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  1. looking for a reasonable priced klassen to be a secondary vest to my PRO im 5'7"/5'8" 32/33" waist
  2. i use good old fashioned golf shirts, highly breathable, turned up collar for neck protection and they dry very quickly and relatively cheap. you also look neat and presentable. Cotton tends to stay wet longer so i opt for lightweight synthetic shorts either from the running store or North face/columbia etc
  3. i have two docking collars, one above and one below. if im doing lots of low mode i build the camera in proper low mode. otherwise if camera is upside down i dock in low mode all the time, but when it comes to reloading etc i spin the rig and dock upright so ac's can do their thing
  4. hi derek i have just bought one tx for the reply :)
  5. Anybody have a copy that they could email, im wanting to mod something but before i do i would like the diagram if it exists,
  6. anybody looking to sell,?? let me know cheers Richard richard@steadicamsa.com
  7. i used a 15mm dslr dogbone that has the threads tapped to mount my mkv jbox
  8. Used 3a arm, very smooth, never an issue, Recently serviced. Not sure of max weight but ive flown everything without a worry including Alexa xt/master primes with onboard battery and gyros. here is a picture of a setup i did 2 years ago with arm, xt master anamorphic Great starter/backup arm Selling due to not being used and ive bought alot of other gear. Willing to ship anywhere Paypal accepted Buyer pays fees Located Cape Town South Africa richard@steadicamsa.com $3000
  9. Before buying a new set, just seeing if anyone is/wants to sell their set
  10. sorry wrong forum, should have been in the wtb section. but im sorted tx
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