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  1. Good to hear Alexander. Thank you for the report.
  2. Part of what I do is SysAdmin work and have run servers for years (decades). Generally Google Authenticator is used to lock down the admin portion of forum or WebApp software from prying eyes. Generally, it is not used by the general user public accessing forum software. If they were accessing the backend to do forum admin work, then that is a different story. Google Authenticator is good for what it is intended for, sysadmin work on webapps like forum or blogging software. For general Userland kind of stuff, like it has been said, is overkill. My 2 cents worth. Hope everyone i
  3. Is this wishful thinking or something that has been stated as probably happening?
  4. Lawrence you make a great point and given what seems (at least to me) is a collective awakening that has happened in the media recently as a result of the massive forest burn that is happening all over the Western USA. There is a interesting compendium of leading articles in most if not all of the American newspaper outlets about the "Climate Apocalypse" that is underway. You should be able to find the articles on AXIOS.com. I truly think we are going to see shift in collective thinking about the environment and in this case the reuse/recycle ethos. If brands that sell products that can b
  5. Hopefully, there is a local operator that will come forward with a solution or even a firmware patch that will get you out of the bind. Wonder if pandemic issues behind the scenes are affecting the response time from Transvideo in your area. My experience with that office, while minimal, has been good in the past.
  6. Thanks for the reply Paul. I had not seen the new batts until just now. WIll get in touch once I sort out my freelance work in the near future. Good to hear A/B is willing to come part way with the Trade-in and similar programs.
  7. That Flyer looks in very good shape. As long as the gimbal feels "frictionless" when doing a spin with a balanced camera or load on it you should be good. They are solid units. Nothing wrong with them. Only issue is you will have the equivalent of standard def cable running down the post but you can just get over that or run HD-SDI cable off the front of the sled and down to a replacement monitor like a High Def TVLogic or Marshall, at least that is what a lot of us have done. Cameras are waaaaaay lighter than they used to be so don't turn your nose up at this Steadicam. They are good beasts a
  8. Paul, given that Ritter Battery is no longer in business, are there any promos going on with A/B batteries right now. I know there was one a while ago. A bunch of us are trying to figure out how to proceed from here. Thanks.
  9. Remarkable man that went way, way to soon. Thanks for posting up the link to the thread Charles.
  10. Only seeing the last video of what is posted thus far. Pretty impressive. Had a good chuckle on many levels. This rejoinder has been several years in coming. Well executed from what I see. Nuff said.
  11. Sorry for your loss Jim. The way you describe Don and his varied and remarkable achievements, he was obviously a very dear friend.
  12. Just added a few questions to the thread. Thanks for pointing this out.
  13. I don't see the photos either in the original post. I am sure Peter will give some great advice on this. There are a few others who make be lurking who have done this as well.
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