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  1. I would be contacting Jerry Hill .Great guy and should be able to help .https://steadimoves.com Good luck . Louis Puli
  2. Hi Niknaz 

    Would you sell your super post on its own .If so what would like for it .?

    Talk soon 

    Louis Puli .

  3. Hi Lee The main question I would have to ask Why V-Lock mount ? I have been a steadicam op for many years and the only time ever my batteries have come off my rig is when I have had V-Locks on it . It is a very poor mount IMP .Never has a AB come off my rig .For me AB gold mount is the only way to go . As to which batt's all come down to what cameras you want to power but the Titon 90 or 150 will cover most options ok .Paul Dudeck has been a great support to the steadicam community over many many years so I would like to thank him for his help . I welcome you Ted Dou
  4. Hi everyone I have several more 1 1/2" new posts for sale . If you are considering upgrading or replacing your 1 1/2" post say from your old EFP post or Pro 1 post or down sizing from a 2" post (MKV)these posts will do the job .I can put any mounting ends you need ok . For all the details you can message me here ok . Louis Puli .
  5. Hi Riccardo 

    Please in future can You place and item FOR SALE in the For Sale section .


    Louis Puli 


  6. Hi Seb 

    Please in future place your for sale add in the right section .


    Louis Puli 

  7. Hi Louis

    Have you some used 1,5 post and the uper and lower junction boxes , it is for an old EFP steadicam I have?

    Let me know please

    Best regards




    1. Louis Puli SOC

      Louis Puli SOC

      I do have several 1.5" posts  only (as new )with ends for for $1200 each . 

      Talk soon 

      Louis Puli .

  8. Hi Andrea 

    Would you be interested in selling Just the original EFP junction box on it own .

    Please let me know asap 


    Louis Puli 

    1. Andrea Miraglia

      Andrea Miraglia


      Sorry for the late reply, I haven't been around much on the forum. I have sold my efp a while back. If you want I can put you in touch with the operator who bought it from me, I think he has upgraded and is ready to sell the eep and parts I gave him.





    2. Louis Puli SOC

      Louis Puli SOC

      Yes if you could contact him about the part or what ever he has to sell would be great .My email address is 

      lpulicam@tpg.com.au .


      Louis puli .

    3. Andrea Miraglia

      Andrea Miraglia

      I forwarded your info to Harrison, he will get in touch with you.

  9. Hi Sebastian Firstly I would run away from anything Movcam as fast as you can . I tested several of their sleds and Yes they may look good e.g. they look EXACTLY like the the G50 /70 (arms ) BUT that where the quality RIPOFF ends . The feel and the boom range is vert poor . As to your choice of a 3A or G50 I would go with the G50 .Yes the 3A arm is solid and has done its job over the last 30 years or so Tiffen have improved the quality of the feel and design and IHO it would serve you will in the future . I would have to say all of these choices do not considering your b
  10. Thanks everyone I have found one . Thanks Louis Puli .
  11. Hi Everyone I am looking for a Master Series docking Bracket .If anyone has one and wants a quick sale before xmas Please let me know ok . Thanks Louis Puli .
  12. I hope you will be using a Arri SR 2 or 3 or an Aaton XTR with digital video splits .The quality of these splits were never great but usable . I would also ask your DP to use as little ND as it will only decrease again the quality of the V/split. I would be looking at replacing your current monitor with a Analog monitor .There a lot of monitors out there which have analog inputs ok. With regards to Low mode if you don't have a classic LM cage or the right camera bracket I would NOT go poor man LM as there are many issues with doing that ok . Good luck with the shoot
  13. Hi Patrick I hope this answerers you questions. All the canisters (Blue ,Black ,Gray )are all the same physical weight . Louis Puli
  14. Hi everyone if anyone needs BFD cables Please contact me List above . Thanks Louis Puli .
  15. Hi everyone If anyone has a Master series arm post any size please let me know . Thanks Louis Puli .
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