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  1. Hi I would try and get a 3rd party involved .1 a rental house 2.local op or get them to send the arm to Pro and then you will know if this arm is real and the 3rd party would hold onto the arm until payment is made. Buying anything of this great cost can be tricky if not sold from a registered dealer.

    I hope this is of some help

    Louis Puli 

  2. Louis Puli SOC

    24V on Steadicam Zephyr

    Hi Connor No you don't need an extra battery plate as I have alway fly with the SR3 24v battery on board . Yes you could use a extra battery plate (if you can find one )and 24v cables for your Zephyr and keep your sled quite short .I would ask around with your local ops and see if they have one which you can hire or borrow. The Zephyr should be able to fly the SR3 weight with the battery . Good luck Louis
  3. Louis Puli SOC

    M1 Motor Service

    May I say Peter is fantastic at repairing the M1 motors .He is quick reliable and a all round nice guy . I have had several done by him and he was great to deal with .
  4. Louis Puli SOC

    Beseler 45M Large Format Enlarger

    Hi Robert This is not Buy swap and sell web site for anything ok .Steadicam related items ok . There are many local sites you could post this item on . Thanks
  5. Louis Puli SOC

    WTB - Practice cage or weight block

    Janice Arthur makes them have a look at the link below All the best . Louis Puli .
  6. Louis Puli SOC

    Atonement - Peter Robertson

    What an outstanding shot .Here is a BTS and Peter talking about the shot .Enjoy
  7. Hi Tim 

    I got a request from Erik G about deleting his post .  Is this something I can do and if so can you tell me how to do it .

    Thanks mate .

    Louis Puli 

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    Steadicam forum .png

    Steadicam forum .png

  8. Louis Puli SOC

    Goodfellas - Larry McConkey

    Hi everyone Here is a interview with Larry McConkey talking about the Copa shot enjoy Louis Puli Goodfellas BTS copy 2.pdf
  9. Louis Puli SOC

    3A arm screw?

    Hi Scott I would contact Hugo at Steadyrig as his arm is very much a 3A arm apart from some design changes . Good luck Louis Puli
  10. Louis Puli SOC

    unknown arm/broken spring

    Hi Cade I would think it would be cheaper to buy a new arm(If it is a Chinese ripoff ) then get a new spring made . I would contact (if you haven't already) the manufacture of the arm and see if they can sell you one . Louis
  11. I was on a shoot yesterday and the production was using Vaxis Storm and they worked perfectly .The 1st AC loved them . Good luck .
  12. Louis Puli SOC


    Hi Kareem Lets get this right you want a rig that will carry everything .The best brand new rigs are the Tiffen M1 and the GPI Cine Live . As for 2nd hand rigs you could look at an Archer 1,2,Ultra 1 -2 or Pro 1,2, .You could also look at an upgraded EFP . I would contact a local operator (NYC ) which there are many and compare their rigs and advice on all the accessories that you are needing to fly ok . Good luck Louis Puli .
  13. Louis Puli SOC

    WTB: large male socket block for IIIa arm

    Hi Craig I would contact Steadyrig Hugo Langer would have new and 2nd hand male socket blocks which he would be able to supply you in a few days with freight from Australia. Good luck Louis Puli
  14. Louis Puli SOC

    Wanted CineTape interface cable

    Hi Geoff I know Angelo can make one if you don't get one here ok . All the best Louis
  15. Louis Puli SOC

    WTB - Steadicam Zephyr

    http://www.steadicamforum.com/index.php?showtopic=27404&hl= Here is a link for you Ok .