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  1. Hi. Selling my beloved Luna 3a arm Asking for 8500$ or best bid. Contact steadi@marcopadoan.se for details. Cheers!
  2. wow. there's spit on my screen from laughing. thanks for the insight!
  3. an update (if anyone is wondering about the tally on the Titan HD. If anyone have any info about the tally, please tell me, I´m trying to get it working!) : The tally sends from the Rx to the Tx via the GPIO-input/output. To be able to do that you must have upgraded the software on the TitanHD to version 1.07 or higher. In my case, since I´m still renting the device; the rental-company haven´t done the upgrade. And to be able to do the upgrade one must first make a firmware-upgrade witch is only done in France at transvideo. Hope to get it working soon. First rehersal on Wednesday! All the best!/Marco
  4. Hi! Just talked to Transvideo. Great service, great people. And I have rented it, will rent it for two more weeks for a TV-talkshow-gig. Then if everything works good I will buy the Titan HD. The TV-prod- runs to december. Just figured out with help from Transvideo how to get the tally working. Very happy because of the helping hand from Transvideo! Bye all!
  5. Hi. I contacted Redbyte. This was their answer. Tryed it, and it's not that good fit actually. I'll probably go with velcro. "It is mounting bracket, that is used to mount the Decimator to the back of a rack, behind the monitor. A picture is attached, showing it installed.There are two slots on the back of the box that have threads for attaching it with two M3x6 screws." Bye /marco
  6. Hey guys. Enyone used the supposed mountning-bracket to the Decimator? Got a red small bracket with the Decimator, but no screws. Bye! /Marco
  7. Ok. Thanks for your answer! Now that I've ordered the V3 I have to deal with it somehow. Have a nice day! M
  8. Hi guys. I just bought a MK-V sled with the V3 J an D-boxes. (arriving to sweden this week), I use a bartech focus reciever. Haven't tried it out yet but you say that sending HD throu the post to the monitor will mess up the focus-system? Cheers all! :) ¨¨ Marco
  9. Thanks! Well, I'm flying Glidecam, efp. But when I tried the Clipper 2 I fell i n love=) So the developed c3 is very interesting for me. Also, my budget fits the C3. But is the C312 able to uppgrade to 24? And do u think the G-50 will be worn out on too much 35mm/heavier stuff-productions? Thanks again for your answer! /M
  10. Hi evereybody. I'm gonna buy my first one and choosing between Clipper 312/24 and MK-V Nexus Standard. G-50-arm. I'm doing both video/tv and film. all suggestions wellcome. Have a good day! Marco Padoan
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