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  1. For Sale - $24,500 - ARTEMIS 1.8'' CINE HD PRO SLED + G-50X ARM + ExoVest Hello Fellow Ops. I have enjoyed being part of this community since Garrett and Jerry made me walk the in Exton, PA, in 2008. My rig was purchased in 2015. It is in very good condition. My sled was inspected and checked at ARRI, NY, in March 2019. I have operated with this only 6 times in the past 2 years. The equipment is currently located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. A sale within the EU and the US is my first preference. No monitor is included in this sale. Buyer pays shipping and bank transfer fees (if necessary). Asking Price for Full Package including Accessories : $24,500 (Excludes VAT in EU) Thanks All, Rich Contact: Richard@fourbentcorners.com • ARTEMIS 1.8’’ Cine Broadcast (V-Mount Battery Mounts, 12V / 24V ) • G-50X ARM • EXO VEST INCLUDED ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES : • G Zoom + Fujinon & Canon Focus Adapter (Excellent Condition) • Peter Abraham Zalex Longplate • ACT 2 docking bracket • 8" dovetail plate • ExoVest Replacement Parts • Telescopic Monitor bracket • Case (Robust build, Originally $800) • Custom milled G50x Pin to Mount Pro sled gimbal INCLUDED CABLES : 1 12V XLR HiCap cam power cable. 4pin Lemo 1S to 4pin XLR 1 12V XLR power cable. 3 pin Lemo OS - 4pin XLR 2 Cam Power / 24V ARRI 2pin Fischer / for ARRI Alexa 2 Preston MDR Power 12v cables 6" and 2' 1 RED EPIC Cam Power Cable / HiCap / 4pin Lemo 1S - 4pin Lemo 1 Red Cam Power Cable / HiCap /4pin Lemo 1S -> 6pin Lemo B2 1 Cam Power cable / 24V Panavision 3pin Lemo S / for Panavision
  2. Still for sale. I'll be emailing you as well. Thanks Aaron.
  3. Hi Greg, I'd like to talk about your rig. How long have you owned this rig? Best, Rich
  4. Hi Pascal, Is the vest still available? May I ask why are you parting with it? Thanks, Rich
  5. Hello Joseph, Is the arm still available and can you tell me the weight range? Has the arm been updated? Thanks. Best, Rich
  6. Teradeck CUBE 155 - Excellent + Condition $1600.00 Purchased in December 2012 from AbelCine NYC. ($1999.00 New) The Cube 155, like the original, is a camera-top wireless HD video encoder that connects with HD-SDI cameras. The unit streams via dual-band WiFi, an Ethernet port, or a single 3G/4G USB modem. You can browse the image on an iPad or iPhone using the free Teradeck App. There is a .30 second delay between the action in front of the lens and what shows up on the iPad screen. The unit has a 25' range and must be line of sight. Comes with an AC charger but you'll need to purchase ($100) or craft a 2 Pin Lemo Power plug / DTap yourself. Currently supporting RED One, RED Epic, Arri Alexa and select Sony and Canon cameras. It's been a very handy tool. I've now replaced it's workflow with a Bolt system with dual receivers, but before I could make that step this was a very good starter option. I don't need both and that's why I'm selling this unit.
  7. Hey Joe, Thanks for checking out the video on Strobist.com. I was just about to make a post here on the forum to talk about the process and experience we encountered while shooting the video and using the steadicam. It's funny that you mentioned Garrett's work on "Return of the Jedi," because I think that left an impression on me when I took the course in Exton, PA last October of 2008. Since I was a still photographer of several years at the time of the course, Jerry voted me the "Most Likely to Put a 400mm Canon lens on a Steadicam" at the conclusion. Well, this video wasn't exactly that, but sure came close. I worked with Vincent LaForet and the 5D Mark II as his operator immediately following the Steadicam course last October. At that time, my friend and operator, Michael Fuchs, helped me out. So as the months past by and the 5D Mark II movement became more popular, I wanted to try something different utilizing still photography strobes and a Canon 1D Mark III that shots at 10 FPS. I asked Mike to operate on this one for me because I new if I got into the rig we would have been on set forever ;) Michael Fuchs flies a PRO rig and we had to devise a small Sony DV camera below the actual lens of the Canon camera to provide his monitor an image in order to navigate. Each take consisted of 450 flash pops squeezed into a 45 second window. We had to make sure no one was epileptic. The steadicam gave us an awesome look and took the project to another level. Here is the finished video called "Sinners" by Hypernova: The "Making Of" STEADICAMS rock... hope you enjoy
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