@gmail.com asking: $25,500.00 nyc based. buyer pays shipping etc.
  10. my backup docking bracket. minimally used. brand new price: $1150. asking: $800. buyer pays shipping. or nyc pickup. contact: Yoshisteadiop@gmail.com
  11. Bump from 2015! This rig has still been in storage. I need to free up space instead of hoarding it for sentimental value. Note: the ms vest plate pictured is cracked. I don't have time to look into replacing it (hence the price). asking: $4000. buyer pays shipping or nyc pickup
  12. asking price: $500. buyer pays shipping or nyc pick up contact: Yoshisteadiop@gmail.com
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