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  1. Valient Knight of the Green Screen noun. A person that is always thinking of ways to improve the craft by improving/ creating gear and/or by helping others.
  2. Magic Seeker noun. A person that buys the newest and latest gear thinking it'll improve their operating. When it doesn't, they blame the gear.
  3. Steadihacknoun.A person that buys a rig and uses it but lacks the respect for the craft and intellect behind it. They never try to improve their operating while delusionally calling themselves a Steadicam Operator.
  4. Right. Not to mention a long day with a long arm post means really angry traps. I know because I've been there.
  5. I guess that all depends on how short you are and how high you need to go. But yes, I often use a long arm post. Arm posts longer than 12" are frowned upon, based on strength. I'll try to raise to socket block maybe but really how much does that gain if your torso isn't all that long. Depending on the height one needs, one may need to do one or the other or a combo. My point is being dead set on one set up is limiting to what one can achieve as an operator. Personally, I think it makes one less versatile in a world where shots are never the same.
  6. I myself prefer a short rig but will change that based on what is needed within the majority of a shot. So, if I need the lens at a higher or lower height I will change that to a longer rig. Danny, take advice from the guy with more experience and who actually wrote the book on Steadicam, contributed to Steadicam with multiple inventions and who has devoted decades of his life to teaching Steadicam Operating to thousands of people across the globe. My two cents.
  7. Trenton, Best bet for what you are looking for is the SOA workshops. https://steadicam-ops.com/ Multiple instructors for 5 full days of intensive Steadicam lectures and shot rotations. They start from complete basics moving to more complicated work later in the week. They all care deeply about the art and sharing their knowledge. It's where I learned and have participate in ever since (when I can...work can get in the way) -Kat
  8. I totally understand your desire to practice the new skills you've been taught but right now the money you'd spend on that could go somewhere more useful. I'd also be wary of any product that shows operators using their rig in bad form, lol. Definitely save your money for flying something like the Alexa. Lots of used big rigs for sale now.
  9. I personally like the longer handle because I have more clearance for viewing my monitor.
  10. Brandon, Alec is no good. Stay away. Kidding of course. Alec is one of the first Steadi Ops I met in NY. He is a great person and an amazing resource to our community. Alec, Brandon did very well at the workshop and he brought good energy to his group. An absolute pleasure! Overall the group we had was superb, not a single dud!
  11. I just bought an m2 with volt and love it. If a new rig out of your budget there are some used rigs for sale on here that will handle a heavier load that you'd be very happy with. I believe I saw a clipper and a pro for sale in the marketplace. As far as working tethered, why are there three cables being dragged behind you at a News station? Generally, even if an older station they'd run triax which should only mean one large cable and you'd add your own flexible jumper cable that would go from the camera to yourself then to the main cable. Same thing with SMPTE. Please tell me you have a utility running the cable(s) with you.
  12. That statement is truly is a disservice to your instructors. Anyone can be great at a skill but not anyone can teach that skill. Of course, it is up to you to practice with purpose after your lessons are done.
  13. Check out in the market place. There's one there. Very recent post. Updated 6 hours ago.
  14. "Undercutting" comes naturally early in your career. You do not have the experience quite yet to be charging what experienced ops charge. Make sure production knows why though, as you don't want them having high expectations. Also, don't take a gig if you aren't ready for it. Word travels fast which can either work against you or for you. Best of luck and you have us all for information and help. Also, nothing against Greg but taking a SOA workshop will also work in your favor. Many experienced ops to learn from, giving you exposure to different techniques from different people. Discover what works or doesn't work for you. You will develop your own style in time, generally a combo of what you have learned from the various instructors. Any questions, feel free to ask.
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