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  1. Joshua contact Janice Arthur she make a great range of Weight Plates ok . Good luck Louis Puli
  2. Hi Charles I didn't know Arri made available the Trinity to other Rigs . https://www.arri.com/en/camera-systems/camera-stabilizer-systems/trinity/trinity-upgrade-third-party-systems1/K0.0019530 If I was in the situation of making the choice I would consider what is left of my Pro rig after the upgrade .Not Much .I would be buying a full Arri Trinity sled and use my Pro arm and vest .As for the Volt Yes it will and has been fitted on many Pro gimbals over the last 2 years .Alex can I say I have done several shot over my career where I have done 360 deg shot and the Pro gimbal worked fine .
  3. Hi Kyle 

    Can you please tell me if your monitor and bracket are still available .


  4. Hi Haris 

    Is your monitor and yoke still for sale ?

    Talk soon 

    Louis Puli .


    1. Haris Pallas

      Haris Pallas

      Hello Louis,

      Thank you for the message.

      Yes it's still for sale.

      Let me know how I can help more.

      Thank you,

      - Haris -

  5. Hi Charles Alec and David points are very true they are very different in what they do .One douse levelling tool and the other is a device which can move the camera anywhere in 3D space . Your last 2 lines " "Trinity cost more but is the ability to invert the camera to low mode while shooting worth it? With a GPI sled I have the option of going either direction but I’m not sure which is better to invest in?" Remember tools like the Trinity have been around for many years now and we also have the brushless gimbal and Letus Helix and others .If you think these tools would be better then the standard Steadicam type of camera movement I would be asking a different question . MK-V AR Omega V Trinity V Helix V all Brushless gimbals .They all have their pro's and cons Price, reliability, size weight,etc,etc . You have to consider what is your career worth that is what you are investing in.As we all know nothing comes cheap in our industry and what douse is not worth buying .
  6. Hi Pedro If you could send me your email address I will send it to you ok .the files are to large to just post here . All the best Louis Puli
  7. Hi Joel 

    If you would like to talk about this further my number is 0419542024 .BTW I was the 1st Australian to ever fly a masters rig in LA in 1992.

    Talk soon

    Louis Puli . 

    1. Joel Soh

      Joel Soh

      Amazing! Thanks Louis. Will Chat soon :)

  8. Hi Everyone /Joel Soh . Apart from all of the issues with the masters sled which is about 30 years old now the arm had several issues as well . The main issue was the bones upper and lower after some time would have hair line cracks starting to appear . The wall of the bones was to thin so at different points cracking would appear .Quite a few operators here in Australia had a local machinist make new bones with thicker wall and the problem was solved .The masters rig was good in it day but that was 30 years ago and many things have changed for the better since then .If it is cost only you are looking at I would save my money and weight until I could afford a newer rig like a clipper or Archer or a Pro 1 .As I also live in Melbourne and if you would like to talk about this further just let me know here ok . Good luck Louis
  9. Hi Vitaya Yes the DM2 motor will work with the Digital Bartech . Good luck with it .
  10. Hi Nick Here is a link to what you need to do ok . Good Luck Louis Puli
  11. Hi Janice When I am working on commercials ,corprate ,music videos ,etc where I have not worked with the production company before I specify that on the first job I get paid on the day (just like trade people plumbers etc). For me that seems to work in most cases . Good luck Louis Puli .
  12. Hi Isaac No you should not be an issue for you right now but I would get onto it asap as you would not like it to get any worse .Which vest are you using ?It would be good to have a photo of the vest .I have had an issue with a flyer vest which I repaired .I used 4' long and 3' wide piece of 1 mm Aluminium plate and I placed the plate on the inside of the vest and bolted that to the vest and it solved the problem . Good luck with it . Louis Puli .
  13. Firstly have you tried to balance your camera on the rig? I would power everything from the rig .Do you have 2 battery plate on your rig ? As you have pointed out Yes the socket block on the Zephyr is smaller on the vest and also the Arm post is larger on the G50 so you will need 2 things for this to work . I have seen an adaptor for the Zephyr vest to upgrade it to a larger arm block.You will need a machinest make you a arm post cut down to size.I would contact Tiffen first as they may have both items or would know were to get them All the best Louis Puli .
  14. Hi Tom I don't know if you have been to the steadicam expo but for me it's a fantastic time for operators who get together and talk about all things steadicam gear good and bad . Many of the top operators in town usual drop by as well so thats a bonus as well . Sorry Dave I am not coming over for the weekend but have a good one mate . Louis Puli
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