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  1. Thanks for the great advise, Lisa! Yes we certainly did work together, about a decade ago believe it or not! It was a film John Matysiak was shooting. How time flies. Would love to catch up sometime! Let me know next time you end up in LA for work. :)
  2. Thanks Lawrence, so you've experienced this as well? I've watched the videos, other than the 'click as you go' method I didn't see anything that addressed this particular issue but maybe I missed it.
  3. Hey all, been using my new Volt recently, absolutely love it. I do have an issue though, if I tilt to a specific frame, and then press the volt button, the tilt motor bumps or 'knocks' upwards slightly, which disturbs the frame. It seems that if I press the button and then only tilt a small amount before pressing it again it doesn't always bump. But if I go from looking straight forward (0° tilt) to 45° and press the button, it bumps before settling back to the position where I pressed the button. Using on an M-1, double and triple checked dynamic and neutral balance, Volt is on firmware
  4. Also, I failed to mention any wisdom, advice, recommendations for this beginner are greatly appreciated!
  5. I agree! Roger, Charlie Rizek and Pete Cavaciuti did a stunning job with the camera work in this film. I love how each brought a different strength and skill set to the film in how they moved the camera. Sort of the ultimate example of tools existing to serve the story, and not the other way around. I love this video ARRI put together, despite being a bit of a sales pitch for the Mini LF, there are some great tidbits of knowledge here.
  6. Hey all! I'm a Los Angeles based Local 600 Camera Operator, beyond excited to be joining the Steadicam family. I've been camera operating for over ten years, and a few years ago added the Ronin 2 to my toolbox for lightweight remote head use, with the occasional handheld job. In the latter situation however, I would much rather be on Steadicam! I have training scheduled with Greg Smith (Steadicam Lessons) soon, and have started the process of hunting down components for the rig I'd like to build. Beyond that, I hope to start spending time in the rig doing music videos, short/student film
  7. Brian, you have the original Flyer, or the Flyer LE? Though it's not recommended, tests like these make me that much more confident in the quality and reliability of these systems.
  8. Charles, this is something I would definitely be interested in after I get my rig! I am in LA so if it is a local guy who does the mods, or if I can bring my rig in to someone, that wouldnt be a problem.
  9. Weight. A lot of friends own RED systems, and I would like to be able to fly those as well as larger shoulder cams like the F900, Varicam, etc. Even these are at the top of the Flyer LE's capacity, but it is really all I can afford.
  10. Sorry for all the questions being spread out over different posts, new things have been hitting me as I have been searching around the boards. I tried the search function for some of my questions, and didn't come up with anything, others led to pages which led to pages which eventually led to some discussion which helped. Thanks for the tips, Erik.
  11. Also, what is the easiest way to get power to the RED camera from the Flyer? Is it necessary to use a proprietary cable?
  12. Thanks for the great advice, Brian! What are the main differences between the V-Mount and Anton Bauer setups? I noticed it said the "Flyer LE model features an Anton Bauer Gold Mount for 3-Stud battery compatibility." The specs page lists this as an NP mount? This is obviously a different mount type than V-Mount, is there an adapter made for this? A friend of mine in the UK is developing an indie-friendly remote follow focus called the Hocus Focus, so I think that should cover any FF needs, what about wireless video assist? Is this usually something that is rented by production, or ow
  13. So what is the verdict there? Would the monitor still work for all intensive purposes? I notice in the "Items Included" tab they list some adapters to and from BNC to RCA, I am guessing that is how the signal would be transmitted? Any other accessories that are vital to get started with the Flyer LE? Can someone suggest a specific battery package to look into?
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