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  1. Hi Bryan,

    I have almost the exact same rig as you! Tb-6 instead though... anyways I have the old pro docking bracket and was wondering if you might sell your hill one? Does it come with a pair of rings? 




  2. Arm and vest have sold sled and the rest are still available
  3. Price update: Sled $15,000 arm $19,000 vest $4500 batteries and chargers $1000 hill GAD docking system $700 Whole package without Preston: $38,000 Preston $2500
  4. Hi Bryan 

    I’m interested in Gpi pro arm 

    Would you sell it separately ??

    what the best offer for it 

    I have a friend who lives in LA 

    he can contact you 



  5. Hi Bryan,

    I'm interested in the rig for sale.

    May I  have your email address so I can contact you for the rig?

    Thank you


  6. Hi, I’m looking to sell my GPI PRO (series I and II) Steadicam package. I purchased everything in 2009. I was diagnosed with cancer shortly afterwards. After treatment, I didn’t want to be on set anymore. I held onto the package for a decade and now finally want to sell. The vest, arm, and sled are in excellent condition. The Fiz hand unit is in good working condition. everything works as it should. ——————————————- -GPI PRO SDI system -Preston MDR I / FI-z HU I / Iris / follow focus -Seitz 8700A follow focus Pro II sled w/ 12-24 volt power Pro II monitor w/ hood and 2 cables Pro level sensor Pro gimbal Pro donkey box Pro center post w/ knurled 5” wrap grip Pro anvil case Pro vest w/ soft case Pro arm w/ soft case 4 heavy and 4 light canisters w/ case 6” arm post 10” arm post 2 arm post clamps 2 arm tools 2 gimbal tools Hill Gorelock autodock complete docking system w/ pro balance studs and docking rings 7 Anton Bauer 50 Hytron batteries 4 Anton Bauer Proformer nicad batteries 2 Anton Bauer dual battery chargers / one with discharge module Pro Anvil battery/charger case Preston MDR I, FI-Z HU I w/ Iris control FI-Z transmitter/hand unit Remote iris box 2 (two) batteries Fast battery charger 2 (two) DM1 motors w/ cables Hill bracket/rod clamp Assorted camera run/ power cables : Arri 535 camera run Moviecam 2 pin run Alt MDR power from Pana body Alt MDR power from Arri body Arri 4520 power Two Arriflex and moviecam 3 pin camera run cables Combo HD F900 run cable Pelican 1450 case Redbyte Decimator 2 (3G/HD/SD)-SDI to HDMI with de-embedded audio Pro to Decimator power cable UHF video transmitter Low mode bracket Hill low mode handle Low mode “D” bracket w 4” arm post Derose docking bracket High and low docking clamps 4 mounting plates / two 9”, two 7” Rain covers *** Video power cables Panavision power cables Arriflex power cable Arriflex high speed power cable Arriflex 435/535/765/SR III power cable Moviecam power cables Modulus power cables -Pelican 1510 rolling carry-on case, w/ accessory compartment interior ————- I would love to sell complete as a package, but would certainly entertain offers on any part. Make an offer. Buyer pays shipping. I am in Los Angeles. More photos and serial numbers on request.
  7. Hey Bryan! Merry Christmas! and hope you're doing great over there :)

    All the best


  8. I'm attempting to fly a 7D on a Pilot (16-35mm lens for now). I hooked up the monitor with the cable that came with the 7D and it does work but it turns off the camera's lcd screen. Is there anyway around this or would I have to set my exposure, iso etc and then plug the cable back in every time? I'm also looking for ideas to add more weight as I feel it would be easier to fly. I've already attached 4 merlin weigths to both sides of the top and one on each side at the bottom. I'm a newbie so I'm trying to learn as much as I can. Thanks. Between set ups, we had to unplug the proprietary cable, and plug the HDMI into the HD monitor reserved for studio-mode every time the DP wanted to check exposure. I have a Pro SD monitor, so using that for any reference other than for my framing would be pretty silly. I actually used the HD monitor (disconnected) on an israeli arm off the tail end of the carbon fiber rods (included in the RedRock package) to add more aft weight. It was a funny looking set up, with extra brackets and handles included, but it worked for the shot and added much welcomed weight. That's what ultimately counts.
  9. Yeah, just bundle the proprietary cable up. Tape it, tuck it, braid it... it doesn't matter. I don't know about the 5D, but the 7D has a reasonably short cable, and I in fact would have welcomed the extra weight no matter where I got it. I flew a 7D last week with the red rock package/weight plates and still would have liked more weight on it.
  10. I had purchased this alongside my rig last year, and never used it as I bought a Preston shortly thereafter. I was going to keep it as a back up, but am willing to sell it to someone who needs a decent focus system but can't afford a higher-end system at the moment. Seitz 8700A wireless focus system: Heden M26P Motor Hill motor mount Transmitter with remote camera on-off Receiver Seitz amplifier with slave switch motor, amp, receiver cables 3 batteries and charger manual Message me with an offer if interested.
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