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  1. Just a note to anyone reading, I did sell my Zephyr...no longer available. :-)
  2. Like new. G-zoom Universal package, includes a G-focus amp ($900 value), which replaces the BFD receiver, to power and control a focus motor. Motor not included. According to the G-zoom website, G-focus amp is compatible with Stanton, analog Heden, and G-zoom motors. Erik Anderson sells the G-zoom motor for $550. Includes: -G-zoom Universal model, with Bartech adapter cable G-focus amp with Tiffen-style 3-pin power cable, 2-pin PRO power calbe, and Stanton/G-zoom-compatible focus motor cable -8 pin to 12 pin (Canon to Fuji) zoom servo adapter cable. -Carry case -custom bracket to mount G-zoom control to Miller Arrow tripod pan handle. NOTES: This unit has a 1" clamp diameter, suitable for Tiffen Archer/Zephyr/Scout/Flyer. May fit other gimbal handles. I believe that Erik Anderson at G-Zoom can re-house this for different diameter handles, for a reasonable cost, but I can't guarantee he still offers this service. Erik offers a Canon 8pin to 20pin lens servo adapter for $225. US Only. Shipping included. $1200.
  3. Did you end up shipping to your buyer? What service did you use, how much did it add to the cost? I'm about to put my Zephyr up for sale.
  4. I have an f-bracket, gold mount charger and a couple of batteries, and some of the camera cables you are looking for (Mini and Red Epic/Scarlett/???). Maybe a couple of other random things, too...such as a backup Marshall monitor, etc. I also may be selling and analog Bartech complete kit.
  5. I bought one and it couldn't be calibrated. Sent it back to Tiffen and they worked on it, they sent it back, it was better but still not right. Returned for refund. Sadly, the execution never lived up to the concept. Ruben's Shot Assistant app with my trusty old iphone works quite well. Edit: I should give more explanation, because I don't want to leave an inaccurate impression of the Wagner Horizon or my experience. First, it's not accurate for me to say "it couldn't be calibrated". More accurate: "Tiffen shipped a factory-miscalibrated unit. They failed to properly recalibrate it after I returned it for warranty repair". Read on... 1) It's my understanding that Tiffen does final assembly, calibration, and QC at their factory, using core components supplied by inventor Steve Wagner. Final responsibility for shipping a working unit is on Tiffen. 2) When I received my unit from Tiffen, it was mis-calibrated internally, therefore it couldn't be "zeroed out" in the field to read properly. 3) I contacted Tiffen and sent it back to them. It is my understanding that their in-house engineer did a factory calibration routine. 4) I also PM'd Steve Wagner through the Forum. He was extremely personable, helpful, and offered to work directly with me and Tiffen to make sure it got fixed, including him personally working on it if necessary. 5. Upon return from Tiffen, the calibration was still not right (better, but not right). Tiffen offered replacement or refund. At this point, I could have re-contacted Steve Wagner to take him up on his offer. But I decided to opt for the refund. That's not a reflection on Steve or his product, it was simply my choice. I have no reason to believe that the Wagner level doesn't work as designed. My personal experience was that Tiffen shipped me a mal-adjusted unit and they were unable to fix it on the first try. Steve seems solidly committed to his product, and I take him at his word that he could have solved the problem for me, if I had opted to keep the unit.
  6. In a total coincidence, I was corresponding with Tonya the other day about an unrelated situation and she wrote this: "I wanted to make sure you are aware that your Steadicam Equipment Policy only provides $5,000 in Contingent or Secondary Coverage for Equipment you Rent/Lease To Others. Also, the loss has to be for a covered cause of loss; damage of some sort, etc. and there has to be a written contract in order for coverage to apply. Voluntary Parting is not covered under the policy. If you were to rent a camera to someone and they did not return it there would be no coverage for the camera." So, like Robert said, don't rent to anyone else unless its in writing and they have valid insurance that will be primary. On the other hand, the Dolle policy will cover equipment you rent FROM others, up to a limit which, I believe, is a percentage of your coverage limits for your own equipment. This allows me to get a COI whenever I need it to rent equipment from a rental house. She sent a coverage summary which reads, in part: Additional Policy Coverages: Additional/Newly Acquired Equipment – coverage provided for owned equipment not included on equipment schedule for 180 days; however, coverage will not extend beyond the end of the policy period. The limit for Newly Acquired Property is equal to 30% of the total limit for scheduled equipment or $25,000, whichever is less. Leased/Rented Equipment from Others - Equal to the limit of individual’s scheduled equipment up to a maximum of $100,000. This is the maximum limit on the policy for all rentals at any one time. Contingent Coverage for Equipment Leased or Rented to Others - $5,000 limit. A written lease or rental transaction must be in writing for coverage to apply. Coverage Exclusions: No Coverage for loss or damage to Covered Property caused by: Governmental action, nuclear hazard, and war or military action Dishonest acts of the insured, employees of the insured, those with an interest in the property, or anyone entrusted with the property (other than a carrier for hire) Voluntary parting with property as a result of a fraudulent scheme, trick or false pretense - Example: If you allow equipment to be borrowed by or rented to others and items are not returned coverage does NOT apply Transfer of property on the basis of unauthorized instructions Wear and tear Collapse of a building or part of a building, unless caused by a specific Covered Cause of Loss (e.g. fire, lightning, windstorm, explosion, vandalism, weight of snow, ice or sleet, etc.) or as provided under Additional Coverage – Collapse (e.g. collapse caused by: building decay hidden from view, insect or vermin damage hidden from view, use of defective materials or methods during construction or renovation, and weight of people or personal property)
  7. If your desired rig is anything up to Zephyr, you can also buy at retail like B&H, Showcase Atlanta, etc. I'm pretty sure big rigs are only sold direct. Dan may have been harder to get ahold of due to NAB. For service, Rey Reyes has been very responsive, but if its not an emergency it can take a day or two to hear back.
  8. To be clear, the difference between Merlin and Pilot arm is the post only. You can, I think, order the post part and change a merlin arm to pilot or vice versa. The vest, I believe, is also the same. As has been said on a gazillion other threads, there is no cheaper knockoff that is close to acceptable. The pilot arm is properly engineered and built, and the pilot vest has proper adjustments to allow you to operate effectively. The knockoffs are not and do not. Many have found out the hard way. Also, the arm post on a knockoff arm will likely not fit the pilot sled anyway.
  9. The MarshallV-LCD651STX-3GSDI is a good choice for the Pilot, and keep in mind that, even though it's 650nits, it has a very good transflective coating that helps it do very well in comparison tests. It can be had for less than list price, as is true of the other Marshalls and probably some other brands.
  10. Marshall makes a 6.5" transflective that held its own in the daylight shootout some time ago. Downside is that it's 4x3, but it is HD-SDI
  11. Great stuff, all. Thanks. Curious what you all feel is the optimum (generally-speaking, of course) distance your utility should be from you.
  12. James, you are looking for a unicorn. CAME is a waste of money. No matter how much you wish for it, you will not find a rig to hold 30 pounds for anywhere near $1000. As many have mentioned, the price of entry for a useable rig that holds anywhere near that weight is around $8-10K. That's the price of a new or used Zephyr (24lb limit). You might get a deal on an older rig that needs some TLC, but CAME and the other Chinese and Indian knockoffs are universally bad. There is no known Chinese or Indian cheap knockoff that is worth a flip. That's just the fact. They are for suckers, and you don't want to be a sucker.
  13. Thanks for the perspectives, Nathan and Robert. To pose another scenario, when working with a Steadi utility for the first time, how do you vet him/her...what might you ask (beyond the obvious "what is your experience") and what do you look for in order to size up their skills? On the few occasions where I have worked with experienced, well-recommended utilities, they were virtually invisible. Seamless.
  14. I posted this question on the FB group but thought I'd give it a whirl here, too... If your were faced with having to work with an inexperienced utility (or at least, inexperienced with assisting Steadi) on a live multicam gig, what are the important instructions you would give? This came up for me on a recent volunteer gig--a nonprofit awards show. I was on stage covering winner walk-ups and my utility was struggling. We didn't have rehearsal time. Come showtime, he tried to pull cable from the wings. Nearly tripped me a couple of times. If I had to do it over, I would have insisted that he follow close behind me onstage and keep the cable off the the floor. But it was too late during the show, as one of the senior producers had given him the faulty advice. I did tell him to "watch my feet to help anticipate where I was going next". What else would you tell someone?
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