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  1. Larry So because of that experience did you stay with the PRO arm or was it just a one off for that film ? 2nd Alec's comments outstanding work .
  2. Hi Chris 

    Are you still looking for a shark Fin antennas and a  Redbyte Decimator 

    as I have a few for sale 

    Talk soon

     Louis Puli .

  3. Hi Spencer 

    I have a brand new 1/1/2" 2 stage post only No loom no mounting ends just the post if you are interested .

    I can provide you with the standard mounting for EFP and PRO if needed ok.

    ( Please ignore the 2nd lockout on the photo and the upper junction box. )

    Lets talk .

    Louis Puli .

    Post Steadyrig Posts  .png

  4. Hi Chris 

    I have several 1'1/2'' posts for sale they are brand new .2 stage post only .(Please ignore the 2nd lock off on the post as it is doing nothing .)I also have a single post 1 1/2"as well if interested .

    As to the mounting points at each end I can provide you with standard  Pro, EFP ends or without ends what ever works for you .

    Lets talk .

    Louis Puli 

    Post Steadyrig Posts  .png


    EFP Post Ends .png

  5. Hi Paul I would contact Hugo Langer from Steadyrig (admin@steadyrig.com) as he may have some available in stock . Good Luck Louis puli
  6. Hi Justin I have a low mode bracket which I would like to sell . $100US Buyer pays for postage . Talk soon Louis Puli
  7. Hi Megan Did you contact Janice by any chance ?lol
  8. Hi Tom When I need to hard mount to a Vertical pole I use my standard WK hard mount BUT with the Zephyr I use WK adaptor male socket which reduces the size to fit the Zephyr sock block perfectly Good luck with it . Louis Puli
  9. Hi Tim 

    I just got this issue from a member of the forum (below) if you are able to repair his problem would be great

    Thanks all the best 

    Louis Puli 

    Hi Louis,

    I just joined the steadicam forum community yesterday.  I'm happy to be apart of the community and its a great resource for me as I pursue the steadicam dream.  I'm not able to reply to any posts, it just gives me an option to 'like' but no option to comment.  Any insight into why this is would be great.  

    Happy to be apart of the community, and want to be able to utilize this forum.



    Chris Vinopal

  10. Hi Jamie As to the battery Hanger YES it is a Steadyrig Battery hanger .The electronic on the base I would say are the same as a PRO 1 design you can switch from 12v/24v but you can't move where you would like the power to come from like the Pro 2/3 .The BH simple plugs into the base .It looks like a great rig for the price . Good luck with it . Louis Puli
  11. Hi Luke 

    Is your components still for sale and if so how much do you want for them ?

    Talk soon

    Louis Puli .


    1. Luke Rihl

      Luke Rihl

      Hey Paul, my apologies for missing this. They are sold. 

  12. Hi Adam Did you ever find one .I may have an EFP for sale here are a few stills .OR if you wanted a new post that would fit on a EFP base here is a a still of that as well ok . Lets talk Louis Puli
  13. Hi Adam 

    Did you ever find an EFP post .I have one from my old EFP which I am looking at selling .It is NOT carbon fibre Post CP never made CF post for an EFP .

    Talk soon

    Louis Puli  

    1. Louis Puli SOC

      Louis Puli SOC

      Hi Adam 

      May I say I have several Brand new posts as well you may like to consider .My machines has made an adaptor to fit this new post on the EFP . Here is a few other items we use on our EFP's

      Just ideas you may like to consider .

      All the best 

      Louis Puli 

      2 Section Post .jpg

      EFP Base .jpg

      EFP Donkey Box .jpg

      EFP Panel 1.jpg

  14. The F bracket is now sold . Low mode Bracket is still for SALE . Thanks Louis Puli
  15. Hi Peter I will contact you tomorrow with a price .ok Louis Puli .
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