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  1. Katerina Kallergis

    East Coast Holiday Shin Dig

    East Coast Holiday Shin Dig Josie Woods Pub Wednesday, December 20th 6pm-9pm Who's going? Please respond on the FB group. The link is below. --Fyi, food and drinks are up to you.-- https://m.facebook.com/groups/2247691628?view=permalink&id=10155045280096629
  2. Katerina Kallergis

    Custom foam

    Diego at www.MyCaseBuilder.com was great to me. I ordered new custom foam for my sled case. Designed it online with their software and then worked further with him on the wheel cutouts. Everything came out great and fit like a glove. Cost me $190 including the Fail Safe ($8) that they offer in case you mess up on the measuring. Very useful to me and definitely worth it. Hope this helps with anyone looking to do this in the future. Case with new foam 1.pdf DIY Program.pdf
  3. Katerina Kallergis

    2015 East Coast Holiday Shin Dig

    Hopefully your computer doesn't stop you this time. ;)
  4. Katerina Kallergis

    2015 East Coast Holiday Shin Dig

    Free booze may only apply to Victor. ;)
  5. Katerina Kallergis

    2015 East Coast Holiday Shin Dig

    Glad you're able to make it. Just a heads up. The bar doesn't have much of a food selection but if you get hungry, there's a restaurant next door that you can bring in food from. Also, this event is not sponsored, so sorry there couldn't be free booze. At least we'll have each other.
  6. Katerina Kallergis

    2015 East Coast Holiday Shin Dig

    So, I'm a bit late this year. Hoping we can get a good turn out. Date: Monday, December 21st Time: 5pm-? Place: http://www.theadirondackbar.com/ Please respond on this thread so we can get a rough headcount. Thanks and hope to see you there! -Kat
  7. Katerina Kallergis

    Chest Pains

    Janice's language was quite fine. Your responses back...not so much. Step back, cut out being defensive and take it as advice from someone that actually cares. I do hope the chest pains never come back. Best of luck, Kat
  8. Katerina Kallergis

    East Coast Holiday Shin Dig

    You guys are too much, lol. Can't wait to see some of you tomorrow, and to meet some of you for the very first time.
  9. Katerina Kallergis

    East Coast Holiday Shin Dig

    Inviting all operators: After speaking to a few ops, we figured it would be nice to have a holiday get together. Drink, geek out, drink, share stories, drink, play some pool, darts... maybe? Date: Sunday, December 14th Start Time: 3pm End Time: 7pm but who knows, really? Place: Josie Woods Pub 11 Waverly Place, New York, NY 10003 http://www.josiewoodsnyc.com/ The pub has the typical bar menu, in case you want something to go down with whatever it is you may be drinking. If you aren’t an East Coast Op and happen to be in our lovely city, please come. Who’s in? We would like to give the pub a rough number. Thanks a bunch and hope to see you there. -Kat
  10. Katerina Kallergis


    If this movie isn't at the top of your list, it should be. Great movie and amazing operating. Going to definitely see it again. Kudos to you Mr. Haarhoff.
  11. Katerina Kallergis

    Kat Kallergis rocked it !

    Thank you for your help. Definitely going to suggest shipping batteries first from now on. Not worth the hassle. Am I the first "non Dyke on a Bike member?" Maybe? Does getting hit on count?
  12. Katerina Kallergis

    Kat Kallergis rocked it !

    Rig is fine. Reflexes like a cat!
  13. Katerina Kallergis

    Kat Kallergis rocked it !

    Thanks Peter! You've always been super supportive and I can't fully express my appreciation in words. Big hugs when I see you next. Firstly, Daniele Massaccesi is A Camera and regular Steadicam Op on "Sense 8." He helped me get a feel for what the Wachowskis liked and answered any questions I had. John Toll was also very helpful and informative. Both a pleasure to work with. For this particular scene they required a female operator, due to the strict rules of the Dykes on Bikes club in San Fran. The stunt coordinator and vehicle owner worked with me on our prep day. All of us making sure I was safe and comfortable on the bike. Speed rail with cushion was beyond important. I was told I didn't need it since the parade was only 15min. I pushed for it anyway and I'm glad I did. Ended up driving around on it for two hours. Camera was F55 with Fuji 19-90 with FIZ. We played between 50 & 90 but mostly at 90... so that was fun. Aileen, my first AC was amazing. Kudos to her on a job well done. Aside from my rig almost being taken out by a badly aimed fire hydrant hose, it was an amazing time! Pride weekend in San Francisco was an unforgettable experience in itself. Thank you to all you ops for all the useful information you have shared. -Kat
  14. Katerina Kallergis

    F55 Psf issue with Cinetronic

    Do any other monitors have an issue with this?
  15. Katerina Kallergis

    Live Operating holding position for quite some time -> legs go numb

    This has also happened to me, mainly because my vest was a bit too long. Only thing I can think is that your vest is too long or maybe your front pads are placed wrong. Take pics of yourself in the vest with a rig on. I'm sure Chris can help. Also, if you work with that director again, get him/her in the rig first. Maybe, they'll be more understanding and not expect you to just stand there if it's not necessary. :) -Kat