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  1. Hi Dana;

    Still have Pro/Volt/MDR bracket?


  2. Looking for a gen II PRO batt rack for a back-up sled Thanks! Edgar edgarcolon@gmail.com
  3. I've been flying 2 blacks and 2 blues for quite a long time until the Alexa mini showed up in the scene So happy to go back 4 blues, you should put that into consideration I cant comment about the greys since I started with 4 blacks and 4 blues back in the day
  4. Thing is I was able to charge my other HC's using whether the Titan or the Quad Thanks for your feedback!
  5. Hello all; I've been trying to charge one of my newer AB dionics and the message "NO COMM" appear in my Quad charger. I tried on a Titan charger with no luck either . Also cleaned all contacts in the batt itself but nothing Suggestions? Thanks Edgar Colon
  6. Hello all; Selling my BFD Focus Transmitter (x1) Iris Transmitter (x1) Receiver (x2) Heden M28VP .4 .5 .6 .8 M-One .4 .5 .6 .8 (x2) & 48p Pro to dual BFD Bracket Matte Box rod mounting bracket (x2) (2) PRO to BFD power 24” (2) PRO to BFD power shortys (1) Fisher 11 run/stop/power “Y” cable (1) RS run/stop/power “Y” cable (2) RS run/stop cable 24” (1) RS run/stop cable 12” (1) Red One run/stop 24” Extra Channel dial knobs Xtra receiver antennas Asking US$5500.00 Located in NY Edgar Colon 787.648.8969 edgarcolon@gmail.com
  7. Looking for an HU2 G3 Board (LA will be the best place) Thanks Edgar edgarcolon@gmail.com
  8. Hi everyone; Need a new antenna for my modulus 3000, any ideas where to buy it? Thanks Edgar
  9. Hi all; Need someone who can make Modulus 2000 power cables Thanks Edgar
  10. "...besides strengthening the abdominal muscles and basic back stretches do you have any suggestions?'' Right now I'm entering in the hanging upside down world, in other words Inversion Therapy, I'm suffering some lower back pains not due to steadicam operation but as a result of a bad force I did carryng my bycicle out of my car. Check it out http://www.portalmarket.com/back.html My therapist and chiropractor highly recommend it, you can find somes as cheap as $120.00 in Kmart Not the best one but a good starter, also you can check them in the net of course. My 2 Cents hope it helps Edgar
  11. "...this potential new item would be something just for the Steadicam community, not a general sales item." Very interesting, count me in too Edgar
  12. Hola Chas!! FELIZ CUMPLEAñOS!! Thanks again for that advice on Pana's, everything went just great!!!! Edgar
  13. Hey Chris; Don't feel alone in this world, I'm still waiting on my Archos cable too (after 2 or 3 attempts, none of them work 100%) pretty much the same time :( Dan, good luck in that quest, at least you've been well advised Jim, planning to go LA soon, wondering if I can pass by Edgar
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