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  1. I’m second to Andy! Ideally Blue Springs for me. Thanks a lot, Stefano
  2. The Solution it's to cut at some point the power/video cable that run into the center post and re-wire the lower junction box adding 2 lemo connectors for a quick unplug. Basically your point n.2!
  3. Hi! Do you still have the docking brackets for sale? Best, Stefano
  4. Marco, can I help you? Reach me on facebook...
  5. This was originally made by a grip on location for Garrett Brown!!!
  6. Hey Hugo, the only solution is destroying the pin by DRILLING IT!!! The hole is already in your post. You just need to destroy the pin inside it with a drill press!
  7. I Have the coiled PRO SD cable but for the super center post... Is just more longer than the standard one... Send me a private message if you need it! Best, Steve
  8. Rubber Tape... A lot! This is how we doooooo! :D
  9. Thanks to have shared it Christopher! ;-) Steve
  10. What Nils have said! I've disassembled my Luna Arm and some friend's CP 3 or 3A arms several times! Luna have made a great upgrade! Best, Steve
  11. Hi everyone! I'm looking for an original Cinema Products model 3/III center post. Not the 3A with the inner post but the older one. Let me know via PM if you have one sitting in a dark place of your garage! Thank you!
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