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  1. Hey Vlad! I own a SmartSystem Matrix R2 sled and a Ronin 2. I use the sled for both the hybrid set up and standard steadicam set up. Highly recommend! Very affordable system with a great quality build for the money.
  2. Does this have the latest firmware? How old is it?
  3. Wanted to add a pic of the sled with a rig set up on it. Here I flew an Alexa Mini with the beastly Cooke Anamorphics. Sled flew the rig without a sweat. It really is a great affordable sled that has great holding power.
  4. Selling a Glidcam X45 sled with Camjam Quattro monitor bracket with SmallHD 702 monitor. Comes with extra dovetail plate and extra cords and accessories. In great condition, just upgrading. Solid, yet simple rig that will hold heavy payloads easily. Flown well with me. You'll see there is a small chip in the gimbal handle's socket. Doesn't effect the operation, and it will ship with 2 extra sockets to replace it. I never got around changing it as it works fine for me, but you have the option to get that replaced as I'm sending it with 2 replacement parts. Also, the monitor has a 1 stuck green pixel, as you can see from the pic. Not that big of a deal for me, as well. Still got the job done. Sled Brand new $5995, CamJam Quattro Monitor bracket new $1430, SmallHD 702 $800 GRAND TOTAL $8225 SALE PRICE $5500.00
  5. Is this still for sale and when did you purchase it?
  6. When was this purchased? Does it have the latest in its build and software? Do you have a dovetail plate supplied with it? And if so, what size?
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