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  1. Francois! are you still selling the black canisters??? I'd like to buy them from you. please call me direct or text ? 917-208-5644 Thank you! Tom
  2. Francois! Im interested. Starting a movie this week with Arri 65. Need more than two blacks! tjs10@mac.com is my email 9172085644 is my phone. based in NY. Shooting in Boston. Currently in New Hampshire. love to hear from you. merci! Tom
  3. Anthony, Amy chance you still have your extra socket block for sale? Give me a call if you do? Thanks! Tom 917-208-5644
  4. Ross, I'm Interested in the digital level. Please let me know. 917-208-5644 tjs10@mac.com Tom Schnaidt
  5. Hey Ross! Just curious if you are still trying to sell your xcs digital level ???? ... I'm interested. Please reply directly to me... 917-208-5644 tjs10@mac.com
  6. Hey Rich. I sent you a PM. Any chance you'll publish some pictures here???
  7. Sorry for the dumb question... misread your very clear posting. Good luck.
  8. Hi Payton, If you were to breaking up the kit, what price would you asking for the sled ...
  9. Hey Ross, curious if your sled is still available? and what your asking. Tom Schnaidt 9172085644
  10. Hey There Maceo, im interested to know if you're game to sell the sled alone. And of course if so, how much? I too am in NYC. Can be reached at 917-208-5644 thank you. Tom Schnaidt
  11. hey James, if you'd take $150, Ill be happy to help you make space? Tom tjs10@mac.com
  12. by "not working" I of course mean that I am not using it. Not the other meaning.
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