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  1. Louis Puli SOC

    WTB - Practice cage or weight block

    Janice Arthur makes them have a look at the link below All the best . Louis Puli .
  2. Louis Puli SOC

    Atonement - Peter Robertson

    What an outstanding shot .Here is a BTS and Peter talking about the shot .Enjoy
  3. Hi Tim 

    I got a request from Erik G about deleting his post .  Is this something I can do and if so can you tell me how to do it .

    Thanks mate .

    Louis Puli 

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    Steadicam forum .png

    Steadicam forum .png

  4. Louis Puli SOC

    Goodfellas - Larry McConkey

    Hi everyone Here is a interview with Larry McConkey talking about the Copa shot enjoy Louis Puli Goodfellas BTS copy 2.pdf
  5. Louis Puli SOC

    3A arm screw?

    Hi Scott I would contact Hugo at Steadyrig as his arm is very much a 3A arm apart from some design changes . Good luck Louis Puli
  6. Louis Puli SOC

    unknown arm/broken spring

    Hi Cade I would think it would be cheaper to buy a new arm(If it is a Chinese ripoff ) then get a new spring made . I would contact (if you haven't already) the manufacture of the arm and see if they can sell you one . Louis
  7. I was on a shoot yesterday and the production was using Vaxis Storm and they worked perfectly .The 1st AC loved them . Good luck .
  8. Louis Puli SOC


    Hi Kareem Lets get this right you want a rig that will carry everything .The best brand new rigs are the Tiffen M1 and the GPI Cine Live . As for 2nd hand rigs you could look at an Archer 1,2,Ultra 1 -2 or Pro 1,2, .You could also look at an upgraded EFP . I would contact a local operator (NYC ) which there are many and compare their rigs and advice on all the accessories that you are needing to fly ok . Good luck Louis Puli .
  9. Louis Puli SOC

    WTB: large male socket block for IIIa arm

    Hi Craig I would contact Steadyrig Hugo Langer would have new and 2nd hand male socket blocks which he would be able to supply you in a few days with freight from Australia. Good luck Louis Puli
  10. Louis Puli SOC

    Wanted CineTape interface cable

    Hi Geoff I know Angelo can make one if you don't get one here ok . All the best Louis
  11. Louis Puli SOC

    WTB - Steadicam Zephyr

    http://www.steadicamforum.com/index.php?showtopic=27404&hl= Here is a link for you Ok .
  12. Louis Puli SOC

    WTB - Steadicam Zephyr

    Hi Please change your log in name to your REAL name please . Thanks
  13. Louis Puli SOC

    PRO Black Cannisters

    Hi Rob Can you please in the future post all your "Steadicam Marketplace " items in the Steadicam Marketplace NOT the Wanted section . Thanks Louis Puli .
  14. Louis Puli SOC

    Antonbauer batteries in New Zealand

    Hi Benjamin Contact Martin Stacey at http://www.adrenochrome.co.nz He is a Great Guy who has helped me on many occasion when I have worked there . I know he will be able to help you ok .If for what ever reason he can't he know all the other operators in NZ . Good Luck Louis Puli Melbourne Australia.
  15. Louis Puli SOC

    WTB CP III Arm Elbow Hinge and Elbow Bone Brackets

    Hi Chris I would contact Hugo Langer from "Steadying" as he may have the parts or he would make them for you . Good luck Louis Puli