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  1. I hope you have read through the Steadi-Newies section as this subject has been discussed many times .
  2. I would be contacting your local operators and having a chat with them .If you haven't done a workshop do one . Good luck Louis Puli .
  3. Jerry Hill your guy and great service . https://steadimoves.com/product/arm-post/ All the best Louis Puli
  4. Hi Jens

    I do have one you may like .What are you upgrading from ?This post is brand new .As for the mounting end (of the post) I can supply PRO 1,2. EFP and Mkv .

    Talk soon 

    Louis Puli 



    Post Short.jpg

    Post Long.jpg

    1. JensSchroeder


      Hi Louis,

      Thanks for your reply.
      I want to set up my new sled and do have the Pro CineLive electronics and the inner and outer post bayonet receiver. Actually I found out that my older style Pro post not really fits so I think, I need a newer style post.
      Do you think, the bayonet receiver fit in your post? And is the post clamp totally from the outside or is there a screw end inside the post like it is with my older Pro post which kind of blocks the post cable?
      And if everything would be suitable, do you have a price in mind?
      Thanks again and talk later, cheers,
    2. Louis Puli SOC

      Louis Puli SOC

      Hi Jens 

      I am sorry I have just sold out of these posts but I am going to do another run ok. 

      When I get the next run I will let you know .

      All the best 

      Louis Puli 

    3. JensSchroeder


      Thanks Louis,


      I need to set up the sled until September so that I have to order a post from Pro.

      Best wishes,



  5. Hi Donald YES I still have several available . Talk soon Louis Puli .
  6. How much do you want for your battery Hanger ?

    Louis Puli .

  7. Hi Chris This hard mount can be mounted on either side you won't have a issue what so ever .This is the BEST hard mount out there IHO . Louis Puli .
  8. Hi everyone I am looking for all the schematics/ manual details for the list below .I am building a new rig and am considering using these parts . 1. MK-V J-Box V2 (upperJ Box) 2.MK-V J-Box V2 (upper J Box) 3. MK-V V2 Genesis (Lower J Box ) Thanks in advance .(I will send you my email address so you can send it to me ok .) Louis Puli
  9. Hi Justin Hugo Langer has made looms which will fit your post .If you still have your 2" loom all you will need is to buy the end lemo plug ends and you should be right to go . Hugo's loom has only 1 Video cable but if you need an extra one should not be an issue. Good luck Louis Puli 0419542024.
  10. I would be contacting Jerry Hill .Great guy and should be able to help .https://steadimoves.com Good luck . Louis Puli
  11. Hi Niknaz 

    Would you sell your super post on its own .If so what would like for it .?

    Talk soon 

    Louis Puli .

  12. Hi Lee The main question I would have to ask Why V-Lock mount ? I have been a steadicam op for many years and the only time ever my batteries have come off my rig is when I have had V-Locks on it . It is a very poor mount IMP .Never has a AB come off my rig .For me AB gold mount is the only way to go . As to which batt's all come down to what cameras you want to power but the Titon 90 or 150 will cover most options ok .Paul Dudeck has been a great support to the steadicam community over many many years so I would like to thank him for his help . I welcome you Ted Doubov to our community and I look forward to buying some new Batt's when my other AB's die . Louis Puli
  13. Hi everyone I have several more 1 1/2" new posts for sale . If you are considering upgrading or replacing your 1 1/2" post say from your old EFP post or Pro 1 post or down sizing from a 2" post (MKV)these posts will do the job .I can put any mounting ends you need ok . For all the details you can message me here ok . Louis Puli .
  14. Hi Riccardo 

    Please in future can You place and item FOR SALE in the For Sale section .


    Louis Puli 


  15. Hi Seb 

    Please in future place your for sale add in the right section .


    Louis Puli 

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