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  1. If your buyer falls through, I'd be very interested in the package. Sorry to hear you're getting out of it!

  2. Sorry but Im selling it as an entire package, I have been offered $18,500 for arm and springs already.

  3. I want the arm, my god man sell me the arm....! :-)

  4. PRO-GPI Full Steadicam package This is a complete steadicam package for sale. It has been very well cared for and maintained. All of the items are in great working condition and physical shape. Unfortunately due to a sports injury I will have to sell my entire Steadicam package. It really does include almost everything that a newbie or a veteran could possibly need. Photos will follow shortly. Please contact me if you have any questions. Located in Los Angeles steadiari@me.com PRO GPI SLED: DB II Top-Stage Upper Junction II Centerpost Pro VZ gimbal (new bearings) Lower Junction II Battery Module II TB-6 monitor with dual frame line and Digital Level, XCS dual rod arm (2- power cables) Pro Arm with 8 canisters (case, tools and extra parts) Pro Vest (extra parts) 2- BFD focus systems (4- cables, Extra antenna, marking strips and marking dial discs) 1- M-One motor (all pitch wheels, mounting bracket, 2- motor cables) 2- FMG.6 motors (all pitch wheels, mounting bracket, 3- motor cables) 2- Anton Bauer dual chargers (one with DDM) 7- Hytron 50 (used) 6- Proformer (used) AJA HD downconverter (HD10MD3) (sled power cable, AC power cable) Modulus 3000 (cosmetic damage) (2- power cables, 2- antennas 2- attenuators) CIT DX-400 Diversity tuner (power cable) 2- CIT shark fin Antennas 2- Casio 4” hand held LCD monitors (plus 2 hoodman’s) 7” Panasonic color LCD with Anton Bauer gold mount bracket (extra rig monitor) GPI-Pro accessories: All of the original tools and extra parts for all GPI items are included On-board Recorder mount 3 Battery blocks 5- Camera plates (2-Arri, 2-Pana, 1-long lens) 2- Motor rods 4- Gimbal posts (4”, 6”, 8”, 12”) 2- Post clamps 2- Wrap grips (5”, 2 1/2”) 8- Mounting screws Original non-VZ gimbal parts Accessories: Hill balance bracket with Gorelock dock (2 docking rings) Hard mount kit (with socket block) Hill Arri iris rod mount Hill 2 in 1 motor mount Hill Pana bracket 6- Hill square to round rods (2- 7”, 2- 5”, 2- 3 1/2”) 3- Dogleg rod supports (1-short, 2-long) 2- D brackets (Cinewidgets angled D, standard) 2- BFD mounting brackets 1- Sled-BFD mounting bracket Jerry Hill Low Mode brackets (Arri 435, Arri SR16 with iris mount, Moviecam compact/SL) Video low mode handle clamp Sony VCT-14 quick release low profile mounting plate Precision Camera Arri eyepiece video tap and Watec CCD camera (with cables) Ch. 69 video sender (back-up) Arm rain/dust cover Lens control rain cover Monitor rain cover Battery mount rain cover Standby cover (rig and stand) Cables: 2- Panavision camera power 2- Panavision Alt camera power 2- Arri 12v camera power 2- Arri HRS camera power 2- Arri 24v camera power 1- Red camera power 2- Moviecam camera power 2- Arri run/stop 2- Pana run/stop 1- Pana acc. power 2- Sony video direct 2- Sony run/stop 1- Aaton run/stop Pro camera power jumper Pro camera/Aux power jumper 7- Super thin BNC: 4’, 20”, 16”, 12” (3), 6”. 1- Lightweight Flex BNC: 25’ 3- Thin BNC: 36” (2), 22” 4- BNC: 35’, 25’, 20’, 2’ AB gold mount -to- XLR 8” AB gold mount -to- generic power BFD power -to- AB powertap BFD power -to- XLR Modulus power -to- XLR Pro sled video -to- video and power for onboard recorder Pro sled video -to- RCA and mini power (alt on board recorder) 2- XLR-XLR 6’ American Steadicam Stand (with removable wheels) Steadicam stand (second stand) Pro-Gear docking bracket and collar (for second stand) 2- lead weight bags Practice weight cage Magliner jr camera cart (1-shelf, 8" upgraded wheels) 3- Anvil cases: Sled, Vest & Arm, Battery 3- Pelican cases (1650, 1520) 3-Miscellaneous black plastic cases Numerous small parts bags and boxes fully loaded with spare/extra parts, video connectors, hardware, tools etc. $52,000.00 For EVERYTHING
  5. I only wish that the Eagle Creek had at least one clear side in order to better view the contents.
  6. Sorry to hear the news. I can't believe that it was taken from that parking lot since it is closed in on 3 sides. Do they not have any security cameras in the lot? I hope you are able to recover monies from insurance in a speedy manner. Years ago when I started I added a remote alarm pager to my cars alarm system. It pages me within a few blocks if the system is set off. Not that this would help a smash and grab, but since I travel with many heavy cases it alerts me to any potential break-in. Also I was able to receive a small insurance discount my first year (but not anymore). I used it mostly for the single night in a hotel as I traveled to a gig, then I realized that it would be best just to lug all my equipment into the room with me and not have any potential issues. It gives me a better piece of mind knowing that when I grab a bite on the way to a location, I don't have to be paranoid and keep a close eye on my vehicle at all times. Tinted windows are key, people won't steal what they can't see. What I have always been dumbfounded by are the few Steadicam Ops that seem to advertise that their vehicle is loaded with expensive equipment. I remember when I took my first Steadicam workshop that two of the instructors had either a personalized license plate or a sticker on their car that literally told everyone that they were a Steadicam Operator????
  7. It sounds like a really good option, but you may not need to spend an extra 5-8 thousand dollars on gyros, unless you have to buy them with the entire package, or you know that you will be using them . It might be safer to have a little extra cash just in case. I am sure there will be some widgets and gadgets that you will want to buy after operating a few gigs to make your life easier, and having some extra cash might just be what you need. Not that Gyros aren't a great tool that may be needed, but I know of many ops that very seldom use them or nearly never. I hope some more ops can chime in and give you some more of their personal opinions on having gyros as part of the package. If you have to buy them a s part of a complete package and you find out over time that you don't need them, you should be able to sell them on this, or the cinematographers forum. You should be very happy with the rig you are considering, it sounds like a great set up. Does the the package you are considering buying have all the power and run/stop cables (plus backups)? digital level? Hard/vehicle mount? video tuner receiver? Do you have a practice weight cage, camera cart, mini video camera or on board recorder? If you are starting out on student or super low budget productions, a back up down converter like the AJA may be nice to have in your bag of tricks. They can be picked up used $500-$700. Don't forget to get your insurance right away $1000-$2000 a year.
  8. I just came across a 2000 on ebay. http://shop.ebay.com/i.html?_nkw=modulus+2...s&_osacat=0
  9. Along these same lines: how many of you have been on a shoot where is seems the DP and Director are shooting two totally different movies. Many years ago when I was very new to the world of Steadicam I was in the following situation while shooting a MOW. Example: the Director would tell me after rehearsal that he liked my shot but could I start the move a little earlier, The Dp would pull me aside and say I should start the move a little later. New shot: Director " Try to catch the high window in the background when the actor crosses the frame", DP: " Don't catch that window". Director: "Change your pace as you lead the actors across the street" DP: "keep the same pace". Director: "start on the dress" DP: start on the shoulder" ETC. Etc. etc..... It was my first time working with both the Director and DP, and since I was inexperienced I was feeling a lot of pressure being pulled in two totally different directions. Luckily I have not had to deal with a situation like this in years but wanted to know how more experienced operators may have handled this situation. Lets just say that I worked with the DP again, but have never seen the Director.
  10. Is this how you usually leave your rig? Sitting on the monitor and batteries?
  11. Ari Gertler

    PRO HD sled

    Is there anyone out there that has upgraded (or purchased new) their PRO sled to HD and can give some impressions?
  12. I am looking for a used Np-1A battery. I only need the housing so even if it is totally dead, I want it. I need it for a project that I am working on.
  13. 2 Great holiday gift Ideas for the special lady in your life.
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