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  1. Joel San Juan SOC

    PRO Monitor Arm/Bracket

  2. Hey Joel,


    Do you know what the part number is for the flat knob-based screws you got from McMaster Carr that you use on your socket block?



    1. Joel San Juan SOC
    2. Alan G. Kelly

      Alan G. Kelly

      Awesome. Thank you very much.



  3. Joel San Juan SOC

    Blackmagic Video Asst 5"

    sorted, thanks. J
  4. Joel San Juan SOC

    Blackmagic Video Asst 5"

    Please let me know if you have one for sale. Preferably with Pro or Dtap power cables. Batteries are fine as well. Thanks. J
  5. Joel San Juan SOC

    Gen 4 Battery Rack

    Hi all Looking for a Pro gen 4 batt rack with the gen 4 jumper block. Dm me if you've got one around. Thanks. J
  6. Joel San Juan SOC

    Used KS-6

    Hi all Looking for a single KS-6 with inverter and the cables needed to fly it on a rig. Thanks. Joel
  7. Joel San Juan SOC

    3.5" Wrap Grip for 1.5" Center Post

    SOLD! Thanks for the interest. J
  8. Great condition. $100 PayPal welcomed. Buyer pays shipping. Thanks J
  9. Joel San Juan SOC

    WTB Kenyon KS4 Gyros

    Let me know if you have one lying around preferably with a 1.5" post mounting bracket. Thanks
  10. Hi all, looking for the original Pro docking bracket and 1.5" docking rings. Thank you. J
  11. Joel San Juan SOC

    Pro Super post / long post

  12. Joel San Juan SOC

    XCS TB6

    Sold! Thank you J
  13. Joel San Juan SOC

    Satchler ACT 2 Vest

    Sold! Thank you. J
  14. Joel San Juan SOC

    Satchler ACT 2 Vest

    Used but in excellent condition. Changed my socket block to a Pro Titanium one. Similar to the newer Arri Vest. Extra pads and vest bag. $2300 Buyer pays shipping and Paypal fee. Thanks J