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  1. Hi Tim 

    That is great news that you have sold all the items .Your post has now been removed .

    All the very best 

    Louis Puli .

  2. Hi Tim 

    Do you know Alec Jarnagin Steadi op in NY .?As he is a friend of mine .

  3. Hi Tim 

    Please can you tell me the volt Has not been sold Please 

    Talk soon 

    Louis PULI 

    Can I have your email address and or phone No so I can call you .Thanks 

    1. Louis Puli SOC

      Louis Puli SOC

      My details are email :lpulicam@tpg.com.au and my ph:61 419542024

      Lets Talk soon 

      Louis Puli 

  4. You should contact Hugo LANGER From "Steadyrig" as he would be able to do it with his eyes closed .https://www.steadyrig.com Good luck with it Louis Puli
  5. Hi Hendrikus Welcome to the club . There are many steadicam op's in Auckland (many I trained ) namely my great friend Martin Stacey (Adrenochrome Productions )who has quite a few rigs .He is also Omega AR operator as well .He also know many ops as well He is a fantastic guy and I know he will help you on your quest . I am teaching a 3 day Silver Workshop (here in Melbourne )in Sept but the only problem for you is it's booked out I could put you on the standby list if you like .Martin is extremely capable of teaching you as well . If I can be of any help just let me know ok .Or here https://www.facebook.com/groups/AustralianSteadicamOps Louis Puli
  6. Hi Krisel That is a solid rig and will do you well . As to the issue with the post lock off can I say I never locked my post down using that lock off when I owned a 3a arm .I always used a post collars on all of my posts . This enables the post to move freely in the gimbal and the arm . Good luck Louis Puli
  7. Hi Laney Did Scott tell you that or another person on set ? I have always loved this shot Elegant in design outstanding work by Scott . I have also read he was on a platform on Fisher dolly ? Talk soon Louis Puli
  8. I hope you have read through the Steadi-Newies section as this subject has been discussed many times .
  9. I would be contacting your local operators and having a chat with them .If you haven't done a workshop do one . Good luck Louis Puli .
  10. Jerry Hill your guy and great service . https://steadimoves.com/product/arm-post/ All the best Louis Puli
  11. Hi Jens

    I do have one you may like .What are you upgrading from ?This post is brand new .As for the mounting end (of the post) I can supply PRO 1,2. EFP and Mkv .

    Talk soon 

    Louis Puli 



    Post Short.jpg

    Post Long.jpg

    1. JensSchroeder


      Hi Louis,

      Thanks for your reply.
      I want to set up my new sled and do have the Pro CineLive electronics and the inner and outer post bayonet receiver. Actually I found out that my older style Pro post not really fits so I think, I need a newer style post.
      Do you think, the bayonet receiver fit in your post? And is the post clamp totally from the outside or is there a screw end inside the post like it is with my older Pro post which kind of blocks the post cable?
      And if everything would be suitable, do you have a price in mind?
      Thanks again and talk later, cheers,
    2. Louis Puli SOC

      Louis Puli SOC

      Hi Jens 

      I am sorry I have just sold out of these posts but I am going to do another run ok. 

      When I get the next run I will let you know .

      All the best 

      Louis Puli 

    3. JensSchroeder


      Thanks Louis,


      I need to set up the sled until September so that I have to order a post from Pro.

      Best wishes,



  12. Hi Donald YES I still have several available . Talk soon Louis Puli .
  13. How much do you want for your battery Hanger ?

    Louis Puli .

  14. Hi Chris This hard mount can be mounted on either side you won't have a issue what so ever .This is the BEST hard mount out there IHO . Louis Puli .
  15. Hi everyone I am looking for all the schematics/ manual details for the list below .I am building a new rig and am considering using these parts . 1. MK-V J-Box V2 (upperJ Box) 2.MK-V J-Box V2 (upper J Box) 3. MK-V V2 Genesis (Lower J Box ) Thanks in advance .(I will send you my email address so you can send it to me ok .) Louis Puli
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