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  1. Man whatevs.. its a pole and weight. I'm still rockin' a Masters sled (Terry hooked it up with HD-SDI down the post) and still getting calls. The young cats pullin' focus are like "what kinda rig is this..." :P :D 90% percent operator, 10% rig....
  2. Best is to get a hold of someone local and check out what they have. “Film” work these days mostly means flying some video camera , and with the extra electronics and power thirst of the alexa, Amira, etc etc etc cameras, you want to make sure your sled can power them comfortably and with enough headroom for aks. These days all the big name rigs can handle these requirements, so its not as much of an issue finding a sled to meet those needs. Tiffen have lost a couple of potential buyers from me directly. I recommended the M1 (i fly it every day) and two cats were ready to drop cash (not finance) and after not hearing back from Tiffen, they both went to PRO. In my opinion customer service after the sale is more important so I’d weigh on that. Now the M1 and G70x is a tasty combo. Have you ever flown a G70x? Don’t sleep on it...
  3. John, Thank you for posting. Your work was really nicely done here. Much appreciated.
  4. I use a blackmagic video assist (seven inch) as return and use a transvideo for the sled monitor. the blackmagic records 4k. I have the tiny starlite that you mentioned. if i know there is a possibility on shooting low mode I will mount up the starlite so its already "under there" so it's one less thing I have to worry about.
  5. https://youtu.be/tzoZaa_nLdY?t=22s I noticed this clip after reading about the actor being accused of wrongdoings. the clip which starts :22 seconds in is *very* nicely done. walk off a shotmaker -style rig then precedes the actor down a winding hallway with actors, then to the final ending point to lock off for a bit of dialog... one continuous take. Choreography was nicely done! so... who?
  6. Gregg is the cats pajamas. His class is well received and worth the time and investment.
  7. Jim, thank you for educating me on his history.
  8. Id love to be a part of this, or at least buzz around as this "test/demo" happens.
  9. Brooks, what I would not give to grab you for lunch/drinks and listen to more amazing memories you have shared with us here. Much success to you on the next chapter. Perhaps Dave Grove can cook up a Guild meet with you as the star?
  10. appreciate your review and follow up Chas. This setup would work in my limited aks budget, but would love to get an SDI version if that is still on the table...
  11. John, Any recommended rubbing alcohol? Denatured? Walgreens? Doesn't matter? Why no go 99%? Curious....
  12. Bought my shark fin/Sony TU-1041 from him back around ~2002. A very nice gentlemen to a very doe eyed operator. He was very helpful to me over the years for little odd and end bits from his collections. I don't troll crackbook (facebook) anymore so thank you Miss Janice for posting this. Sad indeed and prayers to his close friends and family.
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